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Tips to Keep Ticks Away from Your Property

Tips to keep ticks away from Home

Ticks control can be challenging if you have no knowledge of what ticks are, how they enter your house, and how to prevent tick infestation, etc. So, in this blog, we have discussed everything about ticks, types, prevention, bites, and treatment. Read the blog till the end!

Ticks are not pests but arachnids like spiders and scorpions. Unlike the other pests they don’t have an antenna and their bodies are divided into two sections – the abdomen from behind and the cephalothorax in the front. Well, all the arachnids are divided into two groups – hard bodies and soft bodies and all of them are capable of transmitting diseases. Well, ticks mostly enter your house through your pets. Yes, our pets unknowingly invite these unwanted guests to take up our residence, couches, carpets, and every corner of the house.

Ticks are common ectoparasites of dogs as well as cats. But, how often you notice ticks on your dogs and how severe the assault is varies depending on the place or region in the country where you live. Also, the time of the year, the habitat of your dog, and how and what you use for ticks control.

How Ticks Can Affect Your Dog?

You know that your pet can unintentionally bring the pest to your house, but it’s now important for you to know how ticks can affect your dog. Well, the ticks attach to the dog by inserting their mouthparts into their skin. And they keep attaching themselves to the dog’s skin with the help of the sticky and glue-like substance that the ticks produce. This way they can attach themselves to your dog’s skin for as long as they want and will begin feeding on the dog’s blood. And the places where the ticks will get attached to your dog’s skin and suck blood can become red and irritated.

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Although it’s rare, the ticks can consume enough of your dog’s blood that can cause them anemia. Certain female ticks produce toxins while feeding and this can cause a rare paralysis in dogs. But, you should know that ticks are capable to cause several diseases to your pets and the two most common diseases are Lyme fever and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

And this is the most important reason why you should always keep your eyes on your pets and make sure they will not come in contact with any pests as its bites can lead to some severe diseases.

How to Prevent Your Dogs from Ticks?

In reality, it’s really difficult to prevent your dogs from exposure to ticks. Ticks get a chance to attach your dog’s skin when you take it out for walks, hikes, or any outdoor activities.

Well, the best way to keep the ticks away from your pets is to use tick control products. You can consult your veterinarian, who can advise you on some really good tick control products. He/she is also aware of the diseases in your area that can pose a risk to your dogs. Your veterinarian will also tell you the places you must avoid preventing dogs from ticks.

How to Know Your Dog has Ticks?

It’s easy to spot ticks on your dog’s body. Whenever you come back from a walk or an outdoor activity with your dog then simply run your hand over your dog’s body and check for small lumps or bumps. If the tick is attached to your dog’s body then it will feel like a small bump.

The common places the ticks tend to attach to the dog’s body are around his neck, head, ear, and feet. You can remove the ticks using a brush.

You can look for a tiny whitish colored and egg-shaped body pest on your dog’s body. Ticks vary in size from 1mm – 1cm depending on their age. They look whitish and turn larger and dark in color when fills with blood.

Why Should You Protect Your Dog Against Ticks?

You know that ticks carry diseases and this can be harmful to your pets. Hence, you should remove the ticks that are attached to your dog’s body as soon as possible. When you do it in a continuous manner then it reduces the risk of diseases. Make sure not to squeeze the tick’s body and get its head stuck on the dog’s body.While squeezing the tick, the blood will expel on your dog’s body and it will increase the infection. So, the best way to remove ticks is by twisting them out from your pet’s body. Also, there are many handy tick-removal devices are sold by the pet shops which will make the work easier. You can ask your veterinarian for some advice.

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Can Humans Be Harmed from Ticks?

There’s no doubt that ticks can attach to and feed on humans just like they do with animals. And the place on humans’ body where the ticks attach to can become red and irritated. Also, they transmit diseases to your pets and the same diseases to people also. And people must understand that the same diseases they are suffering like their pets are not actually transmitted from your dogs or other pets, but from ticks. They and their dogs get the disease from ticks. And the most common diseases caused by ticks bite are Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which has already been described in dogs, can also be very serious in humans.

Natural Ways for Ticks Control

You won’t believe but there’re actually several methods and ways to repel ticks naturally. Keep your pets ticks-free and your family as well using the natural tricks that we are going to share with you.

Essential oil

Many essential oils that have some good fragrance for humans can actually be a repellent for pests. There are a few essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, citronella, peppermint, rose geranium, cedar, and citrus that have always been good pest repellent. So, you need to do nothing just buy shampoo and soap for you and your pet that contains essential oil and its fragrance will be enough to keep the ticks away from your you and your dog. Another trick you can use is applying the essential oil on your skin after mixing it into olive or sweet almond oil and make a natural repellent for the ticks. Either spray or rub the oil on your skin.

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Get Chickens

Chickens are also great in controlling pests like ticks, flies, etc. especially the ones that are destroying your garden. They can actually help you in keeping the pests at bay because they eat grasshoppers, grubs, flies, and yes ticks too. Set them free in your yard and they will go on work eating all those pests and bugs for you.

Use Garlic

When people go for an organic method for ticks control then most people use garlic as the natural repellent. Garlic emits an unpleasant odor that repels ticks. Not every pest can stand the displeasing odor of garlic. Hence, using garlic is a great organic trick to keep the ticks away from your place. You must add it to your diet. And is quite easy to add to your meals.

Keep Your Yard or Garden Clean

Ticks are highly attracted to tall grasses, moisture, and shade. So, you should always keep your grass cut short, shrubs should be trimmed, and leaves raked up.

Buy Nematodes

If you have never heard of this then let us tell you that nematodes are microscopic roundworms that live in the soil and kill the pests or bugs like ticks, fleas, ants, termites, etc. The best part of using these worms is that they cause no harm to humans, pets, and also the essentials bugs like ladybugs. So, they are a good form of chemical-free pest control and can be really helpful in removing ticks from your place. You can purchase it online and apply it in your yard or garden.

Well, these are the tricks and an organic ticks control method that you can do by yourself. But, ticks can become a serious problem for our beloved pets especially dogs, cats, and cows. If you don’t want your pets to suffer then you can call the pest control expert. There are many Pest Control Services in Delhi that provide tick control services. If the ticks are hard to get rid of or eliminate then contact an expert tick control service provider in Delhi NCR. They will use their knowledge and also modern tools and technique for pest control and provide you a good, fresh, and pest-free environment.

Tips to Keep Ticks Away from Your Property

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