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Pest Control Alternatives to Keep Pests Away from Home


Looking for pest control alternatives? If yes then your search ends.

In this article, you will learn some awesome tips through which you can keep pests away from your home without hiring professional pest control services.

Pest Control Service & Alternatives

Nobody wants to see pests in and around their home. In fact, one should never let them entering his home. Pests can be very dangerous for your health as they transmit diseases.

If you have seem pests crawling in your home then, you must do pest control in your home. This will help you to get rid of those nasty creatures that cause and spread diseases.

Pest control service is the most effective ways to get rid of pests but there are many people who cannot afford these services because this need to be done regularly.

Paying the regular fees for the pest control services is not possible for everyone.

So, people look for alternatives of pest control services to control pests from in and around their homes.

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Well, there are many natural remedies through which you can keep the pests away from your home and enjoy pest-free environment in and around your home.

But before using that natural remedies to control pest infestation use the following tricks to stop the pest from entering your home.

What to Do to Stop Pests from Entering Your Home

1. Seal Gaps

Look out for the gaps and holes in your home not only the large ones but also the minor gaps that can be an entry gate for the tiny pests.

The pests can easily enter in your home even from a minor gaps or cracks in the window and door frames. So, you should thoroughly check your home to seal the gaps from where the pests can enter your home.

2. Store Firewood’s Away from The Home

Termite or carpenter ants loves to damage the wooden goods and the firewood will be a big fat invitation for them to enter you home. And if they will enter your home then they can damage the other products also like furniture, mattresses, etc.

3. Secure Containers Indoor and Outdoor

Make sure the garbage bins are sealed and keep far away from the house. Dump the clutter regularly and make that it should not be stored for longer period of time.

4. Clean the Kitchen

Your kitchen is the main place where almost every type of pests are hidden. They search for food in your kitchen and if they get it then they will never leave the place. They can spread diseases so try to keep your kitchen always clean.

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Clean the crumbs from the kitchen shelve, wash the dishes immediately after using, keep the sink and the cabinets cleans, foods must be kept in a plastic or container in a proper place so that no pests can roam in your kitchen.

5. Schedule Regular Inspection

Even if you have not seen any pests in your home you should check for them regularly. For this you can hire pest control services who will visit your home to inspect pest infestation. They will search for the pest and even if they didn’t find any they will inspect and treat your home before one occurs.

But, as you don’t want to hire pest control services we will tell you that what alternatives of pest control services you can use to get rid of pests or kill them.

Natural Remedies – Alternatives of Pest Control Services

1. Natural Remedies for Killing/Repelling Ants

One of the most easiest home remedies to get rid of ants is to cut a cucumber in small slices and place them on to the entry points of the ants.

Ants have a natural instinct to avoid the fragrance of the cucumber which will force them to stay away from your home. For this bitter cucumber will work better.

There is another way to keep ants out of your home by making a soap water. Soap water spray works better in ant infestation. The liquid kills the ants and also stop their further movement.

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2. Natural Remedies for Killing/Repelling Cockroach

Roaches look for food in your home so one of the best ways to get rid of them is by keeping your kitchen clean. They search for food and kitchen is the place where they can get it easily. They like high places so you can place boric powder in kitchen cabinet and between the spaces of cabinet and ceiling.

Boric powder work as natural poison for the cockroaches. They will eat it and when go back to the nest then the other cockroaches will also be killed if they get in contact with the infected one.

3. Natural Remedies for Killing/Repelling Mosquitoes

They like dirts and grow in dirty or standing water. So, to control mosquito infestation you need to keep your home and surrounding neat and clean.

Empty egg trays are the best for killing mosquitoes. You can burn the egg tray and the smoke will kill the mosquitoes instantly. You can also apply neem oil on your body that is non-toxic but works best for keeping mosquitoes away from you.

4. Natural Remedies for Killing/Repelling Bedbug

You can apply kerosene on the corners of your bed frame and the spaces between the joints to kill the bedbug. You can also wash the bed with hot water to kill bedbug.

Twice in a month you must keep your mattress out in the sunlight to kill the bedbug and keep them away from your bed.

If you were looking for natural remedies to kill pests then, you can use the above-mentioned tricks and ideas to kill pests and insects and keep your home free from pest infestation. These remedies really work great and help you to get pest-free environment to breathe in always.

Pest Control Alternatives to Keep Pests Away from Home

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