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Most of times, many of the homeowners don’t realize that their home is infested with the termites, rodents, pests and other harmful insects. Often commonly known as ‘silent destroyers’ termites and pests are observed after you notice heavy destruction is already done to your valuable belongings.

Experienced termite control services will help you to learn more about these pests and their destructive behavior. So, professional herbal pest control service in Amritsar like us is very necessary to provide a strong check against pests and termites with other unwanted guests while prevent costly damage from incurring.

Being very professional ad experienced in providing termite control services we serve both pre and post construction termite control solution. We are strongly termed to provide a strong shield against the all the different rodents like rat, cockroaches, bedbugs, silver fish, ants, flies and other harmful insects apart from termites and pests indeed.

How does Pre-construction termite control solution works in Amritsar?

It is always advisable to perform a termite inspection before buying your new property. Incase if your property is infested then you can call for professional like us for pre-construction termite control solution in Amritsar. We will operate technically to kill termites and other pests to offer clean and healthy home to you as listed in the below steps.

  • While being technically sound our expertise team detect the termites and other pests in the property. Ranging from all the sides and bottom surface of the foundation to drains and pits, our team of expertise treat them with nontoxic, quality odorless pest control services.
  • Next we take close look to treat the walls of the property that are in the immediate contact with the foundation. Then all the walls are fulfilled with quality chemical for long-lasting durability. Also, we treat the earth with chemicals that is in contact with the masonry surfaces.
  • Lastly, we treat the floor with chemicals before laying it. Our expertise team also, treats the top surface of the consolidated earth within the plinth walls with chemical. They take all the caution to back fill against foundation is treated to its full depth.

Thus, these entire steps of our pre construction termite controls help the clients to ensure prevention form various pests in reasonable budget.

How does post-construction termite control solution works in Amritsar?

Most of the times, many of the homeowners are not able to find termites and pests in their early stage. They get them observed after heavy destruction is caused to their valuable belongings and they rush for professional help from the post construction termite control solution in Amritsar like us.

  • Firstly our expertise team pays visit to the client’s property and inspect the affected area critically. We calculate the nature of the pest and find the exact solution for the same.
  • Using our upgraded technology and expertise technician we aid spraying the chemicals in all the places where termites are found. We are very well versed to operate in all the difficult situations. Also, we take extra care to handle all the modern equipment to our best and provide pest free home to the clients.
  • By using nontoxic chemicals and odorless herbal termite control services we are termed to be pioneer in operating best termite control.

Thus, if you find your residential or commercial affected with the termites or other pests, rodent, flies and insects then call us for gaining a long term termite control solutions. We will provide you with best all round solution with advisory that will work for you.

So, get in touch with us soon for your all termite control solution in Amritsar.