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Commonly known as White Ants, termites are eusocial insects. They are pests and considered to be the most destructive pests in the world. They are very infamous for their wood-eating habits. And hence they can make serious damages to buildings, crops, woods, furniture, and plantations.

There are approx. 3106 species of termites. Only 183 species cause damages. And 83 species are notorious for causing significant damages to furniture and wooden structures. The damages caused by termites can make significant financial loss for you.

Many buildings and wooden structures are damages by termites every year causing big financial losses. Guess what? There are about 220 different species of termites found in India which cause problems and damages to properties.


What are the main types of termites

There are three main types of termites:

  • Subterranean Termites,
  • Dampwood Termites, and
  • Drywood Termites.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites live in widely diverse areas. They generally live in the soil and construct the large nests which are connected via mud tunnels to different food sources such as trees and wooden structures in houses. The infestations of these pests cause to huge losses to wooden properties and trees.

Drywood Termites

According to Wikipedia, Drywood termites thrive in warm climates. Human activities can allow them to attack residential or commercial buildings since they can be commuted through polluted goods, containers and ships. These types of pests (Drywood termites) can cause huge damages to residential as well as commercial buildings. In addition to causing damage to wooden structures and furniture, they can also cause damage to food crops.

Dampwood Termites

Dampwood termites are generally found in wooden structures or timbers which are water-damaged or exposed to rainfall or soil. But infestation of Dampwood termites can lead to huge damages and stress such as costly repairs. It is very difficult to identify or figure out infestation of these pests because of their silent and secretive nature. You cannot identify infestation until it becomes severe. If your wooden structures in the contact of moisture or rainfall then there are high chance of Dampwood termite infestation.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Home Against Termites?

No one likes termite infestation in home. Termite make people frightened and stressed because they cause huge damages to properties especially wooden structures. Truly, they are a great threat for society. But you can protect your home against damages caused by these pests. Yes, you can do by making you can do for effectiveness of termite treatment or protect your home against termite invasion.

You know what? Small steps can make a big difference — in prevention of termite attack, and upholding an effective termite/anti-termite treatment done by Get Pest Control professionals.

Have a look at important things you can do to disroot termites from your home.

Get rid of moisture problems

Moistures problems can invite Dampwood termites — resulting in huge damages to your furniture and wooden structures damaged by water. Get rid of standing water on roof or terrace. Keep roof drain pipe aka downspout clean. Repair leaking faucets, taps, and water pipes. Repair AC units producing excessive water. Make sure, your flower vase does not block the way of water flow. Seal entry points such as water pipes, gas pipes, and other utility lines.

Eliminate termite food sources

Termites are very fond of wooden structures and furniture. In fact, their favorite food sources are wood and timbers, especially damaged by water or excessively moisture wood and lumbers. Guess what? What are the thing which can attract termites to your home? Such items can be old books, old newspapers, lumber, old furniture, damped wood, damped door of bathroom, and stocked firewood. These items can be favorite food of termites, and hence there are the risk of termite invasion in your home. So, remove these items as soon as possible or inspect periodically and ensure there are no signs of pest infestation. Check wooden fences, and bathroom doors for damages. Make sure, wooden structures in your home do not contact the soil or moisture. Make sure there is stumps and debris near your home.

Get termite pest control inspection, typically annual

Get termite pest control inspection at your home regularly, typically annual, from qualified pest control technicians. If you have observed the sign of termite infestation in your home then hire professional termite control services at

Termite Control & Anti Treatment Services by Get Pest Control

To better control the population of termites, anti-termite treatments are required. There are various methods which are used in termite control management including pre-construction termite pest control and post-construction termite pest control. If you have seen the sign of termites in your house then don’t delay. Get pest control for anti-termite treatments or professional termite control services in Gurgaon. We provide the best termite control services in Gurgaon at highly competitive and genuine prices.

We have a team of expert technicians who will provide you with the best, safe, and long-lasting Anti-Termite Treatment in Gurgaon. We believe in make you tension-free by delivering our best and making your premise (house or commercial space) termite-free. With us you can hire termite control services in Gurgaon in simple way by making few mouse clicks.

Affordable Termite Pests Control Services in Gurgaon

We provide termite control services in Gurgaon for all types of residential properties, such as termite control for apartments, termite control services for flats, termite control for villa, termite control for bungalow, termite treatment for farmhouses, and termite management for independent houses and plots.  Our key termite management services in Gurgaon are the following.

  • Anti-termite control solution in Gurgaon
  • Termite treatment at home and office
  • Wood termite treatment and solution
  • Pre-construction anti-termite treatment in Gurgaon
  • Post-control anti-termite treatment in Gurgaon

If you hire termite control services or anti-termite treatment services in Gurgaon with us then you will get following services and job done.

  • Inspection of complete house or office to check the signs of termite infestation.
  • Use of odourless and long-lasting termite control spray for termite treatment.
  • Use of Organic and herbal products for anti-termite treatment and termite treatment.
  • Use of WHO approved chemicals for termite pest control in Gurgaon.
  • Experts will inject termite repellents in all the risk and infested areas.

Some facts to know on termite control in Gurgaon

Move your household items from your house before termite/anti-termite treatment.

Re-arrange your household items after 5 or 6 hours after termite/anti-termite treatment is done.

Also ask your pest control service for recommendation, and do the right things accordingly.

Generally termite/anti-termite treatment takes 2-4 hours of time, depending upon the size of home.

Nota Bene: It is imperative to get rid of termites immediately once you have observed the signs of termites. It is really important not only because of damages to property but also due to health related issues in kids and senior members at home. Kinds and seniors may suffer from allergic reactions. They may suffer from asthma attack due to termite infestation.

What are termite control charges and anti-termite treatment costs in Gurgaon?

Termite Control Rates and Charges

You must be aware of approximate rates and charges for professional termite control services in Gurgaon. Different pest control companies may have different charges depending upon the quality of their services and what products they use and how much effective their services are. We at offer high-effective termite control, termite treatment, and anti-termite treatment services in Gurgaon at affordable rates not at cheap rates. If you want to know the termite treatment cost in Gurgaon then here are our standard rates for termite control services in Gurgaon.

  • Pre-construction termite treatment cost in Gurgaon is Rs 8 – Rs 10 per square feet.
  • Post construction termite treatment cost in Gurgaon is Rs 3 per square feet.
  • 1 Bedroom Termite Control cost starts at Rs 1200
  • 1 Living Room Termite Control cost starts at Rs 2200
  • 1 Kitchen Termite Control rate starts at Rs 2000
  • 1 Washroom Termite Control price starts at Rs 1200
  • 1 BHK House Termite Control cost starts at Rs 5200
  • 2 BHK Home Termite Control rate starts at Rs 6200
  • 3 BHK Termite Management price starts at Rs 7200
  • 4 BHK Termite Treatment Cost starts at Rs 8200
  • 5 BHK Termite Control cost starts at Rs 9200

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