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Detecting the Signs of Pest Infestation in Homes


Do you know the signs of pest infestation? In other words, how can you tell if there are pests in your property? Most probably, you are looking for a new house. Or is it about any other reason that you need a new residential property? Well, whatever it is, let’s talk about the matter. Let’s discuss pest problem identification techniques and see how to do it effectively!  

Many times, owners sell their properties because there are too many pests. And the best solution they see is to sell it off. And find new and clean surroundings. Such vendors want to make a fool of you. But you don’t need to get conned. We are here to help. 

In the following blog, we will talk about various signs of pest infestation. Identify these issues in the new location. And decide if pests are there. Sometimes, property dealers use pest control treatments before the sale. However, it doesn’t keep the problem at bay for a long time. Pests may come up once again after a few months. So, it is the most crucial matter that you cannot neglect.  

Thus, let’s get started.     

Read Up on Pests and Get Educated on the Topic 

This is the first thing that you need to pay attention to. You are visiting a new property. So, it is going to take a lot from your side. You cannot just tell if it is infested out of the blue. To be precise, firstly, you will have to make yourself amply educated on the matter in advance. Read up on different topics related to pest infestations. 

Diversify your study. Go through various articles on the internet talking about recognising signs of pest infestation. The problem, in this case, comes when you try to restrict your study. In other words, read a lot about every type of residential as well as commercial pests. Imagine you know about it well. In that case, you can diagnose the issues in the best possible way. The point is to educate yourself properly. So, you effortlessly say for sure that this property is safe or unsafe.       

Visit and Study Affected Sites Exhaustively  

In the preceding point, you saw the requirement. You want to hire or buy a pest-free property. So, it is necessary that you become knowledgeable about pest issues. However, this advice has some drawbacks. One such backside is as follows. Simply reading tons and tons of words isn’t going to make you 100% smart at all. Practicality is altogether a different thing. And you need it. 

Only reading about signs of pest infestation will take you nowhere. Differently, you have got to visit such locations that have already been infested. Arrange for visiting such sites and examine them closely. This deep study will practically reveal what you need to look for. You better understand what a location looks like when infested. This practical activity holds greater potential to teach you what you need. 

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Suppose you visit an infested house. And there, you see a lot of things. Firstly, there are a lot of rat noises, feet or rattling sounds—pigeons, etc. And second, you observe pest droppings. There is a lot of shredded paper as well. In all these cases, you can closely inspect the affected sites and learn how they look during infestations. So, this way, visit an affected area to teach yourself and then apply your teachings in a new property.           

Keep a Diary or Even Use Your Smartphone 

While visiting such an affected site, don’t forget to keep paper and pen with you. You may ask why you should do that. Then, consider. First, you are going there to learn and closely examine signs of pest infestation. And no human being has a super memory unless a few. So, you definitely need somewhere to jot down essential observations. That is why keep something with you to keep a record of your findings or observations. Well, if this turns out to be a heavy task, consider taking an expert’s help. Obviously, it may be costly but you can make a better decision now.     

Keep a Close Watch Everywhere Possible  

Suppose you are present inside a property. You are house-hunting. So, this is another property you are looking for to see if it interests you. In that case, while you supervise the area, keep a tight watch over everything possible. Sometimes, pests are doing their stuff or business under your nose. And you just don’t have enough attention or time at all. This also happens. Things are happening right in front and you ignore them. Make sure this doesn’t happen. While inspecting the interior, look at everything with great precision and care. Don’t let anything bad go unnoticed.      

Try to Find Dead Insects below the Lighting or Window Ledges 

Have you ever noticed this thing? Look at the below part of the lighting area and see tons and tons of dead bugs and insects there. Why does it happen? It happens because there are pests in the house. These are sort of house flies. They come out at night and get dead under the lights at night. Furthermore, observe window ledges. You will see dead bugs there as well in the case of infestations. 

Go and observe the bathroom and kitchen. Cockroaches that have died can be found in these locations. Suppose you are in the kitchen. In that case, don’t just make superficial observations. Go over to every nook and cranny. Open cabinets and look inside. Observe the sink section well. And if possible, even the drains must be checked. An extremely dirty drainage system means 100% pest issues.    

Don’t Forget about Pest Droppings 

Like human beings, pests excrete as well. But the problem is that they pass their stool anywhere. It is just a matter of comfortability for them. In the pest world, there is no etiquette at all. And you can take advantage of it. Often, these days, modular kitchens come with all the furnishing and appliances as well. In that case, suppose there is a big rat infestation going on there. So, here, you are bound to see a lot of faecal pellets. Observe closely. You will find their droppings. Some of them may have gone hard while others are still soft! Look at the top part of the refrigerator. And don’t forget the backside as well. There, see if droppings can be found. 

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Rats and rodents always drop their waste in the exact same place over and over again. They don’t excrete randomly anywhere like bird pests. So, you can benefit from this practice. Often, they drop their pellets around the appliances where food is kept. Look for gnawing marks, shredded paper, etc. Moreover, go to the bedroom and lift the mattresses up. See if there you see any rat droppings. After that, go to the store rooms. And inspect there. Look at everything as clearly as possible. In the case of rats, you will find droppings there as well. Go and see every nook and cranny.            

Take Nesting as Another Indication of Pest Infestation

Have you ever seen rats and rodents make their habitation? If you don’t, you are not alone. Well, many haven’t. But it is super essential. To tell the difference between a pest-affected and not affected area, it is crucial that you are knowledgeable about these things. You can take the help of the internet. Watch some related videos and they will give you a great insight into the matter. See rats and birds nesting inside residential properties. It will help you greatly regarding your concern. And with this information, in seconds, you will be able to give the judgement—if it is infested or not. This is because now you know how rodents and other big pests make their nests. 

Insect or Bug Treatment Products’ Availability 

Often, it is seen in various residential properties. People have to deal with various pest issues. Such people living there constantly deal with rats/rodents/bug infestations. And, a lot of chemicals and tools—pest control products—they buy to fight effectively and effortlessly. However, such owners sometimes get frustrated and try to sell their properties. If this is the case, how can you save yourself from this fraud? The owner isn’t going to tell you if the location is infested.    

Here, the best thing is to check the garbage bags. Consider the following scenario. You enter the kitchen area and there you find many bags filled with garbage. At this point, you are not supposed to hesitate. Don’t feel shy or anything at all. Go ahead and inspect these garbage bags or bins properly. And check if they have discarded pest control products. Imagine you find such things there. In that case, know that the house is severely suffering from pest infestations. This is insect or bug treatment products’ availability.     

Don’t Miss Smells and Sounds Specific to Pests 

Another way to detect an infestation is through dirty smells and foul odours. What you need here is to go and activate your nostrils around closed areas. Check cupboards and cabinets to see if there is any foul or musty odour. Suppose you experience the dirty smell of faecal substances and urine there. Then, there is no doubt that the location is infested.

Bed bugs also infest residential locations often. And thus, furthermore, the following piece of information becomes important. How do we find out if the area is not bedbug-free? It is simple. Professional pest control service providers state that bed bugs produce a sort of flowery and musty odour. And thus, using this wisdom, easily tell if the space is affected. Roaches emit sort of oily and strong odours. Suppose you are standing in a new building. And you smell garbage or wet waste odour there. This is also not a good sign. Often, garbage and dirty trash also attract pests inside residential properties. So, make sure in the vicinity there should not be any trash management system at all.    

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Sometimes, when surroundings are quiet and serene, large pests’ activities can be noticed easily. Listen to pigeons minding their own business marching under the attic and balcony areas. Carefully hear rats and other rodents pacing across the floorboards and roofs. Notice all such things and come to the right judgement. And if it is still difficult, hire professional pest control companies to provide the right aid.              

Gnawing and Hole Damage to the Furniture or Other Properties 

It is not an old time. We all are living in the 21st century. And in this era, living accommodations have changed a lot. Not just they have become small and compact, but modern and more effortless as well. Furthermore, now, you don’t have to worry about building a home and bringing certain furniture in separately. It is time when you go out and purchase a full-fledged residential accommodation in no time. Everything necessary is already there. 

Modular kitchens are already built there with the required gears and appliances. You don’t have to buy new vessels or utensils at all. These items are already there. Houses are well furnished already. I mean you just go there. And start living your life. But now, let’s come back to our focus area. In such settings, often pests are found living comfortable lives. So, before buying any such properties, how will you ensure safety? How will you not buy pest-infested structures?     

The solution is simple and easy. You don’t need to do anything at all. Just look for gnawing and hole damage and that is it. Go around furniture and observe such marks. Rats and rodents are known to promote such catastrophes. You will see destroyed bed borders. And if you could open the bed inside, you would see holes and cracks there. And for this, you can thank these little rats and rodents. So, this way, by inspecting furniture, you can tell if there are pests, especially rats!   

Consider the Following Things as Well 

Well, there might be thousands of other points to ponder in this regard. But so far, the most important things have already been discussed. Now, have a look at the last following things. And let’s end our discussion here.    

See If There are Foot Tracks in the Dust or Grease Tracks 

Suppose you visit a dusty bungalow or mansion. In that case, look for foot tracks that rats often leave behind. Rodents, i.e. rats, mice, etc, always travel in the same ways. So, the tracks get well-established. And thus, you can easily observe such signs of pest infestation and come to a certain conclusion.   

Examine Furniture Pieces Closely for Termite Infestations  

There could be termites lurking inside wooden items. How do you plan to know that? That is not going to be that hard at all. All you need is to have a close look. See if furniture or wooden items have a lot of holes and wood dust around. Suppose doors and beds are perforated or have large holes. So, know that certainly it is a severe termite infestation. And you can thus not buy this house at any cost.    

Seek Reviews from Former Customers or Visitors 

This is the last piece of advice. And it is not for everyone. It is only for you under the following circumstances. Suppose you need not buy a residential property. But you are rather looking for somewhere to accommodate for 5 to 6 years. You are seeking a living accommodation. In that case, before getting this structure on rent, talk to past tenants. They can give some genuine insights to you. And you will know whether the area is full or free of pests.

Final Words

If you have noticed any signs of pest infestation such as droppings, gnaw marks, nesting, or the presence of pests on your property, do not delay. Take quick action. Hire a professional pest control service near you to prevent the infestation from spreading and becoming a larger problem. An experienced pest control company will assess the situation and give the best solution to quickly and effectively rid your property of pests.

Detecting the Signs of Pest Infestation in Homes
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