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How to Get Rid of Ants from Home Naturally with Home Remedies


Are you wondering how to get rid of ants from your home naturally? Are you looking for methods that actually work and help you eliminate and repel ants? If yes, try these easy-to-use home remedies to keep ants at bay and eliminate their infestation effectively.

Ants are common household pests in India. They can invade your home for favorable conditions like food, water, and temperature, and in search of a safe place to dwell. Most ants are harmless and not known for transmitting harmful pathogens and spreading diseases. However, some ants like carpenter ants can damage your furniture. Fire ants, field ants, harvester ants, and some other ant varieties can bite or sting people, inducing irritation and itchy feelings on the skin.

Remember that ants are social insects. If one enters your home, others will also enter soon. If you have noticed the signs of ant infestations, you must be in action to get rid of them as soon as possible because sharing a home with ants can be frustrating.

We understand that dealing with ants in your home can be frustrating. It can be difficult to get rid of them. This is why homeowners prefer to hire professional pest control services. Professionals use harsh chemicals in the treatment that can also have adverse effects on your health. For this reason, some people do not prefer professional ant control services. Also, hiring professional services can be expensive.

If you do not like the chemical approach in treatment, you must be happy to know that some common household products may help you eliminate and repel ants. Baking soda, coffee grounds, borax, vinegar, and essential oils are a few of them. Keep reading to learn how you can get rid of ants and eliminate infestation naturally using home remedies.

21 Safe and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

We have curated some of the best ways to eliminate and repel ants naturally using home remedies. You will find most ingredients in your home or at a local store.

1. Coffee Grounds


Coffee grounds are brilliant household ant repellent. No matter how much you like the taste and aroma of coffee. Ants just dislike the strong aroma. This can be a good reason for them to leave your house. If you are wondering how to use coffee grounds to get rid of ants in your home, sprinkle the freshly brewed coffee grounds around entry points and infected areas. The aroma will deter the ants and force them to leave your place. Remember that the potency of coffee grounds may decrease as they dry. Hence, repeat the method several times.

2. White Vinegar


If you are looking for a cheap and effective way to eliminate and repel ants, try white vinegar. Although it is a natural cleaning agent, it also produces a smell that ants do not like at all. The smell of vinegar not only repels ants but also kills them. If you are curious to know how to use white vinegar to get rid of ants in your home, take the following steps.

Prepare a solution with an equal quantity of water and white vinegar and use it to clean hard surfaces like floors and countertops. You can also spray the solution anywhere you spot ants. Also, spray it around entry points and infected areas. If you have a severe ant infestation in your home, spray 100% white vinegar on infested areas and entry points to repel and kill them permanently.

Adding a few dashes of vinegar to your daily cleaning solution can also help you keep ants away from your home. This will also disinfect and sanitize your place. So, leverage the power of white vinegar and make your place safe for living.

3. Peppermint Oil


Peppermint oil is one of the best home remedies and natural deterrents for many pests like ants, flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. You can leverage its powerful pest repellent properties to get rid of ants and other pests in your home. You can also use this essential oil to prevent ants and other insects from entering your home.  If you have already an infestation in your home, try these ways.

Add a few drops of the peppermint oil onto cotton pads and strategically place them around the affected areas. Another way is to spray the mix of water and peppermint oil around affected areas. To prepare the spray solution, add 10 to 20 drops of peppermint oil to 2 cups of water. Then, spray the water-based solution of peppermint oil around entry points and affected areas like trash bins, windows, and balconies. The strong scent of the essential oil will force ants to come out and leave your place.

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4. Cinnamon Leaf Oil


Cinnamon leaf oil is an important essential oil. It is known for having antibacterial, antifungal, antidiabetic, and antioxidant properties. But did you know that cinnamon leaf oil is also an effective ant-repellent? If you are looking for a natural home remedy to get rid of ants from your home, you can try this method.

The cinnamon leaf oil contains trans-cinnamaldehyde which is effective at killing and getting rid of ants. Simply, add a few drops of cinnamon leaf essential oil to some cotton balls and place them around the affected areas. For the best result and to stop returning ants, replace the cotton balls saturated with cinnamon leaf oil weekly.

5. Cinnamon Sticks or Powder


If you do not have cinnamon leaf essential oil in your home, do not worry. Cinnamon is one of the most common spices used in most Indian households. Thus, you may find cinnamon sticks in your kitchen itself. To use this natural ant repellent, place the whole sticks of cinnamon at potential ant entry points. Consider placing it on doors, floors, flower pots, windows, and small cracks. For increased effectiveness, sprinkle cinnamon powder or ground around the infested areas or wherever ants roam.

6. Cayenne Pepper Powder


You may not have cinnamon in your home if you do not its taste and smell. No worries. You do not need to go to the market and purchase cinnamon sticks or cinnamon leaf essential oil. The cayenne pepper is another natural ant deterrent that you may have in your kitchen. Leverage its properties to deter ants and other pests. Sprinkle the powder around the problem areas like the home entrance, windows, trash bin, sink, cracks and crevices, and behind the appliances. Alternatively, you can prepare your own homemade cost-effective ant-repellent spray by mixing cayenne pepper powder with water. Spray the solution around and over the affected areas to get rid of ants from your home naturally and effectively.

7. Black Pepper Powder


As an alternative to cayenne pepper powder, you can also use black pepper powder to get rid of ants from your home. Simply sprinkle the powder or spray the water-based black pepper solution around and over the problem areas. It will have a similar effect as cayenne pepper on ants and help you eliminate and repel ants from your home.

8. Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is an effective natural ant repellent. It has a strong smell that ants cannot tolerate. To use this method, mix 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil with two cups of water. Fill the diluted solution in a clean spray bottle. Then, spray the solution around the affected areas and entry points. Alternatively, you can also place saturated cotton balls with tea tree oil around the entry points and affected areas.

9. Neem Oil


Neem oil is an essential oil that works as a powerful insecticide. You can use this powerful natural home remedy to get rid of ants and other insects. This works wonders and helps repel ants and prevents their reproduction. To use neem oil to get rid of ants naturally from your home, dilute it with water and spray the solution on affected areas. You can also purchase neem oil spray from the market, specially prepared for effective pest repellent.

10. Lemon Eucalyptus Oil


Lemon eucalyptus oil is derived from the lemon eucalyptus tree leaves. It serves as a natural repellent for ants, mosquitoes, ants, and other insects. To use this natural oil as an ant repellent, saturate cotton balls with the undiluted lemon eucalyptus oil. Place the cotton balls around the affected areas and entry points such as the home entrance, windows, and behind the appliances. Do not forget to replace them weekly with freshly saturated cotton balls.

11. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (OLE)


Do not confuse the oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) with lemon eucalyptus oil because of the similar name. The OLE is different from lemon eucalyptus oil. It comes from the gum eucalyptus tree and is more effective in eliminating and repelling ants, mosquitoes, and other insects. The PMD (p- Menthane-3,8-diol) present in OLE provides highly effective mosquito protection and can also help you get rid of ants from your home effectively. You can use oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) similarly to using lemon eucalyptus oil.

12. Peels of Citrus Fruits


You may like or not like the smell of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. But, ants do not like the strong citrus smell at all. They just hate the smell. If you are looking for an excellent natural ant repellent, you can try this method. Simply, scatter the peels of citrus fruits around the entry points and affected areas. This will deter the ants without causing them any harm. Some sources say that acidic oil called D-limonene present in citrus peels also kills ants if they come into direct contact.

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13. Salt


Salt is the most common ingredient in every kitchen anywhere in the world. This common ingredient works wonders when it comes to eliminating and repelling ants from home. Using salt is a cost-effective method to get rid of ants in your home. You must have salt in your home kitchen. Simply, sprinkle it near the nooks and corners of your home to keep ants at bay. You can also spray salt water solution over the ant infestation. This will kill the ants by dehydrating them.

14. Cloves


Ants are not a fan of cloves as they don’t like the smell. If you are wondering how to use cloves to get rid of ants in your home, mix two tablespoons of cloves in a bottle of hot water. You can also crush the cloves and prepare a solution with water. Spray the solution on infested areas and around the entry points. By using this method, you can deter and repel naturally without harming them. You can also use diluted clove oil to spray and keep ants at bay.

15. Boiling Water


This is the most economical home remedy to get rid of ants from your home. The method of using boiling water to get rid of ants is also simple. Simply pour boiling water into the holes of ants in and around your home. This method will not take longer time. It will work effectively and immediately. Remember the fact that the use of boiling water in ant elimination will not destroy the entire colony. This effectively works only where you pour the water. If you want to destroy the whole colony of ants, make sure you find the all holes and spots of ants.

16. Baking Soda


Baking soda is an effective home remedy if you want to get rid of cockroaches from your home. But did you know, it also works to eliminate ants and other pests effectively? The baking soda has a similar effect as salt treatment for getting rid of ants. It is just another natural ant-repellent. By using this definitive home remedy for ant removal, you can control the multiplication of these tiny creatures. For effective use of baking soda, add powdered sugar to it. Thereafter, sprinkle the mixture on the affected areas.

Alternatively, you can mix it with water and prepare a liquid solution of baking soda and sugar. Spray the liquid solution all over the floor, kitchen countertop, and other areas where you have seen ants. Also, fill the ant holes with this solution for better and quicker results. This works as an ant bait. The sweet scent of the sugar will attract the ants and baking soda will kill them.  

17. Borax (Sodium Tetraborate)


Another popular and effective ant-bait is using borax (sodium tetraborate). It is a powdery white substance that you can purchase from chemists. Borax is an excellent insect repellent and can help you effectively get rid of ants in your home. Cleaning and mopping floors in the home can also help you keep ants at bay. If you are in a hurry and want quick elimination of ant infestation from your home, you must make proper use of it.

To use the borax as an ant bait, first prepare a solution of borax and sugar with water. Include 1/2 teaspoon of borax powder, 8 teaspoon sugar, and 1 cup of hot water. Wait until the sugar and borax are completely dissolved in the water. Thereafter, saturate cotton balls with the prepared solutions and place them around the entry points and problem areas.

The sugar content in the solution will lure ants and borax will keep them. Borax can be harmful to mankind and pets. So, keep borax or its solution away from children and pets.

18. Boric Acid


Many people get confused with borax and boric acid. Both have similar compounds and properties but are not the same. It is an excellent insect killer and can help you get rid of ants from your home permanently. If you are tired of using herbal products like orange peels and essential oils to eliminate and repel ants, go Boric Acid method. Actually, it is a bait method that attracts ants and kills them.

To use this method, make a paste of boric acid powder and sugar taking both ingredients in the same quantity. Instead of sugar, you can also use other sweet foods like peanut butter, honey, jelly, syrup, etc. Apply this paste near the infested areas. The sweet scent of the paste will lure ants to come out from the infestation spot. Ants will start feeding the paste but they will eventually die because of the boric acid presence.

Alternatively, you can use a water-based solution of boric acid and spray the solution around entry points and problem areas to eliminate and kill ants effectively.

19. Talcum Powder


Talcum powder is an excellent natural ant repellent. It will not only deter the ants but also kill them. If you want to repel ants from your home, simply sprinkle the line around the problem area. Because of the strong scent of the talcum powder, ants will escape. If you want to destroy the ant infestation and kill ants, directly sprinkle on the top of the infestation or live ants. The ants will start being suffocated and eventually die.

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20. Diatomaceous Earth (Silicon Dioxide)


Diatomaceous earth is made of silica and comes in powder form. Sprinkling this powder is an effective way to get rid of ants and kill them. When you sprinkle diatomaceous earth powder on the ant infestation, the silica comes into contact with ants. The silica absorbs the oil from the ants and lets them die. So, whenever you notice an infestation in your home, try this method. Sprinkle the silica powder on the infested areas to get rid of ants from your home permanently. Remember that diatomaceous earth can be an irritant for humans. So, use it carefully and avoid breathing it in and getting it on your skin. You can also use diatomaceous earth to get rid of bed bugs from your home permanently.

21. Glass Cleaner and Liquid Detergent


Glass cleaner is an easy, natural insect repellent. It not only cleans your home but also deters ants and removes the bad odor caused by the ant trail. To eliminate and repel ants from your home, grab a glass cleaner spray bottle and spray over the trails of ants and infested areas. You can mix glass cleaner with liquid detergents and handwash.

How to Prevent Ants from Entering Your Home

There are certain methods that can help you prevent ants from entering your home. Some of them are as follows:

1. Cut Off Sources of Food


One of the main reasons behind ants entering your home can be the food. Sweet and starchy foods like sugar, biscuits, sweets, honey, cornmeal, and fruits can attract ants to your home. Once, they enter your home, it will be difficult to get rid of them. So, make sure that there are no open food sources are readily available for them. Remove scattered food and wipe down the surface as soon as possible after the use. Keep your food in tightly sealed containers. Wash your dishes immediately after the use. If you take these precautions, you are not likely to see ants entering your home. And, you will not have to look for ways to get rid of ants.

2. Keep Pet Food Away


Some species of ants also love pet food. Usually, they love feeding on greasy, protein-rich food. Hence, your pet food can attract ants and make your place infested. If you do not want ants to come to your home just because of your pet’s food, remove the bowls as soon as possible after feeding your pet. Clean the bowls soon to eliminate the chances of ant presence. Additionally, do not leave pet food in an open place, and keep them sealed in containers.

3. Seal Entry Points and Holes in the Wall


Take your time to figure out the entry points of ants. Check out the gaps, cracks, and crevices in your walls. Fill any holes you find with filler supplies like white cement. You can also treat the gaps and cracks with ant repellent to secure your home from ant infestation. If you take these preventive measures, you will be less likely to see ants entering your home. Plus, you will not have to take the stress of using any sort of method to get rid of ants from your home.

4. Address Moisture Issue


You must fix the moisture issue in your home, especially moisture-wood. Carpenter ants, moisture ants, and termites may enter your home because of this issue. So, check out your entire home and make sure there is no moisture issue. Check the bathroom doors and windows as they are more prone to get affected by moisture. By addressing moisture issues in your home, you can effectively limit the ant and termite issues as well.

5. Check Your Houseplants


Some species of ants make their colonies in the soil surrounding your houseplants and underneath the soil due to moisture. So, check your houseplants regularly to know if there are ants. Discard any plants immediately if they are infested with ants. Place the peels of citrus fruits or sprinkle powder of cinnamon on the soil to deter ants from coming there.

6. Clean Your Kitchen Regularly


Regular home cleaning is one of the most effective ways to keep ants and other pests at bay. If you do not want ants in your home, it is best to use diluted vinegar to wipe and mop your home floors. This will make your home not only spotless but also deter the ants and other pests like cockroaches and lizards. Since the kitchen can be the most affected area by ant infestation because of food sources, pay special attention to it. Clean hard surfaces like floors and countertops using the appropriate cleaning solution. Maintain proper cleaning and hygiene there to live healthy and deter pests like ants and cockroaches.

What If Nothing Works

These home remedies are usually effective in eliminating and repelling ants from home. However, some remedies may not work as effectively as you are expecting. Some DIY ant control methods may only work with deterring ants in another detection instead of killing them. If you have tried these home remedies to get rid of ants from your home and nothing works for you, try using chemical repellents and commercial bait traits. If the infestation is severe and you find it difficult to get rid of ants permanently, call a professional exterminator and leverage professional ant control services. You can book the best pest control company to get rid of ants from your home via Get Pest Control. Professionals are professionals for good reasons and they can effectively help you get rid of ants permanently from your home by using the appropriate treatment method.

How to Get Rid of Ants from Home Naturally with Home Remedies
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