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Termite Control in Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Termites are one of those devastating pests that invade your property without getting noticed and cause severe destruction. If you are also dealing with termites and looking for ways to get rid of them,  we are here to help you. Get Pest Control is in partnership with reliable pest control companies in Chennai that offer effective pest and termite control services at affordable rates.

Termites in the house create havoc and can cause extensive damage to our property. They eat away the wooden framework of your house making it hollow from the inside. Besides this, having termites in the house for a longer period can lead to several health issues. You must take quick action as soon as you suspect termite infestation in the house. Book a professional termite pest control company in Chennai and get rid of these destructive creatures.

Only reliable termite management companies in Chennai can provide you with effective solutions You may find several companies operating in the market but how to identify the genuine one. At Get Pest Control, you can connect with the best pest control companies in Chennai for your termite problem Our partner companies are licensed, and certified and have years of experience in the pest control industry. They have trained and skilled technicians with the expertise to eliminate termites efficiently from all residential or commercial properties. They offer termite control services in homes, offices, shops, factories, industries, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, hospitals, and other commercial establishments.

At Get Pest Control, you can easily book a reliable termite control company in Chennai. You just need to follow a few simple steps given below.

  1. Visit our portal and fill out the inquiry form given on it. Tell us where, and when you require the treatment along with your mobile number and name. You can also share your requirements through e-mail, WhatsApp chat, and toll-free number. 
  2. As we receive your request, we will refer you to our top 3 termite control companies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 
  3. Request them for a home inspection to assess the situation. Get appropriate quotes, compare charges, and select the most suitable pest control company in Chennai.

What are the  Early Signs of Termites in the House?

As we all know termites are destructive and can cause severe damage to our property and health, we must take prompt actions to get rid of them. The earlier you detect them, the easier it becomes to eliminate them. Termites remain untraced until excessive damage is already done. But there are some warning signs, that can help us detect termite infestation in the house. Check them out below.

Presence of Mud Tubes

If you notice mud tubes along the side of your walls, then surely termites are there in the house. These mud tubes mostly start from the ground and tend to run in areas with exposed wood. Termites use mud tubes to travel from their nests to the food source. They are usually brown in color.

Stuck Doors and Windows

When termites chew or tunnel through doors and windows, they leave moisture behind. This moisture makes the wood warp. If you notice your doors and windows do not fit in the frame or are difficult to open,  it indicates termites are present in your house.

Discarded Wings

You will see termite swarmers flying around your house. They are attracted to light and other fixtures. They discard wings as they find their mates and establish new colonies. If you see shredded wings around doors and windows then be sure that termites are there in your house.

Hollow Sounding Woods

Termites feed on cellulose which is found in wood. They will eat it from inside keeping the outer layer intact. If you tap or knock at your furniture and other wooden structures in the house and notice hollow sounds then be sure that termites are living in the house.

Termite Droppings

Termite droppings, also known as frass are another sign of termite activity in the house.  Termites feed on wood and leave their droppings outside their nests., It is usually pellet-shaped and similar to sawdust. If you notice piles of wood powder along the corners of your house, then there is an active termite infestation in the house.

You must not take the above-mentioned warning signs lightly because these pests can cause devastating damage to your property which may require costly repairs.

Termite infestations should be addressed quickly and administered by licensed pest control professionals in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We have 18+ years of experience in the pest control industry. Our partner pest control companies in Chennai understand that no infestations are alike. They offer customized termite treatment, as per the severity of the problem and the requirements of customers.

Our pest control service providers in Chennai offer the following services

  • Pre-construction anti-termite treatment
  • Post-construction anti-termite treatment
  • Residential pest control services
  • Commercial pest control services
  • Industrial pest control services

Termite Control Charges in Chennai

The cost of termite control in Chennai may not always be the same. It depends on the intensity of the infestation, the size of your property, your location, your termite treatment company, and other factors. Given below are the approximate charges of termite control in Chennai.

  • Pre-construction termite cost in Chennai is  Rs.8-Rs.10 per square foot.
  • Post-construction termite cost in Chennai is Rs. 3 per square foot.
  • 1 Bedroom termite control cost starts at Rs.1200
  • Termite control cost for a 1BHK home starts at Rs.5200
  • Termite control cost for a 2BHk home starts at Rs.6200
  • Termite control cost for a 3BHK home starts at Rs.7200
  • Termite control cost for a 4BHK home starts at Rs.8200
  • Termite control cost for a 5BHK home starts at Rs.9200

Different Methods of Termite Control in Chennai

Get pest Control partner companies use different methods for termite control. Here are some of the most effective termite treatment methods in Chennai.

  • Liquid Termiticides
  • Bait Stations
  • Wood Treatment
  • Introduction of Natural Predators
  • Placing Electrocuting Devices or Microwave Technology

Tips to Prevent Termite Infestation in the House

It is difficult to deal with a termite infestation but it is easier to prevent it. Fortunately, there are some methods that will help you prevent termite infestation in your house. Here are some preventive measures.

Reduce the Moisture

Termites thrive well in humid environments. Reduce the moisture in your house by using a dehumidifier. Do not allow standing water in and around your property. Repair leaky pipes and dripping faucets as they can create moisture issues. Fix clogged drains as quickly as possible. If there is any dampness on your walls and ceilings, fix it quickly.

Declutter Your House

Cluttered spaces are more susceptible to termites and other pests. Remove unwanted things from your house. You can either sell or donate them. Keep your home clean and organized, as termites do not get enough space to hide.

Seal Cracks and Gaps

Termites can enter your home through small cracks and holes. Seal any crack with cement to bar their entry. Install screens on doors and windows. Repair the broken screens or if there are holes in them.  Use weather strippings below the doors to stop them from invading your home.

Maintain the Yard

Maintain an 18-inch distance between your yard and the foundation of your home, Trim the bushes and trees near your home because termites can use them as bridges to infiltrate. Keep your garden area clean and make sure there are no stagnant water sources. Remove the damp wood and keep it elevated from the floor.

By following these tips and tricks, you can prevent termites from entering your home. However, if despite taking preventive measures, termites invade your home then reach out to us. Our expert termite control companies in Chennai will provide you with the best solution and remove termites permanently from your home. They will also suggest preventive measures to stop future infestations.

Termite Control in Chennai FAQs

Q.  Should I vacate my house before termite treatment?

No, you don’t need to vacate your house before termite treatment. Just remove the stuff from the infested areas and make sure no food is kept near these areas.

Q. What is pre-construction anti-termite treatment?

A pre-construction anti-termite treatment is a measure taken during the construction of a building to prevent termites from damaging your property. It involves applying chemicals on the upper layer of the soil which will act as a barrier for termites to reach your house.

Q. Are the products used for termite treatment safe?

The products used for termite treatment consist of harmful chemicals that can be hazardous if ingested. You must use these products under the guidance of a professional expert or simply hire a pest management company to eliminate your termite problem.

Q. Can I book termite control services in Chennai on the treatment day?

Yes, you can book termite control services on your scheduled treatment day. However, we cannot be sure about their availability. You must book them in advance so that you get the services as per your scheduled date.

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