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Is Mosquito Control Necessary in the Winter Months?


A few facts that you must know about mosquitoes in winter to discover the best ways for mosquito control. 

Do you think that you need to do mosquito control in winter? You might have seen fewer or almost no activities of mosquitoes during the season. But, that doesn’t mean the mosquitoes are not there, and they won’t bite you. You must be wishing mosquitoes to die off in the winter. Well, some mosquitoes do die in winter, but they are not as many as you might expect. 

Mosquitoes cannot survive in the coldest months when the temperature goes below 10° Celsius. Yet, they have several ways to survive such temperatures too, from hiding to hibernation.  

In this blog, you will know a few facts about mosquitoes that you must know to control them. Furthermore, you will know when you should call the expert pest control company in Delhi. The blog will help you plan your strategies for mosquito control. 

Does Cold Months Kill Mosquitoes? 

Almost every people think of the same thing, where do mosquitoes go in winter? Do the colder months kill them, or do they just disappear nowhere? Well, some mosquitoes die in the season but, some survive by hibernating themselves. Yes, like many other animals, mosquitoes hibernate in the winter months. But that doesn’t mean you will not get bitten by them in winter. Although they wouldn’t be too many, some can hide in your house. Hence, pest control service for mosquito control is still required in winter. 

And if you prefer DIY mosquito control, you will have to know a few things about mosquitoes that will help you get rid of them. However, the best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to hire a pest control company near you in Delhi, or wherever you live. But, some people overlook the importance of pest control services and do it by themselves. Doing it yourself is required, but this won’t give you an effective result if the infestation has already become severe. 

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Check a few facts that you must know about mosquitoes: – 

Trivia About Mosquitoes 

They are the deadliest creatures on earth 

Although very small in size, mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures on earth. Yes, these tiny creatures are the deadliest animals on earth and not others like sharks, tigers, reptiles, etc. Well, this is because of the deadliest diseases that they spread. 

Some mosquito-borne diseases are Malaria, Zika virus, Dengue, Yellow fever, Chikungunya, etc. Furthermore, it has been recorded that mosquitoes are responsible for approx. 1 million deaths every year. 

Active all year 

We think that mosquitoes disappear in winter, but they are just hibernated. You will see them instantly active when the temperature goes up in winter. They get active in spring, mosquito peak season is the summer, and they taper off in winter. However, they are active all year round. 

Only female mosquitoes bite

This might be really shocking for many, but yes, not all mosquitoes bite. It’s only the female mosquitoes who suck the blood out from mammals’ bodies. While male mosquitoes only feed on flower nectar, female mosquitoes feed on both human blood and flower nectar. Well, the reason only female mosquitoes bite us is because of the protein they get from our blood that helps them in reproducing. 

Mosquitoes love CO2 

They love carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2) and this is how they also locate their next host. We exhale carbon dioxide, through which mosquitoes follow us. Since they are addicted to CO2, they can find you even from a distance of 150 ft. Apart from this, they also live the uric acids that secrets through a person’s sweat. Well, the more percent of uric acid your sweat will secret, the more mosquitoes will get attracted to you. During winter, people don’t sweat hence, mosquitoes don’t come closer to you. 

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Mosquitoes cannot fly in strong winds

This is the reason people use fans to keep mosquitoes away from them. The average weight of a mosquito is 2.5 mg hence, they cannot stand in strong wind. Due to their low body weight, they face a struggle in flying in strong winds. So, a simple table fan can also help to keep them away from you. 

Mosquitoes don’t live long

The average lifespan of a mosquito is two months. They don’t live much longer than this. 

Mosquitoes hibernate in winter 

Yes, they don’t just die in winter but due to the cold temperature, they hibernate. Mosquitoes cannot survive in cold temperatures, as they are cold-blooded creatures. They cannot regulate their internal body temperature with environmental changes. They hibernate during the coldest months and come out in spring. 

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes? DIY vs. Pest Control Professionals 

We all know that the best and easiest way to get rid of mosquitoes is to hire a pest control company. But, a few tips can help you prevent mosquito infestation. Even in winter, you must take care of a few things that can allow mosquitoes and other pests to enter your house. 

Most people ask whether a DIY method or hire pest control professionals is better. So, this completely depends on the severity of the pest infestation as well as the size of the area. But, if you would rather not face any problems, then you should simply go for a professional pest management company for mosquito control in Delhi. 

And if you couldn’t decide which one to opt for, here are the factors to consider when choosing between DIY or Pest control services: – 

The severity of the infestation 

As discussed above, if the issue is severe, then it will only be eradicated by professional pest control service providers. When you use insecticides and other sprays to control mosquitoes they might disappear for a moment but as the infestation is severe other mosquitoes will reappear after a while. Professionals exterminate pests and insects from your place permanently. They use the best products and bait to remove mosquitoes. 

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DIY pest control wouldn’t cost you much, but this will not give the best results either. But, in reality, pest control services cost you less than the penny you spend on your treatment to treat the diseases spread by mosquitoes. Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, you should consider hiring a professional pest control company pest control services. 


While spraying insecticides you can harm yourself, your family members, your pets, or the environment. Having the proper knowledge of using chemicals is crucial. Exterminators are well-trained and experienced in using all hazardous chemicals and other insecticides. They will take care of everything. 


Professional exterminators use the best products that are highly effective in mosquito control. Furthermore, they cover the area around your house to protect you from the invasion of mosquitoes. DIY pest control may not be as much effective as professional pest control services. 

So, with this, we can say that professional pest control service is better than DIY pest control. And let’s see after doing the mosquito control treatment how you can prevent re-infestation. 

How to Prevent Mosquitoes from Entering Your Home? 

Mosquitoes breed and multiply quickly. Therefore, even after the pest control is done at your residence, you must follow mosquito prevention tips that are discussed below. Doing this prevents mosquitoes from entering your house. 

Repair or replace damaged screens

Make sure there’s no gap or hole in the windows because mosquitoes can enter even from the tiniest holes. So, check your windows and frames to keep them outside your house. 

Do not leave your doors opened 

Mosquitoes enter when it is dusk and dark. So, always keep your gates and windows closed in the evening and at other times as well. 

Use mosquito repellents 

Even after taking some necessary steps, if you see mosquito activities in your house, then you should use mosquito repellents that are easily available in the market. This will help you keep mosquitoes away from your house. 

If you do, then you can easily prevent mosquitoes from your house. Furthermore, you can use other natural remedies to get rid of mosquitoes like keeping lemon slices with cloves in every corner of the house, adding mosquito repellent plants in your house, etc. Moreover, you should consider hiring professional pest control companies in Delhi for mosquito control. This is the best and most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes.

Is Mosquito Control Necessary in the Winter Months?

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