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How to Get Rid of Ants? DIY Ant Control


Ants are social insects so, if one enters the other will follow. You will see ants marching one by one entering your home. And if you see them crawling on your wall, kitchen shelves or floor then, don’t panic as there are many ways through which you can control ants infestation in your property.

The worst part of ants is that once it will enter your home then, there is a little chance they will go away on their own. You will either need to use DIY remedies to remove them or have to take professionals help to get rid of ants. They can help on in deciding which course of action will be best for killing or eliminating ants.

Tips for Getting Rid of Ants from Home | DIY Ant Control

Well, here are some tips that will help you to get rid of ant problems.

1. First understand ants, it’s colony and queen

The very first and the most important thing for eliminating ants is to understand about the ants, it’s colonies and queen. You may know that ants enter your home in the search of food but, do you know where they take back the food? Well, ants actually come for searching food and they carry the food on their back and take it to their nest for the queen and the young ones. They are actually the workers who work for the foods for the queen and young ones, who will be the future workers for the colony.

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The queen who lays all the eggs never leave the nest. She just stay in the nest fed by the workers and reproduce more eggs. So, you can spray pesticides but the queen will produce more and more ants. This is why it is important to find the queen and kill her.

2. Watch the trailing ants

Do you know that why ants follow each other and always walk in a queue? It is because the messenger ant who enter your home in search of food leaves trail for the other ants to follow. The other ants follow the trails to reach to the foods and then they carry it back to the nests. So you need to watch their actions where they are coming from and where they are going. Once they will search the food then they will not go anywhere than returning to their nests. So, you just need to watch their activities.

3. Don’t spray the ants

killing the ants won’t help you to remove them completely as there is the queen ant who will reproduce more and more ants. So, this means you need to find out the queen and kill their colony completely and if you will spray pesticides on the ants then, you will never be able to reach to their nests to kill the whole colony. Do not spray on the ants better to watch for their actions to let them carry foods to their nests. So, how would you do this see the next point.

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4. Set out ant bait

Now you need to use the trailing ants instead of killing them. They can be actually your helper to find the queen and kill her. You just need to set the ant bait for the trailing ants which you have identified earlier. The ants will carry the foods back to the nests which will eventually kill the queen and eliminate future populations.

5. Shoot the messenger

Well, if you have only seen one ant in your house and stay alert this can be scout who has just entered your home to search the food. When the ant will find the food then, he will leave the trail to indicate other ants to follow the food. So, before the other ants will follow the trail and will enter in your home you must kill the ant.

6. Clean up

Cleanliness is very important. Whether you want to be healthy, fit or just want to keep the pests away from your property. You need to use good cleansers to keep your kitchen shelves clean. Every time after cooking clean your kitchen shelve, make sure there is no crumbs on the shelve, close the lid of bottles properly, etc. Cleaning your shelves will remove the trails scent that ants might have left for the other ants to follow.

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7. Seal the entrance

One of the best ways to keep ants or any other pests is to seal the entrance from where they are entering in your property. Check out for the minor holes in your window frames and doors from where you think the ants can enter. Seal the entrance properly as the ants are very tiny so for them it is very easy to take entry even from a minor hole. If you have just find out the place from where the ants are entering them seal it with caulk.

8. Use natural remedies

There are many natural remedies that you can use to keep the ants away from your home. Ants just have the smell of baby powder, cinnamon and white vinegar. So you can use these to keep the ants away. Just sprinkle it everywhere you have seen the ants crawling or marching at your home. They will leave the place immediately.

9. Get pest control

Well, experts say when you unable to beat them by yourself then, you should get the help of an exterminator. They are professionals and can help you to get rid of pests and insects using high-quality products and right treatments. So, if you think the problem is really serious then, you should get pest control services to get rid of ants.

So, follow all the above tips to get rid of ants infestation in your property and get a pest-free and safe environment to breathe.


How to Get Rid of Ants? DIY Ant Control

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