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Pest Control Services in Chennai and Charges

Are you looking for professional pest control services in Chennai or just want to know the approximate charges for pest control treatment? Your search ends here at which is a unique platform for hiring pest control services and estimating treatment costs. Whether you want to make your home safe from common pests like cockroaches, rats, lizards, and ants, or some specific pests like termites, mosquitoes, and bed bugs, we will help you select the best pest control company in Chennai at an economical price. Also, we will let you know the approximate pest control charges upfront so that you can make an informed decision.


Top Pest Control Professionals in Chennai

Finding a reputable pest control company in Chennai requires time so that you can sift through various aspects like license, registration, and experience of the companies. By comparing multiple companies, you can select the best-suited one. To help you make the research process easier, we have curated a list of top-notch pest control companies in Chennai. Please refer to the list below.

Hygienic Care Service

Hygienic Care Service

4 Rated based on 1 Reviews

99 / 201, Big St, Narayana Krishnaraja Puram, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600005

Hygienic Care Service is one of the frontrunners in the market that offers affordable yet safe pest management services to you from their end. We have a team of professionals who have rich experience in this domain. They have been offering the best p…

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Recent Reviews by Deepak Jaiswal

Clear communication. Booked termite control via Hygienic Care Service kept me informed throughout the process and answered all my questions patiently.

Ever Yours Pest Control

Ever Yours Pest Control

4 Rated based on 1 Reviews

No. 156, 1st Floor, 5th Shop TV Nagar Thirumangalam, Anna Nagar West, Gandhi Nagar, Main Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600040

Ever Yours Pest Control is one of the most distinguished pest control firms in the market. We have a great market reputation which is why we are one of the most sought-after pest control companies in the market. We have a pool of trained individuals …

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Recent Reviews by Hitendra Wadhwa

I booked rodent control services from this company. I am completely satisfied with their pest control service. They treated my problem effectively after using the safest pest control strategies. Thanks Ever Yours Pest Control for the professional pest management services!

Amma Pest Control

Amma Pest Control

5 Rated based on 1 Reviews

No 16, Bakiya Lakshmi Nagar, Anna Street, Maduravoyal, Chennai – 600095

Amma Pest Control is one of the prominent pest control companies in the market that offers excellent pest control services to you from its end. We have been offering quality pest control services to you for a long time. Thus, we are competent enough …

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Recent Reviews by Sunita Chaudhary

Eco-friendly options. I appreciate that Amma Pest Control offers eco-friendly pest control options through GPC. Effective and safe for my family and pets.

Banusri Pest Control

Banusri Pest Control

4 Rated based on 1 Reviews

Rajiv Gandhi St, Subramaniapuram, Gangaiamman Nagar, Vanagaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600095

Bansuri Pest Control is one of the leading pest control companies in the market. We are committed to offering quick, effective, and affordable pest control services to you. We value your money so we always offer these services at the best prices. Thu…

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Recent Reviews by Rajat Kumar

Prompt and professional. Booked mosquito control via Get Pest Control. Banusri Pest Control arrived on time, explained the treatment, and it worked wonders. No more itchy bites!

24x7 Pest Control

24×7 Pest Control

5 Rated based on 2 Reviews

Chennai Office: #22/20A, 1st Floor, 5th Street, Vijayaragavapuran, Saligram, Chennai, TN – 600093

24×7 Pest Control Service is one of the market leaders in the pest control industry that acknowledges your requirements before offering their pest control services. Their services are highly affordable so you can easily get them without stretching yo…

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Recent Reviews by Smita Garg

I am so thankful to 24X7 Pest Control for their effective solutions to pest problems at my home. Now we see no rats, no cockroaches around. We can actually sleep soundly now. The best part is that they also provided a 1-year guarantee on their service. I am so happy. And, if we face the same problem in the future again, I am going to call this company only.

 Kirupaa Pest Control

Kirupaa Pest Control

4 Rated based on 1 Reviews

No. 53, Rajiv Gandhi Street, Lakshmi Nagar, Maduravoyal Erikarai, Chennai – 600095

Kirupaa Pest Control is a leading pest control firm that is committed to offering quick and affordable pest control services to you from its end. We provide a variety of pest control services to you that include bee control, termite control, bird con…

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Recent Reviews by Riya Bedi

Flexible scheduling. GPC made booking Kirupaa Pest Control for ant control very easy. They were flexible with scheduling which was helpful for my busy schedule.

Pest Control Charges in Chennai

Professional pest control companies in Chennai do not have fixed rates. The actual price of the treatment to get rid of pests depends on many factors. The size of the property, the type of pest infestation, the severity of the infestation, the chemicals or products used in the treatment, and the type of treatment method are some factors that largely influence the pest control treatment costs in Chennai. Please refer to the following price table to know the approximate pest control charges so that you can make an informed decision on choosing the best company for the treatment services.

Treatment Type1 BHK2 BHK3 BHK4 BHK5 BHK
General Pest ControlRs 800Rs 1100Rs 1300Rs 1500Rs 2000
Bedbug ControlRs 1500Rs 2200Rs 3000Rs 3500Rs 4000
Cockroach ControlRs 799Rs 899Rs 1099Rs 1399Rs 1599
Rodents/Rats ControlRs 749Rs 849Rs 949Rs 1199Rs 1399
Ant ControlRs 749Rs 849Rs 949Rs 1199Rs 1399
Mosquito ControlRs 1700Rs 1900Rs 2300Rs 2500Rs 2800
Bees ControlRs 1000Rs 1300Rs 1500Rs 1800Rs 2000
Lizard ControlRs 700Rs 1200Rs 1500Rs 1800Rs 2000
Silverfish ControlRs 700Rs 1100Rs 1300Rs 1500Rs 1700
Tick ControlRs 700Rs 1100Rs 1300Rs 1500Rs 1700
Bird NettingRs 1000Rs 2000Rs 3000Rs 4000Rs 5000
Termite ControlRs 5200Rs 6200Rs 7200Rs 8200Rs 9200

Key Points to Remember

  • Termite control charges in Chennai will be Rs. 1200 for 1 bedroom, Rs. 2200 for 1 living room, and Rs. 1200 for 1 kitchen.
  • Commercial pest control charges in Chennai will be Rs. 1 per square foot. The pest control companies will require a minimal serviceable area of 800 square feet.
  • The price can vary and the pest control company will give you the final quote after conducting a thorough inspection of your home.
  • The pest control companies in Chennai will also levy GST charges at the rate of 18%.

To hire a reliable pest control company at an affordable price, it is always best to compare at least 3-4 quotes from different companies. This can allow you to grab better services at a better price.

To ensure the best quality service at your locality, we have tied up with top-notch and dependable pest management companies from all across Chennai. This has enabled us to serve you at your doorstep. In whatever locality of Chennai you want to get the pest control service, we will ensure the best service availability there.

Factors That Influence the Costs of Pest Control Treatment in Chennai

There are certain circumstances under which pests breed and grow. Depending on the exposure, they would multiply. It is necessary to take the corrective measures on time, or else it will become a serious issue by the end. To know about the proper estimation of pest control charges in Chennai, it is necessary that you should be aware of the factors that define the exact rates. Below are the factors that ultimately define the rates pest control companies would charge.

Types of Pests

The type of pest attack is the most important factor in determining the rates. Different pests are treated differently. It is not like ants and roaches would be treated with the same pesticide and the same method. So depending on the pest control services you would choose, the companies would charge you. If it is a serious problem, then you will be charged more or more.

Total Infested Areas

The total area where you need pest control services is also chargeable by the company. It is found sometimes that we need pest control only in a particular area and not everywhere. In this case, the cost will come down. For instance, if you find that cockroaches are only attacking the kitchen and bathroom, then you can take services only for the infested area and can pay only where it is required and not everywhere else. Other than this, most of the pest control companies have some fixed charges for a few particular areas.

Types of Pest Control Required

There are two different types of pest control services. One is chemical-based pest control and the other is organic pest control services. If you want environment-friendly and odorless pest control, then choose herbal pest control. The charges of both herbal and chemical-based pest control are different.

Total Number of Treatments

Depending on the total infested area, you would be charged by the companies. If it is general pest control that you are taking out of precaution, then one or two sittings will work. But in case your property is badly infested with pests, then you need more than one treatment.

Common Pest Problems in Chennai

Homeowners and businesses in Chennai, the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, experience several pest issues. The city’s tropical climate has developed favorable conditions to thrive several types of pests like cockroaches, rats, lizards, spiders, mosquitoes, houseflies, bed bugs, and termites. While some pests can cause a significant threat to your health, others (termites and rats) can damage your property. However, you can enjoy a tension-free and healthy environment at your home or office in Chennai by leveraging the services of professional pest control services.

Let’s have a look at some common pest problems in Chennai.

Cockroaches: Cockroaches, sometimes also referred to as roaches, are common household pests found in Chennai. You can notice these crawling creepy creatures in your kitchen, bathroom, cupboard, and even refrigerator. These persistent pests are harmful as they can contaminate your food, transmit pathogens, and spread diseases

Rats and Mice: Rats and mice are a major pest issue in almost all major Indian cities; Chennai is not an exception. They have long been considered harmful pests. They can damage cables, wires, food containers, books, garments, and valuable items. By making holes inside the walls, they can also weaken the property structures and can cause severe damage. In addition, rats and mice are also known for transmitting various diseases. They can easily infest any area that provides shelter and easy access to food and water sources. The most common areas infested by rats are under sinks, near garbage, and inside walls or cabinets.

Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are tiny parasite insects. They chiefly feed on human blood and cause irritations and rashes on the skin. These blood-sucking insects usually infest mattresses, bed frames, and other areas where people sleep.

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes love the tropical weather conditions of Chennai and thrive well in the city. They are not just a nuisance; they can transmit diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and malaria.

Termites: Residents and businesses in Chennai also experience termite issues. The main reason behind termite problems in the city is its warm and humid climate. These destructive small insects are notorious worldwide as they can cause severe damage to wooden structures and furniture.

Pest Control Services Offered in Chennai

We at have made associations with Chennai’s top-notch pest control agencies who offer a variety of services to deal with various pest issues in the city. Here is the list of services that you can hire via this unique platform.

Inspection: The expert pest control technicians conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify the type and extent of the pest infestation.

Customized treatment plans: After inspection of infestation type and level, the pest control companies will develop a customized treatment plan considering your specific needs and preferences. For example, many people are ok with chemical pest control methods, but some need 100% herbal pest control treatment.

Cockroach control services

The expert pest control technicians will use various methods to eliminate cockroaches from your home or office. Usually, they use gel baits, traps, and residual sprays to target roaches and efficiently eliminate them.

Bed bug control services

Bed bugs are like stubborn stains that do not go easily unless you do not use high-quality stain remover (pest control service). Our local pest control partners in Chennai offer guaranteed bed bug control treatment. The treatment services include heat treatment, chemical applications, and mattress encasements.

Rat control services

The rat control services in Chennai offered by our local partners will help you get rid of rats and mice effectively. The services will include the use of bait stations and traps. Additionally, they also use exclusion methods to prevent rats from entering your home or office.

Lizard pest control services

To effectively remove lizards from your home or office, professionals use several methods, such as the use of lizard repellents, sprays, and lizard-killer chemicals. 

Termite control services

Our local pest control partners offer both pre-construction anti-termite treatment and post-construction termite control services in Chennai. The termite treatment executed by our partners involves various methods, such as drill-fill-seal, chemical treatments, battling systems, or a combination of various methods.

Mosquito control services

Professional pest control companies in Chennai offer guaranteed mosquito treatment. The treatment process involves proper inspection, dusting and covering, encapsulated spray on walls, automatic dispenser installation, netting, etc.

Home cleaning services

Our pest control partners in Chennai also offer services for home cleaning. The services include full home cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, sofa cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

Bird netting services

Some partners in Chennai also offer bird netting services, such as pigeon netting and sparrow netting. The experts will install the nets properly and ensure that your premises are safe from entering birds like pigeons, sparrows, and crows.

Pest Control Methods by Our Partners in Chennai

If you book a pest control service in Chennai through this portal, you will get the best service for the extermination or removal of different types of pests and bugs. The expert pest exterminators (technicians) will oversee the case and give you the most effective personalized plans after thoroughly assessing pest infestation conditions at your premises.

Depending on the type of pest and level of the infestations, they will recommend the most suitable treatment method. Some of the most popular pest treatment methods used by our local partner pest control companies in Chennai are as follows:

  • Integrated pest management
  • Biological pest control
  • Pest extermination using pesticides
  • Pest extermination using herbal products
  • Mechanical pest management and cultural control
  • Fumigation procedure
  • Herbal pest control
  • Poisoned bait management

How to Hire the Best Pest Control Service in Chennai

Finding the best pest control service in Chennai is like walking through an unknown path without a map. On the other hand, if you have a map (the assistance from, you can easily reach the destination—the best pest control service in Chennai. We offer you the best guidance on hiring reliable pest control services in Chennai at an affordable price. The process is as easy as booking a movie ticket online. All you need to do is take the following simple steps.

Share your requirements with us: Let us know what types of pest problems you are facing. Share the details along with your contact information using our online inquiry form.

Get quotes from 3 vendors: Get connected with the top 3 nearby pest control companies in Chennai. Obtain a personalized quote from each company.

Schedule a free inspection: The expert pest control technicians will visit your home/office to assess the types of pests and the severity of infestations.

Compare and book the service: Compare quotes and treatment plans offered by each pest control company. Select the one that best suits your preferences and budget.

Why to Hire Pest Control Services in Chennai?

To ensure the best quality service in your locality, we have tied up with top-notch and dependable pest management companies from all across Chennai. This has enabled us to serve you at your doorstep. In whatever locality of Chennai you want to get the pest control service, we will ensure the best service availability there.

Furthermore, we will let you hire pest management services at a price that you can afford. By booking a pest control service with us, you can also save money. Since we are partnered with several pest management companies, we will provide you with free quotations from multiple vendors. This will be a great opportunity for you. You can save money by comparing the different price quotes.

With the help of top-notch pest control companies from Chennai, we are providing a comprehensive range of services for the extermination of different types of pests from residential or commercial buildings. This means we are providing services for both pest control for residences and commercial establishments as well.

We have been in this business for several years and over the years have earned a huge reputation, expertise, and experience when it comes to delivering the highest standards of service to customers.

Cheap and Best Services for Extermination of All Types of Pests and Bugs

Several types of pests and bugs are found in our surroundings. Most pests and bugs are annoying and the most unwanted creatures in the world. They annoy us and increase different types of diseases in our society.

No one likes pests and bugs whether they are rats, cockroaches, lizards or mosquitoes, flies, or bees. Most women are afraid of cockroaches. Rats and termites are known for destroying properties. Mosquitoes and bedbugs are bloodsuckers and good carriers of harmful diseases.

Pests are found not only in houses but also in commercial establishments such as offices, shops, malls, godowns, commercial places, and warehouses. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, rodents, termites, rats, wasps, bedbugs, lizards, mice, spiders, yellow jackets, flies, and bees are commonly found pests in our society.

These pests are not only a nuisance but also disease carriers. Moreover, they also cause great economic loss. So, pest control must be carried out at the time you have even noticed the sign of pest infestation at your premises. You need to hire the best service for the best result. is India’s most trusted portal through which you can hire the best pest control services in Chennai at affordable and genuine rates.

Important Pest Control FAQs

Q. Why I Should Hire Pest Control Professional When I Can Do It Myself?

When you do it yourself to kill and remove pests from your home then it gives you a temporary solution. But the exterminators not only help you in removing the pests from your house, but they ensure the pests will not come again. Using baits and pesticides they kills and remove pests and provide you pes-free environment that’s why you should hire pest control company in Chennai.

Q. How Much Does Pest Control Service in Chennai Costs?

General pest control service charges in Chennai starts from Rs 800 and goes up to Rs 2000. But, the charges mainly depends on the type of pests management, size of the area and severity of the infestation.

Q. How Long the Pest Management Treatment Does Lasts?

Pest control service vary from case to case so the result also vary. Usually, the pests require 2-3 treatments, which last for some months and that’s why it should be done on quarterly basis.

Q. What Kind of Pesticides and Pest Control Products Are Used by the Pest Control Professionals?

Professional exterminators use different types of baits and pesticides to kill and remove pests. But what product they will use, depends on the type of pest infestation and its severity.

Q. Is pest management safe for my family and pets?

Pest Control Companies in Chennai work under the government guidelines hence, they use only the products and pesticides that are tested and approved by the government. So, it is completely safe for your family and pets. Also, they use natural and organic products for the customers who don’t want hazardous chemicals to be used in their premises.

Q. Is It Necessary to Leave During Exterminator Treatment?

Yes, it is good to leave your house for a few hours during and even after the exterminator treatment. Pest control service providers use some hazardous chemicals and products and the odor can be intolerable for you. The exterminators will tell you how long you will have to stay out of your house.

Q. How Often Should I Get My Home Serviced for Pest Control in Chennai?

Regular pest control service can stop pests’ activities before they become a problem. And also it is said that prevention is better than cure. So, to keep your house free from annoying and potentially harmful pests, you should consider for pest control service at least one time in a year. And if you want better results, do it on quarterly basis.

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