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9 Common Myths about Bedbugs, Debunked


Have you ever heard about bed bug myths? Read this article to know 9 common myths about bedbugs.

The attack of pests in any of our surrounding can irritate us to hell. No matter how much cleanliness and hygiene we maintain, the attack of pests can really irritate us. They can grow everywhere. As they are much comfortable with the human environment, they tend to grow faster in the same. There are many different types of pests that are found in human based atmosphere and most commonly in homes.

Ants, rats, rodents, cockroaches, termites, ticks etc. are the common types of pests found at home. But, the list is incomplete .There are several myths about bedbugs. More than the reality people are scared with the myths which are spread about them. We will try to debunk the common myths which are spread about bedbugs. Definitely, knowing these myths would help you to fight with this common pest accordingly.

9 Myths About Bed Bugs and Reality

#1 You Can’t See a Bedbug

Reality: Without the magnifying glass you can see an adult bedbug and yes it is possible. Nymphs or the eggs of bedbugs could be seen with or without the magnifying lenses. The size of an adult bedbug is as similar to that of an apple seed.

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#2 Bedbugs Only Live in Dirty Place

Reality: As already mentioned above that no matter how much neat and clean your environment is, it can still be attacked by the pests and especially bedbugs. Bedbugs are not attracted with dirt and germs but they are attracted with the warmth of a human body, blood and carbon dioxide. But, if there is more clutter in house then it tends to attract more bedbugs.

#3 Bedbugs can transmit diseases to humans

Reality: This is one of the very common myths which are spread for bedbugs. In any case, they do not transmit any diseases to humans. As per the lab tests and many other researchers conducted on the bedbugs, it has been found that they are not likely to transmit diseases to humans.

#4 Bedbugs will not come out in light

Reality: There is a very common myth related with bedbugs. It is said and believed that bedbugs will not come out if the room is brightly lit. So, no matter if the room is in dark or brightly lit, bedbugs can be active throughout.

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#5 Only pesticide treatment will eliminate the bedbugs from the surrounding

Reality: A variety of method and constant monitoring is required, if you really want to get rid of bedbugs in your surroundings. It is really one of the toughest tasks to deal with bedbugs and only pesticide won’t help out. However the constant use of pesticide can help in eliminating the problem to a bit, but this is not the proper solution for everything.

#6 If the bedbug infested furniture is thrown out, you can get rid of the pest

Reality: People think that if they will throw out the bedbug infested furniture then they can get rid of the pests. Well, this is not the solution because though they are called bedbugs but they will not hide only in beds and furniture. In fact, they will infest the common things nearby. They can even hide in the dark side or even at the crevice in a room. If you really wish to get rid of the bedbug which has infested the furniture then it is required that you should contact a pest control company. They will treat the furniture item and they will eliminate the bedbugs.

#7 Bedbugs will attack everyone

Reality: Sometimes we find that only we got attacked by the bedbugs and no one else in the home. In such a case, we think that it is not bedbug. Well, the reality is that not everyone will have a reaction to bedbug bite. In fact, it is also possible that when two persons are sleeping in bedbug infested bed and one can get hurt with the bites of bedbugs with welts and sores and the another one will not have any reaction at all.

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#8 Bedbugs can be killed with cold temperature

Reality: Of course, it is a truth that bedbugs are attracted towards hot and humid temperature but it does not mean that it can be killed with a cold temperature or surrounding. The extreme cold temperature can kill bedbugs only if it is expanded over a period of time.

#9 One can usually feel when bed bug is biting

Reality: In reality you will not feel it when a bed bug is biting you. It is because while biting you and feeding, a bed bug injects saliva that contains an anesthetic (a numbing chemical) and an anti-clotting agent

Myths are spread faster than truth and this is something that happens in the case of bedbugs as well. Prevention is better than cure. When a person is noticing that a particular part of his home or surrounding is being infested by bedbug then calling professionals is required in such a case. It is not anything that you can treat by self.

For treating the bedbug attack the professional control method is required. Only the right amount of pesticides could kill the bedbugs. As they can grow very fast so, as soon as you come to know about their attack you should take corrective measures for the same. It is needed to ensure that you have to take the step at right time. Regular pest control services would keep bedbugs at a bay.

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9 Common Myths about Bedbugs, Debunked

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