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How to Get Rid of Bees or Bee Hive from Home?


Does your home has a bee hive? Are you scared for bee stings?  Do you want to remove bees or bee hive from your home? If yes then then you are probably at the right place. Through this article, we are going to provide you some great tips on how to get rid of bees or bee hive from home.

Bees or Bee Hive in Home – What to Do?

You know that summer is the pest season. It is the perfect time to spot wide variety of insects. You will see many insects or pests crawling or flying around you in your home. And this is also the weather of bees. You will see bees are getting inside your home. But what would you if you will find a bees hive in your home?

Before you will find the remedies to get rid of bee hive from your home you should know that there are different types of bees that you can encounter with. The most common bees that you may encounter in your home are honey bees, bumblebees, tree bees, and solitary or masonry bees. And different type of bees may require different type of methods or techniques to get rid of them. Hence, you should know that what type of bees are getting inside your home and then you can use the right remedy to get rid of them.

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Ways Through Which Bees Can Enter Your Home

Here are the common ways through which bees can enter a home: –

  • Attic vent holes
  • Dryers, bathroom and stove vents
  • Chimney exterior
  • Gaps or holes in the walls
  • Windows
  • Fireplace, pipes, etc.

Tips for Getting Rid of Bees and Beehive from Home

1. Identify the pest

The first thing that you should do is to check that it is a colony of bees and not wasps. Generally people do a mistake to assume wasps as the bees.

When you will see from a distance then you could mistake a swarm of wasps for honey bees. So, first make sure it is a honey bee’s colony and not wasps.

2. Do not destroy the bee hive

Don’t try to disturb or destroy the bee hive as this could be very harmful for you. Bees can sting you which can be very painful. Not even the professional exterminators destroy bee hive because bees are the valuable pollinators.

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If it is honey bee hive then you should not destroy them and contact a professional pest control company who can help you to connect with a local beekeepers who may be able to remove the bee hive or can tell what you should do.

3. Do not touch if it’s bumblebee

If it is a bumblebee then do not touch it and leave them alone. Bumblebees are quite rare that cannot be find easily and if you have bumble bee hive at your home then consider yourself as extremely lucky to come across with them and you should not move it.

If you think that the beehive is in danger condition and the only option you have is to move the beehive then you can contact pest control professionals.

4. Leave them alone

Honey bees do not create any problem. They will simply do their work. If you find honey beehive in your home then the best thing that you can do is to leave them along and not disturbing them at all.

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They will leave the beehive once the summer season will be over and will not return to the nesting site for the following year.

5. Eradication

The decision of treating bees is suggested if it is possible to close the entrance to the beehive for the bees after the treatment. For this one is advised to get professionals’ help.

Pest control service providers are professional and trained exterminators they, are well aware of the techniques or methods that they should use to remove different types of pests or insects.

So, you can hire the best Pest Control Company to get rid of bees. They will use the right insecticides that will help in removing or eradicating the bees from your place.

So, there you go. You have the tips that what you can do if your home is infested with bees or they are getting inside your home. Bees can sting you, which can be very painful.

So, you should allow them to enter your home especially when you have kids or pets at your home. If you want to get rid of bees’ infestation then call the experts.

They can simply help you get rid of them without facing any troubles and you can get safe and pest-free environment in and around your home.

How to Get Rid of Bees or Bee Hive from Home?

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