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Termite Control Services in Hyderabad, Telangana


Book professionals for anti-termite control services in Hyderabad at affordable rates through Get Pest Control. Call us on 1800 11 6878 to schedule a termite inspection at your property with the best pest control companies in Hyderabad. Get Pest Control (GPC) is partnered with reputable and experienced pest management companies all over India. They are all licensed, certified, and highly skilled. We have verified their credentials, experience, specialization, and market reputation before enlisting them on our website. So, here you find the most genuine and professional termite control service providers in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Best Anti-Termite Treatment Control in Hyderabad at Affordable Rates

Whether you need termite control treatment at your home, office, school, hotel, restaurant, or industrial building, Get Pest Control is your ultimate solution for all. Here you find the genuine pest control companies that provide the best anti-termite treatment control in Hyderabad at affordable rates.

Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

Pest control specialists do pre-construction anti-termite treatment to prevent termite infestation at your place. You will see no termite activities in the future with this treatment. Pre-construction anti-termite treatment is done before the completion of a building. During the procedure, soil, pillars, and other joints of the building are treated with termite control chemicals. This is the most effective treatment to prevent future infestation of termites from your residential or commercial property.

Post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

It is a termite control treatment that is done on an occupied building. Termites may enter your home through the soil in search of food this is when post-construction anti-termite treatment is used. They emerge from the earth and enter your home where they destroy your wooden structures. Exterminators gently drill the floor to inject anti-termite chemicals and then fill it up again in the same condition as it was before.

How to Book Anti-Termite Inspection and Treatments in Hyderabad

Contact us to schedule termite inspection and termite control services in Hyderabad. We have been associated with credible pest control agencies in Hyderabad since 2006. They render the best quality termite control services. scheduling an inspection is easy and free of cost through Get Pest Control (GPC).

Hiring the best termite control company in Hyderabad is easy with us. It just takes a few clicks and the steps given below:

Fill up the inquiry form

We need to know whether you need industrial, commercial, or residential termite control services in Hyderabad. Based on your requirements, we shortlist the right service provider for you. Fill up the inquiry form available on the website with your requirements and other details as asked.

Get quick quotes

After filling out and submitting the form, wait for a minute. We will get back to you with the contact details of the three verified vendors specializing in termite control in Hyderabad. They will contact you to collect more information and schedule a termite inspection. They will provide price estimates over the phone also. However, the final termite control cost will be disclosed after the inspection.

Compare rates, ratings, and services

Before you select one of our three recommended companies, you must evaluate their offers, charges, specialization, customer reviews, and ratings. This lets you hire the most genuine and professional termite control experts in Hyderabad. Hire the one you find the best for your needs and budget.

Why Choose Get Pest Control for Termite Control in Hyderabad

  • 15+ years of experience
  • Licensed and certified companies
  • Government-approved and registered pesticides
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Trained technicians
  • Trusted by numerous customers
  • Free price quotes for termite control in Hyderabad

How to Prepare for a Termite Inspection

If you have scheduled termite inspection then you will have to do some preparations before the exterminator arrives. Here are the preparations you will do for a smooth termite inspection:

  • Rearrange and clear things: Remove the items that are placed against the walls and outside your home. This way exterminators can easily look for the damage termites have caused. They also need to examine the water sources to watch termite activities so you might have to remove the things stored under your sinks in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Trim your plants: Trim the plants that are covering your exterior walls.  This way specialists can easily inspect the exterior wall of your house.

What to Expect During a Termite Inspection

During a termite inspection, you must be at your home. the pest control company in Hyderabad will send its executive for a thorough inspection of your property. You can expect the following things from the site inspector:

Clear communication

The exterminator will have a clear communication with you regarding the termite problem. They will not misguide you by providing false information. The inspector will ask some of the important questions related to the infestation to know about the problems you are facing.

A thorough inspection

This identifies the condition and sources of the termite activity. However, they need access to your entire property to inspect effectively. Termite control specialists will have a thorough inspection at your place to know the condition of the infestation and its severity. They look for the signs of termite infestation like:

  • Swarmer or mud tubes
  • Discarded wings
  • Termite droppings
  • Hollow or damaged wood
  • Live termites

Inspection report

After inspecting the property, the executive provides a detailed report to you. The report will include the severity or the period of the infestation, damages caused by termites, traits of other pest infestation, the best termite control treatment suggestions, and the time to manage the infestation. All this information will be provided in the report by the pest control experts.

Discussion over the best termite control treatment

After a thorough inspection and report provided to you, they will discuss the benefits of termite control in the home. They will advise the best termite control treatment that is highly effective in killing pests. While doing this, they will ask for your preference too. If you want organic anti-termite treatment in Hyderabad then they will develop pest control accordingly.  

A price quote

Upon discussing termite control treatment, your pest control company in Hyderabad will provide a price quote for termite treatment. This will let you know the type of termite infestation, treatment type, charges, and other information like the dates, number of visits, etc.

Different Methods Used by Professionals for Termite Control in Hyderabad

Once you are ready to avail termite control services in Hyderabad from a specialist agency, the following termite treatment methods can be used:

  • Liquid and Dry termiticide treatments
  • Foam termiticide treatments
  • Borate treatments
  • Wood preservatives
  • Termite baiting stations
  • Fumigation
  • Physical termite barriers

The Importance of Termite Control in Hyderabad

Termites enter your home without even getting noticed. And the moment you notice, half of your property has already been destroyed by them. Hence, it is crucial to get anti-termite treatment at home in Hyderabad. Here are the top advantages of professional termite control services in Hyderabad:

  • Early detection and timely action: Regular termite inspection allows you to keep these pests at bay. The exterminators are experts in detecting the subtle signs of termite infestation even when it is not visible to anyone. They take the precautionary measures immediately to protect your home against termites.
  • Prevention of costly repairs: Termites can quickly chew through wooden structures which is the prime reason they invade your home. The wooden furniture in your home lures them to feed on. As a result, they cause severe damage to your property. By getting anti-termite treatment services, you can prevent your house from severe damage which ultimately saves you from costly repairs.
  • Protection of wooden furniture: When termites start feeding on wood, they can chew through all your expensive and antique furniture pieces and artifacts. By investing in termite control in Hyderabad, you can protect your valuable possessions.
  • Reducing health risk: Termites are usually associated with property damage but that does not mean they don’t possess any health risk. They can cause allergies and respiratory issues in sensitive people. Hence, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. When you will have no termites in your home, there will be no health risk.  
  • Peace of mind: Knowing the trained professionals are handling the termite problem, your property is safe, and there will be no costly repairs, all these promote mental peace. 

What Are the Termite Control Charges in Hyderabad?

The termite control charges in Hyderabad start at Rs. 1200. The rate is determined considering

  • The size of the house or the number of rooms for the treatment
  • Age or the severity of the infestation
  • Type of termite treatment

So, based on these factors the cost of termite control in Hyderabad varies. Below are the estimated prices for anti-termite treatment costs in Hyderabad for residential and commercial spaces:

  • Pre-construction termite treatment cost in Hyderabad is Rs 8 – Rs 10 per square foot.
  • Post-construction termite treatment cost in Hyderabad is Rs 3 per square foot.
  • 1 Bedroom Termite Control cost starts at Rs 1200
  • 1 Living Room Termite Control cost starts at Rs 2200
  • 1 Kitchen Termite Control rate starts at Rs 2000
  • 1 Washroom Termite Control price starts at Rs 1200
  • 1 BHK House Termite Control cost starts at Rs 5200
  • 2 BHK Home Termite Control rate starts at Rs 6200
  • 3 BHK Termite Management price starts at Rs 7200
  • 4 BHK Termite Treatment Cost starts at Rs 8200
  • 5 BHK Termite Control cost starts at Rs 9200

FAQs for Termite Control in Hyderabad

Q. Why should I choose GPC over other portals for termite control services in Hyderabad?

Well, Get Pest Control (GPC) is a renowned portal for booking pest control services in Hyderabad. All the licensed and certified pest control agencies have been associated with us for years. They deliver termite pest control services maintaining high standards. They all are genuine, professional, and experienced. So, you can trust us to get end-to-end termite solutions at affordable prices.

Q. Do the exterminators provide a guarantee on the termite treatment services?

Termite control services come with a guarantee and warranty. Our partners do offer a guarantee and warranty on their service. Depending on the type of treatment the guarantee and warranty period varies.

Q. Is termite treatment dangerous for humans?

Since some chemicals used for termite treatment are hazardous, they can be dangerous to some extent for humans. However, specialists do use organic and eco-friendly products that are safe for humans and pets. Also, they ask to vacate the property during pest control. They will let you know all the precautionary measures you must take before, during, and after the treatment.

Q. Can I book same-day termite treatment services?

Yes, Get Pest Control helps you book same-day termite treatment services. But sometimes it depends on the availability of exterminators.

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