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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home Permanently and Naturally


Are you looking for some proven tips on how to get rid of bed bugs permanently at home? If so, your search ends here. Keep reading this blog post and learn the best tips on how to get rid of bed bugs permanently at your home.

Bed bugs are tinny blood-sucking insects that can interrupt your sleep and leave itchy bites. Living with such small insects in your home can be a stressful experience. If you do not treat bed bug infestation on time, the issue can turn into a nightmare. So, what should you do to get rid of bed bugs at home? The first thing that you should do is you must not panic about the situation. The good news is that there are certain methods and proven techniques that can help you get rid of bed bugs permanently and naturally from your home. All you need to take a strategic approach and use the best methods for the permanent elimination of bed bugs from your home.

In this blog post, we will share you with some proven tips for getting rid of bed bugs and preventing them from returning to your home. We will cover all popular methods for the effective removal of bed bug infestation. Just keep in mind that with a little effort, determination, and a strategic approach, you can definitely get rid of bed bugs and ensure a peaceful sleep again.

Home Remedies for Bed Bug Elimination

Here are some tips on how to get rid of bed bugs using home remedies. We have curated these home remedies for bed bug elimination through authentic online resources.

1. Vacuuming for Bed Bug Elimination


Vacuuming is one of the most effective DIY methods for bed bug removal. This can be the best method if you are looking for some proven tips on how to get rid of bugs in bed. By vacuuming your beds and mattresses, you will be able to not only remove adult bed bugs but also nymphs and eggs. If you have noticed these tiny blood-sucking bugs in your bed or mattress, vacuum it thoroughly. Give high priority to the bug hotspots such as underneath furniture and cracks and crevices on furniture and walls. Be sure to empty the vacuuming machine in an outside trash can.

2. Steam Cleaning for Bug Removal


There can be some places in your home where you cannot reach for vacuuming. In this case, steam cleaning can be a good method for bed bug elimination. You will be surprised to know that fact that some professional pest control companies also use steam cleaning methods in the removal of bed bug infestation. Do steam cleaning of bed sheets, mattresses, pillow covers, curtains, cracks, crevices, and other parts of furniture and surrounding area. The heat will eventually kill the bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs because bed bugs cannot tolerate temperatures exceeding 140 degrees Fahrenheit. While using the steam cleaner, follow the user manual carefully for instructions on how to use it. Improper use of steam cleaning can damage your bed and furniture.

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3. Wash Bedding in Hot Water


Another home remedy and effective method to get rid of bed bugs at home is washing all your clothes and bedding. Use hot water in the washing process so that bugs can die because of the intolerable heat. You can use a combination of hot water and dryer heat for the best result. Another way is to transfer all your clothes and bedding into the washing machine. Set the temperature to 140°F and wash clothes and bedding for at least 90 minutes for the best result.

4. Use Diatomaceous Earth to Exterminate Bugs


The use of diatomaceous earth can work wonders against the effective elimination of all types of pests including bed bugs and fleas. To get rid of bed bugs effectively from your home, sprinkle the finely powdered diatomaceous earth on the bed frames and furniture. Also, sprinkle this miracle powder over the floor and in cracks and crevices. The bed bugs will die because of dehydration. Do not use this powder on your mattress as it can have an adverse effect on your lungs if you inhale it unfortunately. Also, remember the application of diatomaceous earth powder will not show the result as quickly as you are thinking of. It can take up to 10 days to work. So, have patience.

5. Use Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl)


The use of rubbing alcohol is also a popular method and home remedy used to get rid of bed bugs from home. The best way to leverage this method is to fill the rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and sprinkle the solution on infested areas like bedframes and furniture. The contact of isopropyl alcohol will kill the bed bugs and make your place safe.

6. Baking Soda for Bed Bug Removal


You may have used baking soda to absorb moisture from the refrigerator. But did you know that it can also absorb moisture from the bodies of bed bugs? The sprinkle of this white powder on infested areas will dehydrate bed bugs and eventually kill them. If you are looking for some tips on how to get rid of bed bugs from mattress, you can try this method. Sprinkle the powder under the mattress and the area around your bed. It won’t work in a single application. Repeat the use of baking soda after vacuuming your bed and mattress thoroughly. Remember that there is no scientific evidence to show that baking soda can actually absorb moisture from the bodies of bed bugs. However, there is no harm in using it.

7. Silica Gel is Also Effective


You may have seen little packets in your shoe boxes. Have you ever thought about what they are? These packets contain silica gel that removes odors from the shoes and also keeps them moisture-free. Surprisingly, silica gel also kills insects and pathogens. Thus, you can also use silica gel to get rid of bed bugs at home from your beds and mattresses. Firstly, grind the silica gel and make it powder. Sprinkle the powder over the affected areas. Do not use this method, if you have kids or pets at your home because the direct inhalation of silica gel can be harmful. As a safe substitute, you can use baking soda powder which has a similar effect.

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8. Use Hair Dryer to Kill Bed Bugs


This is not a permanent solution for bed bug elimination from home. However, you can use your hair dryer for a short relief from bed bug bites. If you are not able to sleep because of bugs in your bed, take your hair dryer and blow over the bed thoroughly for a few minutes. Because of heat, bed bugs may die or hide in their safe places. This can eventually let you sleep without worrying about the bites.

9. Mattress Encasement for Bed Bug Prevention


Mattress encasement is an effective way to get rid of bed bugs from mattresses. Use the appropriate encasement to cover the entire mattress and seal it. The bed bugs inside the mattress will be trapped and cannot escape or feed. Eventually, they will die. By using this method, you can control any existing bed bug infestation. The use of mattress encasement can also prevent a bed bug infestation from starting as bugs will not find any hiding spots inside the mattresses.

10. Vinegar for Bed Bug Removal


Vinegar is an effective home remedy for bed bug removal from home. It contains chemical components that can effectively destroy the nervous system of bed bugs and eventually kill them. How to apply vinegar to get rid of bed bugs; understand this. Take white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on all the edges and corners of your mattress. You can also directly spray on the bed bugs. The application will stop the bed bugs’ ability to crawl and flee. This may not permanently remove the infestation but reduces it for sure. Remember that vinegar may not harm adult bed bugs and their eggs. Vinegar is also effective in getting rid of termites, cockroaches, ants, lizards, and other pests and bugs.

Natural Remedies for Bed Bug Removal

If you are looking for some tips on how to get rid of bed bugs naturally at naturally, this section covers all popular methods. We have curated some natural remedies for bed bug elimination from authentic online resources. Remember that natural remedies may not work as effectively as professional bed bug pest control.  Please refer to the following tips if you want to get rid of bed bugs naturally.

11. Peppermint Leaves for Bed Bug Elimination


The strong scent of peppermint leaves is known for repelling various kinds of pests, including bed bugs. So, you can use peppermint leaves to get rid of bed bugs at home. Place dried leaves around the bed and other infested areas. The strong fragrance will repel the bugs and discourage them from settling in. For the best result, replace the peppermint leaves every week. This will maintain the effectiveness of the scent and keep your place safe from the infestation.

12. Neem Oil to Get Rid of Pests


Neem oil acts as an effective natural insecticide. It can significantly help you get rid of bed bugs at home naturally. The application or spray of neem oil on the affected area will repel bed bugs by disrupting their hormonal balance.  This will also discourage them from returning to the treated area. You can also use neem oil to get rid of ants, cockroaches, and other pests.

13. Tea Bags to Get Rid of Pests and Bugs


The tannic acid present in tea is a natural deterrent for bed bugs. You can also try this method if you are looking for a cost-effective method to get rid of bed bugs from your home. You won’t have to use fresh tea bags. Rather use used tea bags and place them in the infested areas, such as mattress seams and cracks and crevices in furniture or bed frame.

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14. Lavender Essential Oil to Get Rid of Pests


Most individuals find the scent of lavender quite pleasant. But the smell is not equally pleasant for bed bugs. The strong smell of lavender makes bed bugs feel unwell and can even kill them. You can leverage the effectiveness of lavender in bed bug removal in several ways such as using lavender soap and spraying lavender essential oil or spreading lavender leaves on affected areas.

15. Lemongrass Essential Oil for Bed Bug Treatment


You may like the smell of lemongrass but bed bugs do not like it at all. The strong smell of lemongrass not only repels the bugs but also kills them. You can either use a fresh bunch of lemongrass or lemongrass essential oil to get rid of bed bugs from your home.

16. Cayenne Pepper Bed Bug Treatment


Cayenne pepper is known for its natural heat-giving properties. Because of this reason, the use of cayenne pepper can be an effective way to eliminate bed bugs from home. You can increase the effectiveness by combining ginger and oregano with cayenne pepper. The application will not only repel the bud bugs but also kill them within seconds of contact.

17. Lemon Juice Bed Bug Elimination Method


Who does not like lemon juice? After all, there are several health benefits of having lemon juice. But lemon juice is not a favorite drink for bed bugs at all. The citrus smell of lemon repels the bed bugs from coming and also kills them if they come into direct contact with the application. For effective elimination of bed bug removal using the power of citrus smell, spray the lemon juice over the affected area.

18. Cinnamon to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


The use of cinnamon will not help you get rid of bed bugs permanently from your home. But still, it works as an effective repellent for bed bugs. Bedbugs cannot tolerate the strong cinnamon smell and can stay away from your place. So, place cinnamon sticks or sprinkle cinnamon powder on the affected area to keep bed bugs at bay.

19. Tea Tree 0il to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


The use of fresh-smelling tea tree essential oil is an effective and safe method to get rid of bed bugs naturally at home. Take the diluted tea tree essential oil into a spray bottle and spray over the affected places like underneath the bedframes and furniture including cracks and crevices. When the bed bugs come into contact with the treated areas, they will not tolerate the smell and feel uncomfortable. They can eventually die. If you want faster results with the treatment, use undiluted tea tree oil. But also remember that some people are sensitive to the strong smell of tea tree oil. So, use it wisely.

20. Also Try Bean Leaves


The bean leaves with microscopic hairs can easily trap several kinds of insects. Also, they can pierce the limbs of pests. Leverage these properties of bean leaves if you are looking for a temporary solution to get rid of bed bugs from your home. Place a generous amount of bean leaves on the affected area and watch how effectively bed bugs are trapped.

Summing Up: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

We have curated these home remedies and natural methods to get rid of bed bugs at home via authentic online resources. These methods are safe ways to eliminate infestations and must not harm you. However, you should take precautions while using some methods to keep yourself unharmed and safe. Also, some methods may not work as effectively as you are looking for. So, you should try other alternative methods. But if you looking for a permanent solution for bed bug removal, you should contact one of the reputable bed bug pest control companies via Get Pest Control. A good pest control company can help you get rid of bed bugs permanently at your home by using the best professional method. They may use chemical as well as herbal treatment to remove the bed bug infestation from your home.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home Permanently and Naturally
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