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Ultra Power Pest Control Services

Ultra Power Pest Control Services

Ultra Power Pest Control Services is one of the revered pest control companies in Pune that excel in treating any kind of pest that is creating havoc in your house. Whether you have a rodent, termite, or ant infestation, we can eliminate all kinds of pests hidden inside your home. We have a team of adept pest control technicians who are competent enough to detect the entry points of the pests. They apply and spray WHO approved chemicals to treat the affected area. These technicians take sufficient amount of time in understanding your pest problem. Once they identify the pest problem, they devise proven pest elimination techniques to remove pesky pests from your home. We offer a wide range of pest control services to you such as rodent control, bird control, bee control, silverfish control, etc.


Ritesh Joshi

Verified Customer

I booked bird control services in Pune through this company. I was amazed to see their professionalism. They offered safe pest control services to me after recognizing your problems. Thanks Ultra Power Pest Control Services for a wonderful service!



2-105, Handewadi Rd, Jain Township, Ganga Village, Udyog Nagar, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra - 411028

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