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M.R.S. Pest Control

M.R.S. Pest Control

M.R.S. Pest Control is a reputable name in the industry that delivers professional pest control services to you from their end. They have trained specialists who have loads of experience in exterminating different types of pests found in a home. They not only offer residential pest control but also other pest control services such as commercial pest control, hospital pest control, etc. They offer all types of pest control services to you such as rodent control, termite control, ant control, etc. We choose WHO-approved pesticides so your family is completely safe from any side effects caused by them. They accomplish their pest extermination task perfectly by detecting the type of pest infestation in your house. They also use herbal pest control methods to exterminate the pests in your house. These professionals choose the right pest control treatment after detecting the level of pest infestation in your home.


Aditya Shekar

Verified Customer

Great value for money. Booked a general pest control treatment through M.R.S. Pest Control for our apartment. Very affordable and the results are lasting.


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Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane

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