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Best Pest Control in Gurgaon on Affordable Charges

Looking for Pest Control Charges in Gurgaon? offers pest control services in Gurgaon at affordable charges and rates. Our Pest Control Gurgaon price starts at Rs 700 only.

Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about pest control charges in Gurgaon. From the factors affecting the charges of pest control, to the general rates of pest control companies in Gurgaon; you would collect the true and authentic information about the same.

There is a lot of pest related confusion and the biggest one is related to their charge. Here we will share with you the estimated pest control charges in Gurgaon. According to this, you can further contact the companies and take the services.

The Cost of Pest Control in Gurgaon – Updated Price List 2021

Treatment Type 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK 4 BHK 5 BHK
General Pest Control Rs 800 Rs 1100 Rs 1300 Rs 1500 Rs 2000
Bedbug Control Rs 1500 Rs 2200 Rs 3000 Rs 3500 Rs 4000
Cockroach Control Rs 799 Rs 899 Rs 1099 Rs 1399 Rs 1599
Rodents/Rats Control Rs 749 Rs 849 Rs 949 Rs 1199 Rs 1399
Ant Control Rs 749 Rs 849 Rs 949 Rs 1199 Rs 1399
Mosquito Control Rs 1700 Rs 1900 Rs 2300 Rs 2500 Rs 2800
Bees Control Rs 1000 Rs 1300 Rs 1500 Rs 1800 Rs 2000
Lizard Control Rs 700 Rs 1200 Rs 1500 Rs 1800 Rs 2000
Silverfish Control Rs 700 Rs 1100 Rs 1300 Rs 1500 Rs 1700
Tick Control Rs 700 Rs 1100 Rs 1300 Rs 1500 Rs 1700
Bird Netting Rs 1000 Rs 2000 Rs 3000 Rs 4000 Rs 5000
Termite Control Rs 5200 Rs 6200 Rs 7200 Rs 8200 Rs 9200
 * Prices exclusive of GST at 18% 


  • Termite control charges for 1 Bedroom, 1 Living Room, 1 Kitchen and 1 Washroom will be Rs 1200, Rs 2200, Rs 2000 and Rs 1200 respectively.
  • Commercial pest control charges will be Rs. 1/Sq. Ft. Onward (Min. Serviceable Area: 800 Sq. Ft)
  • Price of pest control services for any types of services may vary depending upon a lot of factors.
  • The final price quote will be given only after home inspection.
  • Let professional pest control conduct a free-home inspection so that they can give you the exact pricing for their services.

The attack of pest is really irritating. You will never know about the destruction they can cause until and unless you face them at your premises. These little monsters are capable of giving you losses of over millions. Whether it is your property or your personal health, the problem of pests can ruin everything in the worst manner. If you own a commercial or residential problem in Gurgaon, then you may get the right estimate of pest control companies right here with us.

Pest attacks are common, and pest control charges are daunting. If you want to hire them to eliminate the pest from your premises, you need to shed a little more. Knowing about the estimated Pest Control Charges in Gurgaon can help you save a bit by the end.

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Nikhil Shukla...
Rated 5 on 1 day ago

I hire get pest control for termite control services. Excellent service provided by them. Get pest control have a highly organized, dedicated, professional team. Thanks to them for the best termite control service.

Niraj Kumar...
Rated 5 on 2 day ago

I was satisfied with the service of Get Pest Control. They used latest harm free and smell free termite chemicals. Great service by the team.

Pankaj Singh...
Rated 4 on 2 day ago

Recently i hired for bedbug control service. And based on my experience, Get Pest Control provided the best service. I highly recommend them for any pest control.

Factors Dominating Charges of Pest Control in Gurgaon

Gurgaon being one of the most popular NCR locations is the home and office of many. The city has no dearth of commercial as well as residential property and the same goes with the pest attack here. Almost all types of pests could be found here and it is because of the atmosphere of the city.

Type of Pest Control:

Pest control is not that simple. First of all, you should examine which pest is attacking your premises and then choose the services. Types of pest control are something that broadly differentiates prices. For instance, you need to pay less for household pest control whereas if you are looking for commercial Pest Control Charges in Gurgaon then you definitely need to pay something extra. Apart from this, there are two other different forms which you need to choose further. Chemical based pest control and organic pest control services. Chemically based pest control is less expensive than herbal. However, if you wish to choose an odorless pest control solution, then go with an organic pest control solution.

Areas Where You Need Pest Control:

The total area where you need pest control is charged by the companies. They will bill you according to the infested area in which they are supposed to be treated. For instance, if you want pest control in bathroom and kitchen then the charges would be less whereas complete residential pest control services would definitely cost you something more than that.

Type of Pest Attack:

The type of pest attack you want to treat also determines the final charges of a pest control company in Gurgaon. For instance, if you want termite control you need to pay only for that particular service but if you want to control services against all types of pests found in residence then they will bill you something different.

Level of Pest Attack:

If your premises are deeply infested with pests, then you will be charged a large amount by the pest control company. But if you wish to have general pest control solutions where the pest attack is at the initial stage, then the charges would be less. So the number of treatments they would provide you would finally come up in the bill.

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Important Pest Control FAQs

Q. How do we know if we need pest control service in Gurgaon for our home and office?

Pests are not only annoying but can be potentially harmful for your health. So, if you have spotted one or two pests, there is a good chance that there are more pests in your home. They can cause and spread diseases, before the situation become worse you should get rid of the pests. Preventive pest control service will help you to keep the pests at bay and prevent them from coming back.

Q. How is pest control done?

The exterminators come to your place to inspect the infected area and check the severity of the infestation. Then they develop the right pest management plan to kill and remove the pests from your place. They use different pest control methods like chemical pest control, herbal pest control, fogging, fumigation, integrated pest control, etc. to eliminate pests.

Q. How long will I need to leave my home?

It depends on the type of pest and the action taken by the professional exterminator. There are some procedures that require you to leave the house for up to 3 hours, while as some don’t require the residents to leave their home.

Q. Will the pest control treatment harm my furniture?

No! The professional pest control technicians usually develop the pest control solution that do not leave stain or damages furniture.

Q. Will pest control harm my pests?

It depends on the type of the pest control treatment is being given by the exterminators. All pesticides are toxic and harmful, but the chemicals the reputed pest control professional uses are tested and proven for residential use. Also they take precautions to make sure the pets will not be harmed during the pest control procedure.

Q. What is the cost of pest control service in Gurgaon?

Generally pest control service charges in Gurgaon starts from Rs 800 and goes up to Rs 2000, but pest control charges depends on the type of pest you want to treat and also the size of your home. So, the charges vary depending on the pest management, pest control method, etc.

Q. How much does it cost for termite control in Gurgaon?

Termites are really hard to get rid of. It requires 2-3 session of treatments to get rid of them thus, it can cost you a bit higher than other pests control service in Gurgaon. Termite control charges in Gurgaon starts from Rs 1200 for 1BHK and can go up to Rs 9000 for 5BHK house.

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