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Termite Control Services in Agra, Uttar Pradesh


Do you need termite control services in Agra? Count on Get Pest Control, your one-stop solution to all pest problems. We are partnered with the top pest control companies in Agra specializing in termite control. They use government-approved and licensed pesticides that are highly effective in killing and repelling termites. You will get complete solutions for termite problems from the experts. Just contact us at 1800 11 6878 and get price quotes from the top three service providers.

Termite infestation has a devastating impact on your property. You may not realize the damage severity termites can cause. They damage your property extensively which may cost millions in repair. Hence, it is important to get rid of termites as soon as possible. You should get termite control services in Agra the moment you spot termites at home. And, the best way to keep them away from your home is to get pre-construction ant-termite treatment in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. If not, you can get post-construction anti-treatment done anytime.

Choose Get Pest Control for Termite Control in Agra

Termite control in Agra is imperative to safeguard your property. Exterminators use advanced techniques to remove these silent destroyers and protect your home. To hire professional termite control experts in Agra, contact us. We are available 24/7 to serve our customers. In association with top pest control companies in Agra, we have been rendering quality services to our customers. Be it residential or commercial properties, get complete termite control solutions at affordable rates.

We have listed the companies that deal in termite control in Agra for commercial and residential with their contact details. We recommend the three best service providers to help you get rid of the pest problems you are facing. The process involves the following steps:

Fill up the inquiry form: Submit your details here by filling out the query form online. Let us know the type of pest control service you need. Enter the size of your home or commercial property and the location. Click on the submit button and wait for a minute.

Get free price quotes: We will send you the contact details of the pest control agencies specializing in termite control in Agra. They will contact you to provide their price quotes. In any case, if they cannot, you have their contact details and you can get in touch with them to get their price quotes. The best way to get accurate quotes is to schedule a termite inspection. They inspect the property, check the severity of the infestation, and determine the cost.

Compare and hire: After getting the quotes, compare rates and services to hire the best and most affordable company. Also, compare their ratings and reviews to know what you can expect from your service providers.

How to Identify Termite Infestation and Control Them

Flying termites resemble winged ants hence sometimes it becomes confusing for people to identify whether they have termite infestation at home or these are winged ants. 

Termites are tiny insects that typically measure 1/4 or 1/2 inch long. Their color may vary from white to light brown or black based on the species. They have soft bodies with straight antennae. They live in large colonies with a king and queen that can reach over one inch long.

Here’s how you can differentiate between Winged Ants and Termites.


  • They have front wings longer than their hind wings
  • Their antennae are bent to ninety degrees


  • All wings are almost equal in length
  • Antennae are straight but may droop

Most Common Signs of Termite Infestation

Depending on the type of termite infestation the signs may look different. However, the most common signs are:

  • Termite swarmer
  • Mud tubes
  • Damaged wood
  • Blister wooden floor
  • Frass or pallets
  • Bubbling paint
  • Moldy smell
  • Live termites

How to Prevent Termite Infestation

You will have to make your home less attractive to termites. Here are the tips to protect your home or office against pest invasion:

  • Reduce moisture: Termites thrive in moist areas such as bathrooms and kitchens under the sink. Hence, you should reduce moisture at home using dehumidifiers or air conditioners.
  • Fix leakages: fix all leaks immediately as this leads to moist walls which attract termites.
  • Clear clutter: Clearing clutters helps in preventing termite problems. This makes your property less attractive to termites and other pests too. Make sure to clean old newspapers and worn wooden furniture.
  • Do not keep the untreated wood for outside use. Make sure there is no direct contact between the soil and untreated wooden structures.
  • Treat wood: Before you paint your furniture use borate spray to treat the furniture.

Anti-Termite Treatment Methods

There are several methods used for termite control in Agra. Here are the most common anti-termite treatments used by professionals:

Chemical Treatments

In this method, chemicals and pesticides are used to kill termites. Before the application of the termiticides must provide structural protection. This needs to be done by a trained exterminator as it involves the application of hazardous chemicals.

Non-Chemical Treatments

Non-chemical treatments are used as natural ways to get rid of termites. This method does not involve any application of chemicals or insecticides. This is sometimes done by using physical barriers. One of the effective physical barriers is steel mesh and sand of particular sizes. Borax powder and sodium borate are also a natural way to kill termites.

Bait Treatments

Bait treatments are one of the most effective ways to get rid of termites. This is also preferred at places where liquid termiticides are prohibited. These are known as termite baits or termite stations. The natural predators or the things that attract termites infused with termite-killing products are placed at different places in the house.

Wood Treatments

Borate wood preservatives are used to protect the wooden furniture and structure. This acts as a barrier for termites to make that furniture or wooden piece as a food source. During the construction, this anti-termite treatment is used for wood and wood composite material.

Book Pest Management Experts for Termite Control in Agra

If you want to get rid of termite infestation and protect your property from termite attack then get anti-termite treatment done at home with experts. Book professional pest control specialists in Agra that provide termite control services in Agra.

Termite control experts go step-by-step to help you eliminate termite infestation. Here’s what you can expect from a termite control expert in Agra:

  • They will inspect your property to look for the infestation severity and risk of other pest infestations.
  • After inspecting, they provide a report on the severity of the infestation and the damages that have been caused by termites at your place. The report will also include the termite treatment method, the number of visits by exterminators, and the total time to get rid of termites.
  • Once you are ready to go with their professional termite control services, they will tell you the exact cost of the termite treatment and confirm the pest control date considering your schedule.

Important Things to Consider While Hiring A Termite Control Company in Agra

Here are the top things to consider when hiring a pest control company for the services of termite control:

  • Accreditation: The company must possess the requisite licenses and certifications that confirm their reliability and legitimacy. You should hire a company that doesn’t have a valid license.
  • Experience: One should know how to use insecticides and termiticides inside the house. If they aren’t experienced, they might not follow the safety measures during the process. Ensure they are highly skilled and experienced in termite control.
  • Cost: The cost of termite control in Agra varies depending on the type of termite to treat, the size of the infested area, and other things. But it is important to check the rates and compare them with other agencies. This lets you know if your exterminator is overcharging you.
  • Reviews and ratings: Ensure the company has handled the same projects in the past and got good reviews from customers. Customer reviews let you know a lot about their experience with the agency and their services. You will get to know if you can expect quality service from the agency or not.
  • Customer service: If they don’t provide customer support then you should not hire such a company because, in case of any issues, they will not be there to address the problems.
  • Safety: The company you have hired for termite control in Agra must use low-toxic chemicals and insecticides considering the health of the people in your home. They should use eco-friendly and safe products that do not damage your property.

Approximate Charges of Termite Control in Agra

Termite control rates in Agra start at Rs. 1000 and may go up to Rs. 9000 depending on the size of the area. Pest control companies in Agra determine termite control charges considering the infestation severity, type of termite, infested area size, and treatment type. Here’s an approximate price list of termite control services:

  • Pre-construction termite treatment cost in Agra is Rs 8 – Rs 10 per square foot.
  • Post-construction termite treatment cost in Agra is Rs 3 per square foot.
  • Termite control charges for 1 bedroom in Agra starts at Rs 1200
  • Termite control cost for living room starts at Rs 2500
  • 1 Kitchen Termite Control rate starts at Rs 2200
  • Termite control price for a washroom starts at Rs 1200
  • 1 BHK House Termite Control cost starts at Rs 5200
  • 2 BHK Home Termite Control rate starts at Rs 6200
  • 3 BHK Termite Management price starts at Rs 7200
  • 4 BHK Termite Treatment Cost starts at Rs 8200
  • 5 BHK Termite Control cost starts at Rs 9200

Termite Control in Agra FAQs

Q. How much time does it take to eradicate termites from home?

Well, the time to eradicate termites completely from your home depends on the severity of the infestation. However, you will see a visible result just after the application of the pesticides.

Q. Do I need to vacate the property during the pest control process?

Although it is not dangerous to stay inside, exterminators advise vacating the property during the pest control process. If you are a sensitive person or have allergies to fumes or chemicals then you should stay out during the pest control process. Once the odor clears out, you can return to your home.

Q. Will the process of termite control be beneficial in controlling other pests too?

It depends on the type of product or chemical used. Although there is no guarantee for other pests’ removal during termite control it can still have an impact on other pests. The foul smell of chemicals will repel other insects and bugs too to a certain extent.


Q. Are pesticides used against termites safe for humans and pets?

Yes, the pesticides used against termites indoors are safe for humans and pets. The exterminators will use the products considering human health. However, if you are a sensitive person and allergic to chemicals’ foul smell, then you are advised to stay outside until the products are dry out.

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