How to Monitor and Control Lizards and Frogs In and Around Your Home

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Reptiles and amphibians are dangerous for property and life as well. They are one of the dangerous pests that attack our premises. Whether it is residence or commercial property, the attack of lizards and frogs can really irritate you. Frogs and lizards have the tendency to find their way to our homes. They can be dangerous to health and property both.

The only way out to deal with them is through regular inspection and in case the situation goes worse, then calling for the rescue team or the pest control experts is what you are supposed to do. The lizard or frog gets into your home and eventually dies from lack of water and lack of food. Also, no light/heat source is a problem for their survival.

That is why you notice people who keep these animals as pets have a sun lamp inside their aquarium. But, we know you are not keeping them as pets and you want to eliminate them from your property as they are the pests attacking the same.

Here we are with few of the best tips that would sure and certain aid you to deal with the pests. We are here with some tips that will help you to control and monitor lizards from the premises.

Make House Inhospitable for Lizards: If you wish that these nasty pests should not come closer to you or enter your premises then make your home inhospitable for them. If you are wondering, how to do that then it is very simple. Keep the surroundings and home neat and clean. Obviously, they will not enter your territory. A messy house is the biggest invitation to the lizards. They can find both food and hideout place in this way. Take care of garbage, un-swept floors, piles of magazines and boxes. A very important thing which you are supposed to do is not to create warmth inside. A warn atmosphere will make them cosy in your home. So, ensure it is not suitable for them to live and breathe inside your home.

Don’t Let Them Get In: Don’t let them enter your territory this is the only way out of protection. Don’t let the problem find its way to your home. If you are wondering how it will be done then restrict the entry to home of the pests. Inspect the outside of your house and look for any cracks and holes. Fill the holes if any and spaces in between the doors or windows. Placing mothballs in the window is also a way out to deal with the situation.

Don’t Leave Any Food For Them: Knowingly or unknowingly we put invitation to them to enter our territory. If you found that lizards are making their way to your home then might be you are giving them the reason. Any food item left open or unattended is the direct invitation. If there are any food items that they feed on, it is better for you to remove it.

Make Environment Unpleasant: If the area is well-lit then it becomes the favourite of lizard. I hope you understand what I mean to say by this. You don’t want them, right create the unpleasant environment. Keep places, where you usually see lizards, dark. Lizards are cool-blooded creatures and love warm, humid places. The coolest tip to keep them away from your premises is by keeping a cool temperature inside. Definitely, they are not going to enter your vicinity, if they would not find it soothing.

Remove Standing Water: Empty pots, buckets, bowls or any other thing like this that might hold the water for a longer time should be removed. You are supposed to remove standing water from your premises as they can provide the soothing environment for the pests to breed and grow. Empty all items that can hold standing water. If you must leave them outdoors, turn them upside down so they will not collect water.

The Solution

Well, the infestation of lizard is really very bad. If you find that they have invaded your property already and now there is no way out for you other than calling the experts. Call the pest control company and ask them to take proper action against the invasion of lizards and frogs. As they cause destruction to property and more than this, they are capable to make you ill by spoiling your food items, you should take the proper action and that too on time. If you are calling the pest control experts then you will get their services in three phases which are mentioned here.

  • Spray effective solutions in some hidden points around your house
  • Set up some repellent granules or repellent sprays
  • Set out lizard traps if lizards are inside the home

These are the effective ways. Call the experts today and go for a permanent solution against the attack of lizards and frogs.

8 Best Pest Control Solution from Your Kitchen – #3 Will Amaze You

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Home remedie sfor pests control

Every pest invasion is irritating — whether it’s the humming sound of bees/flies or the tick-tock sound of the rodents; especially in the middle of the night. All pests are the unwanted guests of our property and sometimes they become the invaders.

We cannot bear the presence of pests and bugs in our surroundings at any cost. It is because they’re more than being dangerous for our property. They are health-hazardous too. There are several ways to get rid of hazardous pests and bugs. One of the ways is chemical pest control in which chemical-based pesticides are used for the elimination of bugs. But pesticides are hazardous to human health too.

So, how to deal with these little monsters? This is a very serious issue and this is why I have come to your rescue with the 8 home remedies for pest control. And believe it they really work. The number 3 would definitely amaze you because I know that you have never thought it might be used as a pest control remedy.

eggs works as a relepent for pest control# 1 Egg Deer Repellent: Egg comes with many benefits. This is a thing that you can easily get at home. Yes, you might have a full egg tray at your kitchen the moment you are reading this article. Well, if you think that how an egg can come to your rescue as a pest repellent then here is the answer. It is a deer repellent. If you find that your beautiful garden has become the target of deer, then try this. Mix a solution of 20% fresh eggs and 80% water in a blender and apply with a spray bottle to your plants and the leaves of your trees.

#2 Dust Mite Oil Repellent: If you want to get rid of mites at yourDust Mite Oil for pest control premises then this oil spray will come to your rescue. All you need to do for this is to add Clove, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Peppermint or Rosemary oil into a spray bottle of water and use it to mist your bed lightly. Mites would not like the scent of these sprays. As soon as they will detest this, they will keep a distance from the place. If there are fleas and lies too at your home then you can mix some lemongrass and basil to the spray. Remember to air dry the spray before use.


mint and garlic spray for pest control#3 Mint and Garlic Insect Spray: You might have heard that garlic work as an insect repellent. Now, this is the time to implement it in your life. For the mint and garlic insect spray you need mint leaves, garlic, dishwashing liquid, and a bit of cayenne pepper. First, blend the garlic and mint in a mixer grinder, and then mix it with dishwashing liquid and pepper. Bring the whole combination to a boil and set the liquid overnight. In the morning, you are ready to attack the insects with this spray. Probably it is the best pest control solution you can use.

#4 Banana and Aluminium Foil: Wondering how this combination would work and for which insect? This is a pest aluminium and banana to save orchids from pestscontrol measure for aphids. Place chopped up banana peel under the soil line around the stems of your plants. As banana will provide nutrients to the plant, as a result, this will deter the aphids. For an additional trick, place the aluminum foil around the base of the plant. The moment sun-rays will hit the foil it will become warm it will reflect at the underside of the soil. But yes, be careful because too much of light can damage your plants.

Borax and sugar to control ants#5 Combination of Borax or Baking Soda and Sugar: This is the homemade remedy for ant control. Wait what, you are saying that ants like sugar, how it will be a repellent. Well, we are telling the mixture of borax and sugar and not sugar merely. Mix the duo and spread it in the line of ants. If you are wondering how to make the solution then all you need is a half cup of sugar, two tablespoon of borax powder and 2 cups warm water. Try using this recipe for homemade ant control solution. This is probably the best ant killer which is already in your kitchen.

Apple cider vineger for pest control#6 Apple Cider Vinegar: What you have thought the apple cider vinegar can do, only weight loss? No, you would be shocked to know that the apple cider vinegar available at your home can become a trap for fruit fly. All you need to do is fill the bottom of the bottle with apple cider vinegar or vinegar and chopped apple pieces. And guess what, you will get rid of that irritating noise forever. Ensure that the bottle has a small neck.

#7 Hot Pepper Spray: You might like the hot and spicy food but thespray made of pepper for pest control pests would not appreciate this choice. If you want to keep them at a bay then the hot pepper spray available at your home can come to your rescue. To make this effective remedy you need 1 gallon of water and 3 tablespoons of hot pepper flakes or 10 peppers chopped up finely. You have to cook them all in a summer heat. Once it is done, set the liquid aside for 24 hours. And, guess what, your pepper spray is ready. If you want to get rid of pests in your garden, this idea will definitely work. You can use detergent soap if you wish with the liquid.

coffee is best for begbugs control# 8 Coffee Grounds: Coffee can refresh your mind and soul, of course, it does. But have you ever thought that it can be used as a pest repellent as well? Well, if you have not thought in that way then here is the fact. Alike you the pests at your home are not coffee lovers, especially ants and bedbugs. You can use the leftover of coffee means the coffee grounds in the pest infested area. You would find the surprising elimination with the grounded beans. If you are looking for home remedies for bed bug control or ant control, then this would be one of effective solutions for you.

I am sure you will find no other better way to fight the unwanted monsters at home like these. These home remedies get pest control would surely come at your rescue to eliminate the pest problem. I really hope I have helped you a lot in understanding the pest behaviour and eliminating them from the surroundings with the home remedies. If you have any questions or queries then you put the same in the comment box below.

8 home remedies for Pset control

9 Common Myths about Bedbugs Debunked

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The attack of pests in any of our surrounding can irritate us to hell. No matter how much cleanliness and hygiene we maintain, the attack of pests can really irritate us. They can grow everywhere. As they are much comfortable with the human environment, they tend to grow faster in the same. There are many different types of pests that are found in human based atmosphere and most commonly in homes.

Ants, rats, rodents, cockroaches, termites, ticks etc. are the common types of pests found at home. But, the list is incomplete .There are several myths about bedbugs. More than the reality people are scared with the myths which are spread about them. We will try to debunk the common myths which are spread about bedbugs. Definitely, knowing these myths would help you to fight with this common pest accordingly.

#1 You Can’t See a Bedbug

bedbugs are visibleReality: Without the magnifying glass you can see an adult bedbug and yes it is possible. Nymphs or the eggs of bedbugs could be seen with or without the magnifying lenses. The size of an adult bedbug is as similar to that of an apple seed.

#2 Bedbugs Only Live in Dirty Place

Reality: As already mentioned above that no matter how much neat and clean your environment is, it can still be attacked by the pests and especially bedbugs. Bedbugs are not attracted with dirt and germs but they are attracted with the warmth of a human body, blood and carbon dioxide. But, if there is more clutter in house then it tends to attract more bedbugs.

#3 Bedbugs can transmit diseases to humans

Reality: This is one of the very common myths which are spread for bedbugs. In any case, they do not transmit any diseases to humans. As per the lab tests and many other researchers conducted on the bedbugs, it has been found that they are not likely to transmit diseases to humans.

#4 Bedbugs will not come out in light

Reality: There is a very common myth related with bedbugs. It is said and believed that bedbugs will not come out if the room is brightly lit. So, no matter if the room is in dark or brightly lit, bedbugs can be active throughout.

#5 only pesticide treatment will eliminate the bedbugs from the surrounding

Reality: A variety of method and constant monitoring is required, if you really want to get rid of bedbugs in your surroundings. It is really one of the toughest tasks to deal with bedbugs and only pesticide won’t help out. However the constant use of pesticide can help in eliminating the problem to a bit, but this is not the proper solution for everything.

#6 If the bedbug infested furniture is thrown out, you can get rid of the pestbedbugs infected furnitures and matress

Reality: People think that if they will throw out the bedbug infested furniture then they can get rid of the pests. Well, this is not the solution because though they are called bedbugs but they will not hide only in beds and furniture. In fact, they will infest the common things nearby. They can even hide in the dark side or even at the crevice in a room. If you really wish to get rid of the bedbug which has infested the furniture then it is required that you should contact a pest control company. They will treat the furniture item and they will eliminate the bedbugs.

#7 Bedbugs will attack everyone

Reality: Sometimes we find that only we got attacked by the bedbugs and no one else in the home. In such a case, we think that it is not bedbug. Well, the reality is that not everyone will have a reaction to bedbug bite. In fact, it is also possible that when two persons are sleeping in bedbug infested bed and one can get hurt with the bites of bedbugs with welts and sores and the another one will not have any reaction at all.

#8 Bedbugs can be killed with cold temperature

Reality: Of course, it is a truth that bedbugs are attracted towards hot and humid temperature but it does not mean that it can be killed with a cold temperature or surrounding. The extreme cold temperature can kill bedbugs only if it is expanded over a period of time.

#9 one can usually feel when bed bug is biting

Reality: In reality you will not feel it when a bed bug is biting you. It is because while biting you and feeding, a bed bug injects saliva that contains an anesthetic (a numbing chemical) and an anti-clotting agent

Myths are spread faster than truth and this is something that happens in the case of bedbugs as well. Prevention is better than cure. When a person is noticing that a particular part of his home or surrounding is being infested by bedbug then calling professionals is required in such a case. It is not anything that you can treat by self.

For treating the bedbug attack the professional control method is required. Only the right amount of pesticides could kill the bedbugs. As they can grow very fast so, as soon as you come to know about their attack you should take corrective measures for the same. It is needed to ensure that you have to take the step at right time. Regular pest control services would keep bedbugs at a bay.

If you are looking for bedbug control services in Delhi NCR and Chennai region then you can get the effective services from Get Pest Control. At the minimal charges you can get rid of bed bugs from your residential and commercial areas. The charges of bed bug control services starts from Rs 1500.


Comprehensive Hiring Guide for Pest Control Service

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Get Pest Control

Hey guys, you will completely agree with me. You don’t like pests at all. Joke apart, no one likes pests, whether it is a home, an office, or a shop. There are different types of pests found in our society. They are very infamous for making huge losses in the world. At the same time, they are carriers of several diseases. For example, mosquitoes are notorious creatures for spreading fever, dengue and malaria. Cockroaches cause to different health risks. Rats may also make huge loss to your properties cutting your favourite book or garment.

And how I can forget to mention the termites. Termites are extremely harmful and known for making significant loss to properties in in the world. Dampwood termites and Drywood termites are most commonly found termites. Termites can make huge losses to your properties especially furniture and wooden structures. I just remember, when I was in a rented house in Mayur Vihar (a locality in New Delhi), termites hollowed completely the wardrobe gate and doors of the bathroom.

Apart from cockroaches, rats and termites, there are several other pests such as yellow jackets, honeybees, fly, lizards, mosquitoes, rodents, bed bugs, lizards, and spiders. I remember, an injury caused by a bee on upon my eyelids. I was suffering from huge pain. The surroundings of my eyes were completely swollen. I took medicine, and I found myself completely relaxed after two days. These are some reasons why people always want to get rid of unwanted pests including bugs and insects.

People often need professional pest control service in order to get rid of pests and insects. And of course, professional pest control service providers can help in eliminating pests and insects from houses, offices, shops, or warehouses. Just you need to hire the right and reliable pest management service provider so that you can indeed get pest control which is the best, and at the best price.

Coming to the main point, I am going to share with you through this article:

  • The advantage of hiring professional pest control service.
  • Why you need for professional pest control

 The advantage of getting pest control service

Not necessarily everyone chooses to get in touch with a pest control management service. This is obviously even though you will discover quite a few problems with recognizing a pest and deciding upon highly effective solutions. A handful of house owners typically think twice or hesitate because the majority of services possess high-priced service fees. In addition you will discover an abundance of pest management companies that are simultaneously out to milk cash from those they serve.

The truth of the matter though is that there are several different professional pest or bug management companies out there. Despite the fact that they might also charge substantial fees, their expert services may be very well worth every cent. Seasoned and qualified company representatives do more than just shove expensive techniques at your face. Additionally they assist recognize your precise pest condition. This really is extremely important to assist figure out the appropriate treatment strategy.

Once a problem is acknowledged, a pest management service shows up with a plan. This plan deals with outlining the measures to a preferred solution, the timeframe of facilitation and ways to minimize furthermore infestations. Legitimate and dependable companies provide you with guarantees just in case a solution is not successful or in the event property is broken during the course of home pest extinction.

A decent company can therefore make pest extermination simple for you. The key element is to discover which service providers are dependable and reliable enough to cope with your problem. The proper primary step you can take is to inquire about recommendations from people who have tried hiring pest experts. As soon as you have a list of companies, analyse on each of them. Question them over to your residence too so you can interview them personally.

You don’t require a poor experience with a bug elimination service. If you get mindful decisions, there is absolutely no chance that you will end up getting an imperfect service provider.

So, why you should hire professional pest control company

Pest infestations can be irritating, dangerous and unhealthy to health. They include rodents, termites, spiders and others. Typically your location can figure out precisely what pest infestations you are a lot more prone to but the points to highlight is that you will need to discover the simplest way of exterminating them before they commence posing difficulties and negative aspects. Despite the fact that the unwanted pests appear to be easy to manage, it can be quite difficult for you to eliminate them totally and successfully. Recurring infestations could be discouraging therefore you might want to hire professional pest control services from a good pest control company like Get Pest Control.

Allow me to share logical reasons why you should think about professional bug control.

Trained and Qualified Pest Control Technicians

This pushes them in a much better position to deal with your type of unwanted insects quickly, conveniently and efficiently. They understand easy methods to seal all loopholes and will therefore not merely help you manage the current threat but also maintain long term infestations at bay.

Specialized Pest Control & Treatment Plans

The qualified professionals start by analysing the circumstance at hand and give you solutions that are specific to the needs you have. The treatment plan will be precise to the pest type, the size of the property and level of infestation hence you know that the extermination procedure will give the satisfactory results to suit your needs.

Assistance in Keeping Hazards and Threats at Bay

This is extremely important taking into consideration that some pest control management products can be hazardous even to your family and the atmosphere. A lot of companies are taking advantage of natural and organic pest control products that are protected to make use of around your residence without posing any potential risks. They understand which products are best and effective in fighting your infestation. You no longer need to bother about hazardous chemical exposure and intake by domestic pets and children.

Time Flexibility You Will Have

Because the technicians use harmless products and solutions that are most suitable, you will see positive results within a short time period. They will additionally get started on your project whenever you need their services and accomplish an assessment and project quotation fast so you can take pleasure in huge improvements soonest. Majority of the techniques and products don’t even require you to leave your house and so you can easily have the treatment performed at any given time.

Significant Assistance in Cutting Costs

This is taking into consideration that certain unwanted pests such as termites could be very detrimental, requiring expensive repairs and replacement within your property. With effective services of pest elimination technicians, you can be guaranteed to curtail the pest infestations before they cause risks to your house and health as well. You will also be saved from situations where you spend money on handle products that don’t work as essentially because the industry experts know what performs on what type of pest taking pricey learning from mistakes off your shoulders.

Protection against Pest Risks

Certain pesky insects can be unhealthy and need specific treating to keep hazards at bay. As an illustration, utilizing inappropriate removal of killer bees can be hugely risky. With their training, the exterminators know precisely how to cope with the pesky insects and deal with nests safely and effectively.

I think you have now clear ideas about why you should hire professional pest control service provider and expert pest control technicians. Get Pest Control is the best online platform where you can hire the professional pest control services at very affordable and genuine rates.

Get Pest Control at Affordable Rates and Costs

If you have made your mind now to hire professional pest control services then you can hire the same at at very genuine rates. Here you can hire different types of pest control management services. You can choose the right one as per your pest infestation type. Another question in your mind can be — what are the pest control charges? How many rupees you may have to pay your pest control service provider?

Well, don’t worry at all. Get Pest Control will give you the best rates upon hiring professional pest control service. You will get free home inspection. Expert technicians will visit you home to inspect the infestation, and then they will give you the final quote. Here I am going to share you the rate chart / rate list of get pest control. Pest control charges in Delhi NCR and Chennai are starting at Rs 799 only. It means you can hire general pest control services at Rs 799 only. The price may increase or differ as per the type of pest infestation and size of the property infected. In case of, termite infestation you may have to pay high charges than of general pest control. Termite control charges are calculated on Rs 3 to Rs 5 per square meter depending upon the condition of the infestation.

hiring guide for pest control

Things to Do to Control Pests In and Around Your Home

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Residential Services

Almost every home runs with the problems of household pests. Some creates great loss to property like termites can damage your wooden furniture, other can be just nuisance while there are some that can be really dangerous for your health as they can sting and cause diseases. This can really be harmful for your family, pets and environment too. Hence, it is very important to get rid of such pests as soon as possible.

People use different techniques to get rid of harmful pests. Some use household pesticides and some get pest control services from professionals. This is in fact, one of the best ways to get rid of the bugs, termites or rodents from your home or commercial places. By paying few bucks to the pest control service provider you can get rid of every type of pests from your place. You will get such pest control service provider anywhere in your locality or you can just search them on Internet. They use pesticides the chemical designed to kill the pests and insecticides for the insects. Apart from this they also use other chemicals and herbal products that are harmful for the pests and harmless for your health and environment. With this you can easily get rid of the harmful and nuisance pests.

While this is an easiest way to get rid of the pests from your home there are many other ways too to control pests in and around your home. These are as follows:

Clean Your Kitchen: Your kitchen is the place where insects and pests attack first. This place can be a treasure chest for the ants and other insects as they can find multiple things in your kitchen. A pile of crumbs on your kitchen shelves or on the floor can be an invitation for the pests. So, you should always take care of these things that whether or not your kitchen is clean and everything is placed on its place. Wipe your counters, sweep your floors and put food away immediately.

Block Their Entries to Your Home: One of the best way to get rid of the pests is not having them. Just block their entries to your home. Go and check each and every room or place of your home that gives a chance to the pests to take entry in your home. Just make it difficult for the pests to find even an entry at your home. Check the doors, windows, or any other holes that can be an entry gate for the rodents, cockroaches, mice or lizards. If you find something to be get repaired to close the entry for the pests then, do it immediately and block their entry to your home.

Take Out the Trash Regularly: The trash that you might have stored in your home since two or more days can invite that nuisance and harmful insects and pests in your home. That’s why it is important to clear or take out the trash regularly. Don’t wait until the dust bin gets full, in fact, clear the trash everyday. This will at least keep you safe from the danger mosquitoes and the other types of the insects like flies, rodents, ants and many others.

Use Household Pesticides: There are different types of household pesticides are available in the market. You can buy a household pesticide from a supermarket and use it to get rid of different types of pests. The pesticides are designed for specific type of insects or pests therefore, buy or select the pesticides that are specifically designed for the type of the pests you want to treat.

Get Rid of Standing Water: Getting rid of standing or still water is one of the best ways to control mosquitoes. Still water is a big fat invitation to the mosquitoes to start their families. It is also very easy to miss still water so, regularly check your property like rain spouts, check your air-conditioning unit, etc.

Maintain Your Yard: The yards can be the best place for the pests and their nests. They can easily hide under the bushes or grass. So, regularly trim the bushes, trees and grasses and clean the leaves.

These are the ways through which you can control pests in and around your home. Always remember that cleanliness is very important for good health and also it keeps the pests and insects away from your place. So, keep your home clean and clear to get rid of pests and insects. If you don’t have that much time then, you can simply spend on pests control services in Delhi to get rid of every types of pests or insects. These pest control service providers can help you getting rid of insects using pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides and other herbal products.

Things to do to control pest infographs