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Moths Control

Primarily feed on flower nectar, Moths are the nocturnal flying insects. People generally confused Moths with butterflies because of their similar looks. Scientists have identified some 2,00,000 species of Moths worldwide and suspected that there will be five times more than the amount. They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. In fact, your garden will have more than hundreds of variety which you may not even know about. Moths have an important role in wildlife ecosystem. They pollinate flowers and also food for other animals.

Moths Control

Due to the thousands of species of Moths the experts split them into two major part – larger moths (Macro Moths) and smaller moths (Micro Moths). The micro-moths are very small indeed. There are more than 900 micro-moths. They are greatly in appearance as well in size but people sometimes misunderstood them with butterflies. So, how would you know that whether you have moths in your gardens or butterflies.

Difference between Moths and Butterflies

Moths and butterflies have many things in common, mainly the scale that they cover their body and wings. These scales are actually the hairs. Well, the basic difference between moths and butterflies is their antennae. Butterflies; antennae are club-shapped with a long shaft and a bulb at the end, while moth’s antennae are feathery and saw-edged.

Well, moths and butterflies share some basic biology and have more similarities than, differences. But if we only talk about the differences then, their antennae are different, many of the moths are more colorful than butterflies. They both fly in the sunny meadows and there are much more day-flying moths than the butterflies and of course there are even more at night.

Moths Control: Get Rid of Moths

Moths are insects like the butterflies. They prefer to live in dark and undisturbed places where they can lay their eggs and larvae to feed. Their main targets are the wool carpets or rugs and silk rugs. They can damage clothing like silk wear, woolen wear, leather, etc. It is important to get rid of the moths immediately, as you don’t know how much they can damage your goods. They generally hide under furniture and skirting boards.

If there is severe Moths infestation in your residential area, then you should immediately take some necessary steps to eliminate moths from your property. Butterflies and moths are so similar in looks that sometimes you don’t even have idea that there is moth infestation. Get Pest Control, one of the best moths control service provider helps you to get rid of moths immediately. We have expert and professional pests technicians who first inspect your home. After inspecting the place, they will give the right treatment of moths control.

We use best insecticides and pesticides that are  not harmful for human health as well as for pets. Our quality pests control products are highly effective in getting rid of moths. From chemical to herbal products, we use the best products to make your home free from moths. We completely eliminate the moths and also keep them from coming back.

We are the expert of pests control and provide different types of pests control services like cockroach control, rodent control, flies control, bedbugs control, silverfish control, mosquito control and much more. We provide the best moth control services at best affordable rates. On our customers’ demand, we also provide organic and odorless pests control services. Get Pest Control assure you top quality moths control services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad at genuine rates.

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