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Termite Control Services in Thane, Maharashtra


Do you need termite control services in Thane, Maharashtra? Do you want to protect your valuable properties from the damages caused by termites? Then you can have reached the right place. Get Pest Control is the most trusted portal to book services of termite control in Thane. We have registered thousands of certified agencies specializing in termite control. They use effective pesticides and techniques to provide a pest-free home to customers. Be it a residential or commercial property, you will get the best solution from certified pest control service providers near you.

A single termite cannot let you know the severity of the infestation. They work silently for years. And if you have spotted one, chances are high they have swarmed in millions of numbers. And this colony will cause extensive structural damage to your property. To prevent your property from these wood destroyers, you must get termite control done at home. Contact us and get quick quotes free of cost from the top three verified service providers.

Book Trained Professionals for Termite Control in Thane at Get Pest Control

At Get Pest Control, you find reliable pest control companies specializing in termite control in Thane. They are pre-verified by us. Whether you need residential or commercial termite control solution, all your requirements will be fulfilled here. To book termite pest control services in Thane, follow the steps given below:

  • Share your requirements: Fill up the inquiry form and share your requirements. Enter your name and phone number and select the type of pest control service you need. Select location and write any specific information on the message box and click on the submit button.
  • Get quotes: After receiving your query, we will share the contact details of the three best companies with you. We shortlist the companies specializing in what you need. They companies will provide their price quotes to help you know their rates.
  • Compare and hire: Compare quotes to hire the one that best fits your budget. Do not forget to compare their services, ratings, and reviews before hiring.

Effective and Professional Termite Control Services Near Me

Googling for the best termite control services near me is the first step people take for termite control. However, the availability of hundreds of companies confuses them with which one to choose. If you too are confused then count on Get Pest Control. We are one of the leading portals partnered with renowned pest control agencies in Thane, Maharashtra. These companies specialize in termite control and provide the best solutions.

At GPC, you get a list of verified companies that deal in termite control in Thane, Maharashtra. These companies are accredited and experienced. They use effective termite treatment to provide you with a termite-free home.

Understand Termite Control – When and Why It is Needed

Termite control is crucial to managing these destructive pests otherwise, they will destroy the structure of your home. The primary objective of anti-termite treatment in Thane is to protect structures. This is done by injecting termiticides in the soil before the construction of the building. However, anti-termite treatment can be done in an existing building that is ready to occupy. And, if the property has already been invaded by termites, you can get termite control done at home by professionals.

Even one should call exterminators for a termite inspection because early detection is crucial in termite control. Experts will detect termite activities and can see the damage they have caused in your home. If you are confused about when you should call termite control specialists, then look for a few common signs of termite infestation. But before that you should know about termites.

Different Types of Termites

Although there are more than 2000 known species of termites in the world, the most common ones are as follows:

  • Subterranean termites
  • Drywood termites
  • Dampwood termites

Signs of Termite Infestation

All of them have different behaviors and impact on your property. But they share some common signs. If you want to know they have invaded your home, look for the common signs of termite infestation:

  • Mud tubes
  • Hollowed or damaged wood
  • Drooping drywall
  • Peeling or bubbling paints
  • Stuck windows or doors
  • Discarded wings

Preventive Measures for Termite Control in Thane

Implementing preventive measures and timely treatment is imperative for termite control. Homeowners can mitigate the risk of termite infestation using different techniques and control methods such as chemical treatment, bait system, wood treatment, etc. When it comes to prevent termite infestation, you need to know about the pre-construction anti-termite treatment. You must be aware of the materials used in the construction and about the moisture control to keep termites away from your space.

Construction Materials

Materials used in a building construction play an important role in repelling termites. Selecting termite-resistant materials helps in reducing the risk of termite infestation. For example – physical barrier can prevent termites from accessing your house. So, during the construction, you can use stainless steel mesh or sand barriers. This would work as a barrier for termites.

Moisture Control

Dampwood and subterranean termites thrive in humid environments. Everything that create moisture attracts termites. So, you will have to fix moisture issues at home to prevent termite infestation. Proper ventilation is crucial in areas prone to humidity. Get fixed all the leaky pipes, improper drainage, and poor air flow at home to mitigate the risk of termite infestation.

Effectives Methods for Termite Control in Thane

There are several ways to protect your home from termites. This includes physical barriers to chemical treatments. When you hire professional termite control service providers in Thane, you can expect them to use any of the following termite control methods:

  • Chemical treatments: This is one of the best and most effective ways to treat termite infestation. This treatment is used to handle severe infestation. Experts use chemicals and termiticides to eliminate termite colonies.
  • Bait systems: This treatment is used to lure termites and then kill. Exterminators place bait stations strategically all around the infested area to lure termites. These stations contain cellulose-based materials containing termiticides.
  • Wood treatments: Wood treatment is used by two methods – pressure-treated wood and application of borates. They make the less appealing to termites by infusing preservatives in the wood under high pressure. Similarly, they use boric acid for wood treatment to keep termite away.
  • Biological treatments: Some natural predators also help in eliminating termites. This is the natural and eco-friendly treatments to remove termite infestation.

What are the Charges of Termite Control Services in Thane

Termite control in Than rates start at just Rs. 1200. The cost varies depending on the type of treatment, area size, etc. Below is the estimated price list of termite control in Thane.

  • Pre-construction termite treatment cost in Thane is Rs 8 – Rs 10 per square foot.
  • Post-construction termite treatment cost in Thane is Rs 3 per square foot.
  • Termite control charges for 1 bedroom in Dehradun starts at Rs 1200
  • Termite control cost for living room starts at Rs 2500
  • 1 Kitchen Termite Control rate starts at Rs 2200
  • Termite control price for a washroom starts at Rs 1200
  • 1 BHK House Termite Control cost starts at Rs 5200
  • 2 BHK Home Termite Control rate starts at Rs 6200
  • 3 BHK Termite Management price starts at Rs 7200
  • 4 BHK Termite Treatment Cost starts at Rs 8200
  • 5 BHK Termite Control cost starts at Rs 9200

Why Choose Get Pest Control

We are an established agency rendering quality services of pest control at affordable rates. With us, you can hire the city’s top company for termite control in Thane that is licensed and certified.  All our partners have extensive experience in termite control. They deliver services in standard quality considering your preferences.

Here are the top reasons to choose Get Pest Control for termite control in Thane:

  • One-stop solution for pest control in Thane
  • Trusted website since 2006
  • Partnership with verified exterminators
  • Affordable prices
  • Guaranteed results
  • Doorstep service with flexible time
  • Safe and harmless pest control solution provided by experts
  • Save time and energy
  • Customized solutions

While you might be thinking of doing it yourself, choosing a professional agency for termite control in Thane would give you peace of mind. They know the right way to control these wood destroyers and save your property.

Termite Control in Thane FAQ

Q. Is it important to vacate my house during extermination?

Yes, it’s important to vacate your home until the extermination process is done. Pest control technicians use hazardous chemicals and sprays. Even though they are not harmful for humans, it is not safe to breathe in. Hence, they ask you stay out until the chemicals are dry completely. Also, if you will stay inside, you might clean the chemical mistakenly. So, it is good to vacate the property until your exterminators ask you to come inside.

Q. Why do I need to take two or more sessions of residential termite control treatment in Thane?

Multiple treatment sessions remove the termite infestation completely. Termites are stubborn pests. Even for experts, they are hard to remove. This is the reason why they visit again your home. They inspect the house and look for the active termites so that they can use appropriate treatment once again.

Q. Are all the exterminators associated with you certified and licensed?

Yes, all our partners are licensed and certified. We have verified their credentials, specialization, and experience. They are all listed on the website with their ratings and reviews. You can contact us to get the contact details of these legit pest control companies.

Q. How many days does it require to eliminate termites?

Usually, termites are removed in a single treatment session. But when the infestation is severe, it requires multiple sessions. During a termite inspection, the inspector will let you know how much time it would take to eliminate termites.

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