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Pest Control Services India FAQs

1) What is Pest and Pest Control?

Pests are the creatures like insects, germs, plants, and other living organisms that are considered undesirable and that interfere with human activity. Pests can bite, destroy food, damage property, cause diseases, destroy crops, and can make humans’ lives more difficult. And pest control is the process of managing or removing these unwanted creatures from residential or commercial spaces.

2) When is Pest Control Necessary?

Pests can leave behind some toxic messes and contributes to allergies, and not only this they can severely damage your property and change the structure of your property. When the problem is too overwhelming for self-treatment or the pests are causing severe damages to your property, it is time to get professionals assistance for pest control. Professionals pest control services can help a great deal in preventing and controlling pests.

3) What Pests Can “Pest Control” Manage?

Pests like mosquitoes can cause some deadly diseases like Malaria and Dengue and they are really difficult to get rid of as these tiny critters easily find a way in your house to hide. Professionals exterminators use chemicals and natural repellents too to manage and remove pests from your commercial and residential spaces. They just don’t use one kind of spray, in fact, they inspect the whole area to provide the right and effective remedy. They provide termite control, rodent control, mosquito control, lizard control, spider control, tick control, rats control, bees control, flies control, ant control, bedbug control, silverfish control, carpet beetle control, cockroach control, etc. Professional exterminators are experienced in dealing with almost every type of pests.

4) How is Pest Control Done?

Pest control can be done in many ways but, the professionals use mainly three methods: Biological, Chemical, and Mechanical pest control. Biological pest control is a process in which pests are controlled by ‘natural enemies’, Chemical pest control is done by spraying chemicals to control or remove pests, and Mechanical pest control is the management of pests using physical means like barriers or electronic wires. When you call an exterminator for pest control in your house, they will inspect your home and surroundings to identify the type of pest infestation. And then, the professionals will kill or remove pests from your property using the above three defined pest control methods.

5) What kind of Pest Control Services are Offered by the Professionals?

Rat Control, Termite Control, Bedbug Control, Ant Control, Mosquito Control, Rodent Control, Bees Control, Carpet Beetle Control, Cockroach Control, Flies Control, Silverfish Control, Bird Control, Bat Control, Tick Control are some of the pest control services offered by every professional pest control company in Delhi. Apart from this, you can hire professionals for specific types of pest control services like Residential Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control, Industrial Pest Control, Pre-Construction Pest Control, Post-Construction Pest Control, Hotels Pest Control, Restaurant Pest Control Hospital Pest Control, and School Pest Control services.

6) What are the Best Ways to Control Pest?

DIY pest control and Professional Pest Control Services are the ways to control pests. You can use pesticides and insecticides to kill the pests and prevent them from entering your home. But, when the problem is too overwhelming then, you should hire professionals. Professionals will use different methods to kill and remove pests from your residential or commercial premises like Biological Pest Control, Mechanical Pest Control, Chemical Pest Control, and Organic Pest Control methods.

7) Which is the Best Area for Pest Control Services?

Before you should the area for pest control services for your residential or commercial spaces you need to know that what are the things that can attract pests in your home. Food, dry wood, dirty dishes, moisture, warmth, spilled food, Garbage, paper, clutter, overripe fruit, and sweet stuff are the common things that attract pests. And wherever they will find these things in your home, that area is prone to pests. So, area like Kitchen, Garage, Store Room or lawn is the best areas for pest control services. You can simply do outdoor pest control in advance so that you can prevent pests from entering your home.

8) How Much Does Pest Control Service Cost?

Pest control services charges depend on different factors like the size of the area to be treated, type of pest infestation, and the number of sessions requirements.

9) What is a Reasonable Cost for Outdoor Pest Control Services?

Well, the cost for outdoor pest control services depends mainly on the type of pest control treatment and the size of the area. The larger the size the higher the charges will be. Also one of the main factors that affect the charges is the pest control method you will choose like herbal or organic pest control method is slightly costlier than other pest control methods.

10) Does Pest Control through Pesticides Have Side Effects On Us?

Yes, there are chances of side effects of using chemicals as there are some chemicals that are harmful and can affect our health. Therefore, people prefer natural pest control techniques but, these techniques also require specialization as well, this is why it is important to get pest control services from professional pest control companies because they use natural repellents and chemicals with necessary precautions.

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