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Malaria and Dengue Prevention Tips in Monsoon

Mosquito Control

Malaria and Dengue Prevention Tips: Explore effective malaria and dengue prevention tips for a healthy monsoon season. Safeguard your well-being with essential monsoon measures to stay protected against mosquito-borne diseases.

Just like many other things monsoon also has its positives and negatives. While it brings respite from the scorching heat of the sun it also brings lots of pest problems along with it. Mosquitoes are amongst the most common pests that come to our house during the monsoon. And we all know it very well that mosquitoes can cause some deadly diseases like Malaria and Dengue.

Well, many of us know that mosquito-borne diseases are not only contagious, but can also lead to death. Hence, it is important to keep them away from our houses. People opt for mosquito control services to prevent mosquitoes. It’s a good idea, but one will have to do it regularly to keep the pest at bay.

Mosquito infestation occurs during monsoon and also post-monsoon period as mosquitoes usually make their way to the calm homes and spread diseases. Malaria and dengue are the most common diseases spread by the two dangerous mosquitoes.

Malaria and Dengue are caused by vector-carrying mosquitoes. The main problem with these diseases is that if one person is affected, then others are automatically at risk. These diseases spread from person to person.

Well, before a person will look for the malaria and dengue prevention tips in monsoon, one should know what are these diseases and how they spread.

What are Dengue and Malaria?

These are the infectious diseases caused and spread by the two dangerous mosquitoes. Both the diseases are caused by female mosquitoes. Malaria is caused when a female Anopheles mosquito bites and passes onto humans. And dengue spread when the Aedes mosquito infected with the dengue virus bites a person.

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Well, there certain similarities between Dengue and Malaria. Patients of both diseases have the common symptoms that are as follows: –

  • Headache
  • Lower back pain
  • Weakness
  • Intense muscles pain

Later the symptoms result in

  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Chills
  • Diarrhea
  • Cough

Around 40% of the people around the world live in the region where there is a risk of transmission of these diseases. These diseases are often spread due to poor sanitation and lack of hygiene in public places. While there’s no vaccination for dengue and malaria, you can still prevent it by avoiding mosquito bites. However, simple precautions can go a long way in preventing mosquito-borne diseases.

If you live or going to an at-risk area of dengue and malaria diseases then you can follow a few tips to avoid being get bitten by infected mosquitoes. 

Prevent Mosquito Breeding This Monsoon

Clear stagnant water

Clearing stagnant water is one of the most significant malaria and dengue prevention tips that you must not overlook. Standing or still water, be it clean or unclean, is the ground for mosquitoes to breed. So, you will have to look at your house and neighborhood as well to check for stagnant water. Water collected in a flower pot, cooler, or air conditions, make sure to clean all of them regularly and prevent water stay. Apart from this, if you have a pond nearby or an aquarium in your house then you can keep fishes that eat mosquitoes like guppies, minnows, etc. Drain stagnant water.

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Keep the windows and doors shut

The best way to keep the mosquitoes away from your home and prevent mosquito bites is to keep the doors and windows closed, especially when it’s raining. Most people keep their doors shut in the evening because this is the time when hordes of mosquitoes make their way to homes. So, if not all day so at least keep them shut in the evening during the monsoon. But, it’s good to keep them shut all day long. And if you need ventilation then use a mosquito net in the windows so that the mosquitoes won’t enter your house along with fresh air.

Use plants and shrubs

This is also a nice tips on malaria and dengue prevention in monsoon. There are many plants and shrubs that work as mosquito repellents. Plants like neem, marigold, tulsi, and lemongrass not just add beauty to your home, but also work as a good natural mosquito repellent. The fragrance of these shrubs and plants is pleasing to humans but not for pests. Hence, you can keep them in your house to keep the pests away from your house.

Use mosquito repellents

Several mosquito repellents spray, coils, and ointments available in the market which you can use and apply to get rid of mosquitoes and prevent mosquito bites. These are available at general stores and can be bought at reasonable prices. If you are traveling or going to a nearby park then you can also apply ointments on your body that repel mosquitoes.

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Trim green grass

Make sure your garden or any of the green spaces in the neighborhood are clean and free from litter and also cut the green grasses or else the mosquitoes will get a good place to hide.

Clean your water storage tank

We often forget to clean our water storage tank, but this could be also a good place for the mosquitoes to breed. So, make sure to clean the tank once or twice every month.

If you do all these things to keep mosquitoes away from your house and surroundings, then the chances of getting infected with dengue and malaria will be reduced. And not only during monsoon, but also you should follow these tricks throughout the year to prevent mosquito breeding.

Try out any of the above-discussed tips to prevent mosquitoes and see the difference in mosquitoes’ activities in and around your house. And always remember that pests infestation also depends on how clean your surroundings are. To keep them at bay keep your house neat and clean and you can also call the professionals to deep clean your house.


Above all these things, the best way to repel mosquitoes is to get pest control services in Delhi NCR from professional pest control service providers. Using good quality products, repellents, and techniques, the pest control technicians will help in preventing mosquitoes and other pests. You will get a clean and bug-free environment in and around your place.

Malaria and Dengue Prevention Tips in Monsoon

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