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Carpet Beetle Control

As their name implies, Carpet Beetle damages carpets. They also feed upon many other materials and will attack any items composed of animals fibers such as furs, silk, leather, feather, and felt. These pests can damage your clothing, carpets, and any other materials. Carpet beetles can thrive in any environment but, an environment with low humidity will fulfill the needs to develop the eggs best.

Infestation and Habitat

There are different types of Carpet Beetle. The most common are Black Carpet Beetle, Furniture Carpet Beetle, and Varied Carpet Beetle. The adults of the most common species of carpet beetle length up to 2 mm to 5 mm with short clubbed antennae and chewing mouth parts. They are oval, dark brown to back color.

The immature stage of carpet beetles is ¼ inch long. The larvae or immature carpet beetles feed on carpets and cause damages. Rest the other mature or adult carpet beetles feed on flowers but, are often seen indoor in light fixtures and windows. This indicates the presence of larvae or eggs within the house.

The items infested include blankets, jackets, pillows, carpets, woolen sweaters, coats, and furniture. Carpet beetle prefers to live and feed in dark and undisturbed places such as closets, attics, and boxes where woolen and fur clothes are stored. along and under the edges or beneath the carpets, underneath upholstered furniture, and much more.


The best way to control carpet beetle is prevention. The woolen clothes, jackets, blankets, or any other fur items should be dry-cleaned or laundered before storing them in the cupboard or closet. The odor that comes from the clothes is the invitation to the carpet beetle so, place mothballs or flakes with the clothes in a tight-fitting container to prevent the clothes from Carpet Beetle.

Get Rid of Carpet Beetle

If there is serious carpet beetle infestation in your home, hotel, or office then, you can use our carpet beetle services to control carpet beetle. Get Pest Control is one of the best pest control services in Delhi that provides different types of pest control services.

We are the experts of pest control thus, can provide you the best carpet beetle management or control services at the best affordable rates. We have expert and professional pests technicians that know how to eliminate the pests completely from your home or office. We use pesticides, insecticides, and different methods to treat carpet beetle. Along with chemicals we use herbal or organic products that don’t harm humans or pests. All our treatments to control pests are safe and effective.

If you want to get rid of carpet beetle then, get carpet beetle control services in Delhi NCR from Get Pest Control at the best affordable rates and make your home, hotel, hospital, or office carpet beetle free. Our technicians first check the affected areas and then treat the pests using right pesticides or herbal products. Our products are organic and odorless and with this, we assure you a healthy home and environment. The treatments used by us to control pests are organic pests control, physical pests control, chemical pests control, odorless pest control, and integrated pests control. Whether residential or commercial spaces, you will get top-quality carpet beetle control services at the best competitive and genuine rates with us.

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