Pest Control Delhi Price and Charges

If you are looking for Pest Control Delhi price and charges then your search ends here. We are providing residential and commercial pest control services in Delhi at affordable charges and rates. The pest control in Delhi price can be hired with us starting at only Rs 700. The cost may vary depending upon various factors and the level of pest infestation.

Facing pest attack in your home? Want to get rid of the little monsters from your commercial space? Looking for Pest Control Delhi Price to get rid of pest infestation in Delhi? Well, all your searches will come to an end here with us because we would provide you exactly what you are looking for.

Pest infestation is a very serious issue. It is because they can bring damages to health as well as property. They are different in sizes and shapes and are equally destructible. Contacting a pest control company in Delhi is not an issue, but the main concern is their rates. If you are approaching any company for the services, having a rough idea of the charges prior can help you.

Pest Control Delhi Price, Charges and Rates  – Updated List 2020

If it is Pest Control Delhi Price then definitely we are describing it in the broad sense. The charges differs from company to company, size of the infested area and the type of pest control. When a person would have a rough idea about the approximate cost of pest control in Delhi, he could select the one which is budget friendly. To come in your rescue regarding the pest infestation treatment in Delhi, below-mentioned are the approximate pest control charges in Delhi.

Termite Control Cockroach Control Rats Control Bed Bugs Control
Cost: Rs. 1200-9200 Cost: Rs. 799-1599 Cost: Rs. 749-1399 Cost: Rs. 1500-4000
Area: 1 BHK to 5 BHK Area: 1 BHK to 5 BHK Area: 1 BHK to 5 BHK Area: 1 BHK to 5 BHK


Ants Control Lizard Control Mosquito Control Birds Control
Cost: Rs. 749-1399 Cost: Rs. 700-1800 Cost: Rs. 1700-2500 Birds Spikes: 120/Sq. Ft.
Area: 1 BHK to 5 BHK Area: 1 BHK to 4 BHK Area: 1 BHK to 4 BHK Protection Net: Rs. 35/Sq. Ft.


Silverfish Control Tick Control General Pest Control Commercial Pest Control Cost
Cost: Rs. 700-1399 Cost: Rs. 700-1700 Cost: Rs. 800-2000 Rs. 1/Sq. Ft Onward
Area: 1 BHK to 5 BHK Area: 1 BHK to 5 BHK Area: 1 BHK to 5 BHK Min. Serviceable Area: 800 Sq. Ft.


These are the approximate charges of Pest Control in Delhi or Pest Control Delhi Price. However these charges are the estimated ones but still there are many other factors that differs the cost. Depending on many other factors, the final charge comes out.

Factors Determining Pest Control Charges and Rates in Delhi

Pest grows and breeds under certain circumstances. The atmosphere in which human breed is found most suitable for the pest and this is the reason we can spot them in all our favorite places. When you want to take the services of a pest control company, then you need to understand about the factors that determine the final charges. Below-mentioned are the major factors affecting the rates of pest control in Delhi.

Type of Pest Attack:

As soon as you contact the pest control company, they would ask you about the treatment you want to take. For instance, there are different rates for termite attack, bedbug attack, ant’s attack, etc. If you want to take a general pest control service then it would cost you different. So, the first and the foremost important thing is the type of pest control you are looking for.

Total Area Infested:

The total area where you want pest treatment is also charged by the companies. For instance, if you want to have termite control in your basement only then you would be charged according to that. Apart from this, if the pest attack is normal or you are just taking a preventive service then they would charge low. But, in case it is in the worst condition then you have to shed few more extra pennies for taking the services.

Type of Pest Control Treatment:

Generally there are two types of pest control treatments, one is the chemical based pest control and another one is herbal pest control. Herbal pest control charges are slightly high because natural pesticides are used in it and they don’t emit any odor too. Earlier pest control used to be full of foul smell and odor which creates suffocation to humans but the new and trendy herbal pest control services gives odorless services.

Total Number of Treatments:

This totally depends on the level of pest infestation in your area. If it is in a normal condition or you are taking the preventive pest control method then one sitting would work. But, in case the condition is really worst then more treatments would be given. Once the pest control company staff would come for investigation, they will tell you about the number of treatments required for the same.

What are General Pest Control Charges in Delhi?

To get pest control services, you first need to decide which pest is attacking your property. First you should inspect the pest infestation and then approach the company. The second way is the easiest one.

When you really don’t know that whether you need to take the individual services or not then simply go for comprehensive pest control services. The general pest control services cover all the major pest attacks in residential as well as commercial area and are charged according to the same. Below-mentioned is the approximate rates of general pest control in Delhi.

Solution & Services Estimated Price *
1 BHK General Pest Control Rs 800
2 BHK General Pest Control Rs 1100
3 BHK General Pest Control Rs 1300
4 BHK General Pest Control Rs 1500
5 BHK General Pest Control Rs 2000


*Note that these are the approximate charges of general pest control in Delhi. In case your pest infestation is acute, you might be charged more by the company. The Pest Control Delhi Price also differs from one pest control services to different pest control services.

How to Get Pest Control Quotes and Free Home Inspection in Delhi

If you want to get rid of pest attack in your property then this is the most adequate place for you. At Get Pest Control, we would provide you the estimated Pest Control Delhi Price, as per your requirement, area and type of services you are choosing. Other than this, we can also provide you free-pest inspection at your residential or commercial property so that the exact amount could be calculated.