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How to Monitor and Control Lizards and Frogs In and Around Your Home

Reptiles and amphibians are dangerous for property and life as well. They are one of the dangerous pests that attack our premises. Whether it is residence or commercial property, the attack of lizards and frogs can really irritate you. Frogs and lizards have the tendency to find their way to our homes. They can be dangerous to health and property both.

The only way out to deal with them is through regular inspection and in case the situation goes worse, then calling for the rescue team or the pest control experts is what you are supposed to do. The lizard or frog gets into your home and eventually dies from lack of water and lack of food. Also, no light/heat source is a problem for their survival.

That is why you notice people who keep these animals as pets have a sun lamp inside their aquarium. But, we know you are not keeping them as pets and you want to eliminate them from your property as they are the pests attacking the same.

Here we are with few of the best tips that would sure and certain aid you to deal with the pests. We are here with some tips that will help you to control and monitor lizards from the premises.

Make House Inhospitable for Lizards: If you wish that these nasty pests should not come closer to you or enter your premises then make your home inhospitable for them. If you are wondering, how to do that then it is very simple. Keep the surroundings and home neat and clean. Obviously, they will not enter your territory. A messy house is the biggest invitation to the lizards. They can find both food and hideout place in this way. Take care of garbage, un-swept floors, piles of magazines and boxes. A very important thing which you are supposed to do is not to create warmth inside. A warn atmosphere will make them cosy in your home. So, ensure it is not suitable for them to live and breathe inside your home.

Don’t Let Them Get In: Don’t let them enter your territory this is the only way out of protection. Don’t let the problem find its way to your home. If you are wondering how it will be done then restrict the entry to home of the pests. Inspect the outside of your house and look for any cracks and holes. Fill the holes if any and spaces in between the doors or windows. Placing mothballs in the window is also a way out to deal with the situation.

Don’t Leave Any Food For Them: Knowingly or unknowingly we put invitation to them to enter our territory. If you found that lizards are making their way to your home then might be you are giving them the reason. Any food item left open or unattended is the direct invitation. If there are any food items that they feed on, it is better for you to remove it.

Make Environment Unpleasant: If the area is well-lit then it becomes the favourite of lizard. I hope you understand what I mean to say by this. You don’t want them, right create the unpleasant environment. Keep places, where you usually see lizards, dark. Lizards are cool-blooded creatures and love warm, humid places. The coolest tip to keep them away from your premises is by keeping a cool temperature inside. Definitely, they are not going to enter your vicinity, if they would not find it soothing.

Remove Standing Water: Empty pots, buckets, bowls or any other thing like this that might hold the water for a longer time should be removed. You are supposed to remove standing water from your premises as they can provide the soothing environment for the pests to breed and grow. Empty all items that can hold standing water. If you must leave them outdoors, turn them upside down so they will not collect water.

The Solution

Well, the infestation of lizard is really very bad. If you find that they have invaded your property already and now there is no way out for you other than calling the experts. Call the pest control company and ask them to take proper action against the invasion of lizards and frogs. As they cause destruction to property and more than this, they are capable to make you ill by spoiling your food items, you should take the proper action and that too on time. If you are calling the pest control experts then you will get their services in three phases which are mentioned here.

  • Spray effective solutions in some hidden points around your house
  • Set up some repellent granules or repellent sprays
  • Set out lizard traps if lizards are inside the home

These are the effective ways. Call the experts today and go for a permanent solution against the attack of lizards and frogs.

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