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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Pests at Bay in Your Home


No one wants to see pests roaming in their homes. Pests are not only a nuisance but also carriers of diseases. You may not know how dreadful they can be. They carry germs and bacteria with them. Hence, it’s important to do pest control at home.

If you are looking for some tips and tricks to keep cockroaches, rodents, flies, or other pests away from your home, read the blog. Here you will learn the best pest control tips and tricks for your home.  

Tips to Keep Pests at Bay

With just a few tips and tricks, you can keep pests at bay. Follow the tips given below and keep pests away from your home: –

Keep your kitchen clean

If there’s something in your house that attracts pests the most then it’s your kitchen. Just like we humans, pests and insects also need energy to survive. And they get the source of energy from food. And the food that we eat is probably the favourite of cockroaches and rats as well.

While cooking, we spill crumbs and other particles on the kitchen counter. This is an open invitation for ants, roaches, and rodents. Not only they will eat the crumbs but can also contaminate other food. Hence, it’s important to keep the kitchen tidy. Always wipe off the kitchen slab after cooking and mop the floor.

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Do not stack the dishes in your kitchen sink. The leftover food on the dishes attracts cockroaches. Try to clean them as soon as possible.

Do not let water stand

We often overlook stagnant water in our surroundings. There could be water in an empty bottle you kept in your backyard just to throw it away in your free time. Or, your roof might be collecting rainwater and you have no idea about it. You should keep an eye on all these things. Stagnant waters are a big source for mosquitoes and other flies to breed. Check your cooler too. If they are not used then keep it dry. Look for all the broken pots, bottles, or buckets in your garden that might have filled with water.

Keep your bathroom clean

Just like your kitchen, the moisture in the floor and atmosphere of your bathroom attracts pests. So, keep your bathroom neat and clean, and most importantly keep it dry. Use good cleaners and chemicals to clean the floor, basin, and closet. Make sure your toothbrush, paste, and soap are kept away from pests. Spiders, lizards, and cockroaches can contaminate your brush and spread infections through it. So, after using your brush cover it or keep it in the closet. Regularly wash the pot, clean the basin at least once a week, and keep the drain clear for a free flow of wastewater.

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Throw away garbage daily

Pests and insects like rodents and flies like garbage. Storing garbage for a long time will allow pests to infest your home. Disposing of the garbage regularly will help you keep pests at bay. You should dispose of garbage every day if possible. Accumulating garbage leads to cockroaches, ants, rodents, and flies infestation.

Maintain the area outside your home

To keep your home clean from the inside, it’s important to clean the outside area of the house. Otherwise, you will bring the things home whatever is outside. Hence, it’s important to keep your garden or lawn neat and clean. If termites have infested your plants, then there are chances they will infest your house too. Trim your plants regularly to avoid bushy growth. This will attract pests which will ultimately come inside.

Fix nets on windows

Windows are one of the major sources for pests and insects to enter your home. Mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, flies, lizards, and spiders enter your home through even a small gap in window frames. Keeping the window closed 24/7 is not possible for anyone. And when you will open the window pests will enter. To avoid this situation use nets on windows. These nets will help you get fresh and natural air from outside without allowing the pests to enter.

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Contact professional pest control services

No matter whether you have spotted one rodent or an entire troop of ants marching in your kitchen, there are always more pests in the house beyond your imagination. And, when you have already spotted one then there is a high chance of having multiple pest infestations at home. Hence, it’s important to get professional pest control services in Delhi.

You should search for a good pest control company near you in Delhi. They are experts in exterminating all types of pests. From rodent control to termite control, you get complete pest control solutions from professional pest control companies. They use baits and remedies to control pest infestation. They have access to all the pesticides, insecticides, and pest control tools that are not available to common people. Using them, remove all pests from your place and provide a pest-free environment to you.

In Conclusion

It’s always good to keep your home neat and clean to keep pests away from your home. By following the pest control tips for the home mentioned above, you will keep pests at bay. And if you are getting professional pest control services, then keep your children away from chemicals. Make sure you have kept all the food safely stored in an air-tight container to avoid contamination.

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Pests at Bay in Your Home
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