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Amma Pest Control

Amma Pest Control

Amma Pest Control is one of the prominent pest control companies in the market that offers excellent pest control services to you from its end. We have been offering quality pest control services to you for a long time. Thus, we are competent enough to resolve all the pest-related problems you are struggling with. Besides, our pest management services are highly affordable so you can easily avail of our services without spending too much on them. Our pest control executives are trained to put an end to any kind of pest problem you are struggling with. They visit your house and check the pest infestation in your house. They use the best pest control chemicals to remove any kind of pest infestation in your house. These chemicals are W.H.O. approved so they won’t provide any harm to you. Apart from regular pest control, we also offer herbal pest control services to you that are safe and effective for you.


Sunita Chaudhary

Verified Customer

Eco-friendly options. I appreciate that Amma Pest Control offers eco-friendly pest control options through GPC. Effective and safe for my family and pets.


Servicable City


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