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Pest Control Services in Chennai

Do you want to get pest control in Chennai? If yes then your search ends here. We at Get Pest Control provide a wide range of pest control management services in Chennai and its surrounding areas. We are offering pest management services for many years. Over the years we have gained tremendous experience and expertise in pest control management. Do you know most common pests and bugs found in our surroundings? Let’s understand pests and their types.

Pests are the most unwanted creatures in the world. No one likes pests and bugs at all. There are many types of pests and bugs found in this world who make their home in residential buildings, offices, shops, commercial places, warehouses, and godowns. Ants, rodents, bedbugs, termites, yellow jackets, wasps, cockroaches, spiders, mice, and lizards are commonly found pests and bugs in houses and commercial spaces. Some pests cause great economic loss, other carry diseases and some are just a nuisance. The pest control aka pest management should be carried out at the time you have seen the signs for any type of pest in your home or commercial space.

According to Wikipedia;

“Pest control is the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, a member of the animal kingdom that impacts adversely on human activities. The human response depends on the importance of the damage done, and will range from tolerance, through deterrence and management, to attempts to completely eradicate the pest. Pest control measures may be performed as part of an integrated pest management strategy.”

Get Pest Control in Chennai is an experienced pest control management services providing company. We have a team of expert technicians and professionals who are responsible for pest control in Chennai. Our team understands client’s needs and preferences first and then create an effective pest control management plan. We use different types of pest control methods.

Our Pest Control Services in Chennai


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We provide pest control in Chennai and termite control services in Chennai at very reasonable cost. We use both pesticide and herbal products to control and eliminate harmful pests from your home or other premises. Get Pest Control ensures for great result as soon as possible. Our main motto is to deliver high quality pest control management services for the customers. And customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Different types of pest control methods are:

  • Biological Pest Control
  • Mechanical Pest Control AKA Cultural Control
  • Integrated Pest Control
  • Pest Control with Pesticides
  • Physical Pest Control
  • Poisoned Bait Method
  • Natural Rodent Control
  • Fumigation Procedure

We use different specific method to control different specific pest. For example; for Termite Control in Chennai we use specific termite control management method especially designed to get rid of termites and protect furniture and wooden items against getting damaged. We have proven methods for pest control. If you want to get pest control in Chennai then we will do our best and you will be satisfied with our high-quality pest control management services.

Important Pest Control FAQs

Q. Why I Should Hire Pest Control Professional When I Can Do It Myself?

When you do it yourself to kill and remove pests from your home then it gives you a temporary solution. But the exterminators not only help you in removing the pests from your house, but they ensure the pests will not come again. Using baits and pesticides they kills and remove pests and provide you pes-free environment that’s why you should hire pest control company in Chennai.

Q. How Much Does Pest Control Service in Chennai Costs?

General pest control service charges in Chennai starts from Rs 800 and goes up to Rs 2000. But, the charges mainly depends on the type of pests management, size of the area and severity of the infestation.

Q. How Long the Pest Management Treatment Does Lasts?

Pest control service vary from case to case so the result also vary. Usually, the pests require 2-3 treatments, which last for some months and that’s why it should be done on quarterly basis.

Q. What Kind of Pesticides and Pest Control Products Are Used by the Pest Control Professionals?

Professional exterminators use different types of baits and pesticides to kill and remove pests. But what product they will use, depends on the type of pest infestation and its severity.

Q. Is pest management safe for my family and pets?

Pest Control Companies in Chennai work under the government guidelines hence, they use only the products and pesticides that are tested and approved by the government. So, it is completely safe for your family and pets. Also, they use natural and organic products for the customers who don’t want hazardous chemicals to be used in their premises.

Q. Is It Necessary to Leave During Exterminator Treatment?

Yes, it is good to leave your house for a few hours during and even after the exterminator treatment. Pest control service providers use some hazardous chemicals and products and the odor can be intolerable for you. The exterminators will tell you how long you will have to stay out of your house.

Q. How Often Should I Get My Home Serviced for Pest Control in Chennai?

Regular pest control service can stop pests’ activities before they become a problem. And also it is said that prevention is better than cure. So, to keep your house free from annoying and potentially harmful pests, you should consider for pest control service at least one time in a year. And if you want better results, do it on quarterly basis.

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