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Guaranteed Ways to Get Rid of Rats and Mice

Having a rat party at your place? All those scurrying and squeaking can give you sleepless nights. The musky strange smell all over the place. Gnawed books and carpets are just the beginning.

These unconventional guests are like mini hurricanes, leaving everything messed up in their wake. They just don’t make things ugly but also carry germs and bacteria to your house.

Things won’t get right until they are shown the way outside. For that you can adapt traditional, natural home remedies or call for professional help. In any case, you need to treat them and treat them fast.

There are some natural ways for pest control. This is not only reliable, but also nature friendly and cost-effective. You could use some of the things available in the kitchen to terrify rats. These are easily available and some of them leave your house smelling nice.

Tips for Getting Rid of Rats and Rodents


Syzygium aromaticum or popularly known as clove trees are used widely in confections and cosmetics. The clove oil, extracted from the flower buds is one of the best natural way known for pest control and weeds.

Rats are important to maintain ecosystem balance but once it starts becoming a nuisance its best to send them away without hurting them.

To keep rats and rodents at bay, all one has to do is pour a few drops of oil in the rat holes. If you don’t have oil then you can simply take a handful of dried clove leaves, crush them and place it inside the holes. They are said to create a numbing sensation in rats hence, scaring them away.

Clove is a natural method so, it is not toxic at all. It breaks down in the soil quickly and doesn’t harm plants. Therefore, it is safe for organic agriculture and is used for its insecticidal, herbicidal, and fungicidal properties.

Being an essential oil, makes it the best product for pest infestation. If you are purchasing clove oil then make sure it safe to use it orally. Just place a tablespoon full of cloves in a muslin cloth and leave it near rat holes. You will see the trick work.


Known for being a practical yet powerful repellent on rodents, rats, and mole, ammonia is used by many farmers and property owners. Having sensitive smelling glands, they simply can’t stand the pungent smell and leave the place.

Prepare a mixture of water and ammonia with one-fourth of water, 2 cups of regular ammonia and 2 teaspoons of detergent. This liquid then needs to be placed near the place where the rats visit frequently. You can also use ammonia to clean the area.

If you are not comfortable with using ammonia you can ask a pest control service provider to help you get rid of the rat infestation. If you are looking for a natural alternative then you could bring cow dung balls or urea to treat rat infestation.


Garlic, liked by some while detested by others. The same goes for the rodents and rats. To drive the unwanted guests away you can prepare anti-mice concoction and use it as a spray.

These sprays are available at stores with atomizing sprayer. The spray available in the shop has other effective ingredients such as potassium soap, eucalyptus oil or pyrethrum. If you don’t get one, you can simply DIY. It is cheaper and quite effective.

  • First, you need to crush 4-5 cloves of garlic.
  • In it, add 5 drops of detergent liquid, preferably organic that breaks down easily in soil and one quarter of water.
  • Strain it through a muslin cloth twice. This prevents the nozzle of the spray from getting clogged.
  • Once this concoction is prepared, dilute it with more water and use the spray bottle to use it on plants and the affected area.

You need to use this spray immediately as they lose the effectiveness quite soon. If you love your small garden and don’t want it destroyed by the rats, you can use it to shoo them away.

Chilli flakes

Another inexpensive method to say bye-bye to the rats in your house with hot chili flakes. Simply spreading the flakes won’t do any miracle.

You need to prepare a concoction that can be used easily and effectively.

  • Blend peppers and pepper flakes and add 2 gallons of water.
  • Separately, boil water in a large container and pour it over the pepper mixture.
  • Close it and leave it aside to sit for 24-hours.
  • Once the period is over, strain the pepper bits out using a cheese cloth.
  • Voila! Your spray is ready.
  • Once the spray is ready, you can pour it along the perimeter after running a patch test. This may leave stain on the wall or floor boards.

They could give you severe burning sensation. Also, keep away from your kids and pets. This could be lethal for them.

Cocoa powder

If rodent infestation is getting out of hand and want something that not only takes them out of the house but also is deadly for them.

Cocoa powder is said to dehydrate then suffocate rats and rodents. Mix cocoa with the dry POP and spread it in the areas where rats are creating nuisance.

You can also mix baking soda and cocoa powder to attract the rodents and mice.


Yes, you read it right. Potatoes can be effective in treating pest infestation. You can sprinkle the instant potatoes powder wherever you find necessary.

These flakes are deadly for rats as they swell up in the intestine of the rats. Keep these away from the pets and kids as it could have same effect on them.

Peppermint oil

Its’ clear that rats have aversion to strong smell. Peppermint is one such smell that can force the rats, and rodents to leave. Just dab cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them in entry points, nooks, and corners.

You can also place them in the garden where they have their holes. This should be repeated twice every week. This will not only get your house rid of rats but also keep your house smelling fresh.

Preventive measures to keep rat infestation at bay

Other than using above mentioned natural methods, you can also use traps, baits, or chemical repellents to get rid of rats. There are many lethal and nonlethal products available to send the rats away.

Whichever way you get them out still, you must take some preventive measures so that, they don’t come back into the house.

Look for warning signs

Once rats enter your house, first thing you will discover is the dirty smell associated with them. Then come droppings, scurrying sound among others.

With the first of signs you must prepare to send them away or these could develop into gnawing of the goods and leaving burrows in the carpets. You may also find dead rats in hidden places occasionally.

Update home maintenance

Treatment and prevention go hand in hand. Home repair should take place time to time. Sealing off all the exterior as well as interior floorings and walls is one way of preventing the rats from getting inside your house.

Repair all cracks and leaking pipes which can lessen the threat of rats invading your house. Remember dirty surrounding is like an invitation to these unwelcome guests.

Treat bushes and climbers

Rats are excellent climbers. If they find a bush or climber on the wall, they may make way for it. One slight chance of entrance, and they can attack your house and make a mess of it. Bushes can be a breeding place for these rats as well. So, trim them in between and fill up the holes underneath.

Store food properly

Most of the time, rats come into your house in search of food. If you keep your kitchen secured and food in tight containers, there is very little chance of rat infestation.

Keep the lid on garbage bin at all times. Discard its’ items properly so that these creatures don’t find their way back to your place.

The Bottom Line

If there is a rat infestation in your place then it is better to call for professional pest control unit, if all other remedies fail. They can help in catching and setting trap.

You can also treat your house once a year to stay from pest or rodent attacks. Pest control in Delhi can be contacted in case of severe cases. Especially if you have a new born or a toddler at home.

The treatment may not take much time, but it will be smooth and clean. A professional help can make things easier for you.

So, next time you are threatened by the little nuisances, you can apply home remedies first. If nothing works, then pest control service providers are just a call away.

Guaranteed Ways to Get Rid of Rats and Mice

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