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How to Get Rid of Common Winter Pests?

Each season breeds different pests. Like mosquitoes become more active in the summer season, there are several pests that becomes highly active in the winter season. Well, most pests go in hibernation in the winter season, but there are some that move to your house seeking warmth and food sources. Most people get relaxed during the season thinking no pests are going to interrupt their privacy because of the common myth “winter is not the season of pests” and they can simply enjoy the holiday season. But, in reality there are some pests that sucks even in winter season.

Pest control specialists suggest homeowners to take several precautions for the most common winter pests like mice, cockroaches, spiders, ants, ticks, etc.  If you don’t want to get bothered by the pests then you can read this blog and use it as a guide to keep the winters pests at bay.

Common Winter Pests



Well, mice are the year-round active pests. They do not hibernate in the cold or winter season. They remain active during the season in search of food. No matter whether they are wild or at home, they do not hibernate in winter season. In fact, you will see them entering your house from any small holes, cracks or crevice along in doorways and foundation seeking warmth and food. But, if they are outside they burrow underground to rest and bear the young. And in houses they hide in attics, basements, or in the dark places.

Quick Tips to Get Rid of Mice

  • Mouse can enter even from a smaller hole or space like dime so, you will have to seal the cracks and any minor space that can allow the rats to enter your place.
  • Mice are really great in hiding themselves. They are quick and run really fast also they like clutter because that allow them to hide easily. In fact, this also give them things to bite or gnaw and leaving you with more clutters. So, you should check what type of things you have kept in your attic and also check what’s important and remove the ones that are nothing but clutter.
  • Inspect your house regularly and check for some signs of rat infestation like gnaw marks, droppings, and damaged food.

If the rats have already entered your place then there are many rat traps available in the market that you can use to catch mice and get rid of them easily. Also you can use baits according to the type of rats you have in your house and can easily remove them from your place. And if nothing works to remove mice then call the experts or rat control specialist, who can help you to get rid of mice completely.

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German Cockroaches


German cockroaches are the most common pests found in apartments and houses. These roaches love to live near food and water sources that’s why kitchen and bathroom in the houses are the main habitats for German roaches. They can easily survive winter or even extreme lower temperature if they find food or a humid environment. German cockroaches find shelter in the warmth of the electrical appliances. Hence, they are mostly found behind electrical appliances and devices in the kitchen. In fact, they eat the leftover foods on your plate in the kitchen sink. Here know the quick tips to prevent cockroach infestation in winter season.

Quick Tips to Prevent German Cockroaches

  • Cockroaches get attracted to the leftover foods on your sink and also the crumbs on the countertop. So, always keep your kitchen neat and clean. Do the dishes as soon as possible and try not to stack them on the sink.
  • Always clear the trash and try to keep it empty. Do not wait for the dustbin to be filled because this can lure the cockroaches. So, dispose garbage regularly.
  • Vacuum thoroughly and sweep the crumbs and food particles.
  • Pay attention to your kitchen and bathroom under the sink and appliances because these are the habitats of cockroaches.

There are several pesticides that are specially designed to kill cockroaches and are also safe to use. In case the cockroaches have already invaded your house in large number then call the expert pest control service provider for cockroach control.



Ants can be found anywhere in fact, everywhere. Whether it’s your garden or kitchen you will always see ants marching in the search of food. During the winter season ants’ temperatures drop dramatically and their movement become sluggish. You will see them seeking warm place like under the soil, under the rock and the bark of trees. And if nowhere then they enter houses. Knowing how ants survive in winters can help the homeowners to plan for and prevent the further spring invasion.

Quick Tips to Prevent Ants in Winter Season

  • Well, the best way to prevent ant infestation is to keep everything away that can attract ants like sweets, food, etc. in an air-tight container.
  • Do not keep the cereal, flour or any other product open, either pack them in a plastic bag or in a container.
  • Wipe down the kitchen counters and also the tables after cooking and eating meals. Also, vacuum and clean floors regularly.
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Cleaning your house is the best way to keep the ants away from your house, but winter ants can be difficult to rid of. If ants have invaded your house then you have no option left then calling the professional ant controllers. They will use the right pesticides and other tricks to eliminate ants from your house.



Termites known as the silent destroyers are the type of pest that remain active year-round. During the winter season they go down deeper into the soil to get the required warmth for living. And when they are inside your house then they are actually getting the required temperature. If you don’t want the termites to come to your house this winter then you should take some prevention measures that are as follows.

Quick Tips to Prevent Termites

  • Keep all the shrubbery near your house trimmed and make sure there’s at least 12 inches of gap between your house’s wall and shrubs.
  • If there’s a space underneath your house then make sure it has proper ventilation and good vapor barrier so that there would be no moisture that will eventually attract termites.
  • Moisture is one of the main reasons that attract almost every type of pests including termites. Getting rid of excess moisture in your house will help to get rid of termites.
  • Pay attention for any leaks and decays, because a decayed roof and moisture laden walls of a house becomes the perfect host for termites.

Doing these things you can prevent termite infestation. Termites can be really hard to get rid of or almost impossible that’s why one should always consider hiring professional termite control specialists to prevent termites.

Stink Bugs


Unlike other pests stink bugs do not invade our house during summer or spring season, but enters in late fall and early winter season. If you see them in your house early spring season then it’s just because they will spend the winter with you. During the winter season stink bugs enter into a special condition that is diapause. Stinks bugs are not problem for you. They just enter your house because of the warmth they get in your place. They do not damage your property, contaminate or eat your food in fact, they don’t even mate until they come out of your house in the spring season. The only problem with this is that they secrete a foul-smelling liquid when threatened or startled.

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Quick Tips for Preventing Stink Bugs

  • Seal cracks and gaps in the window frames, doors, ceiling, etc. from where the bugs cane enter your house.
  • Look for the places in your house where the sun shines in the afternoon as these are the top places for the stink bugs.
  • Stink bugs usually enter through the open ventilation like roof and gable vent. And these are the place that often unscreened thus stink bugs get easy access to your home.

These are the ways through which you can prevent stink bugs. If your house has stink bugs infestation then you can call the pest control experts to help you get rid of the stink bugs.



Silverfish do not hibernate during the winter season like many other pests. In fact, if there are at your home they are going to be active all winter long. Silverfish don’t hibernate but they go into a state called diapause. This is a state where their development is arrested for a period of time due to the unfavorable conditions. They are cold blooded creatures and cannot control their body temperature. In the state of diapause they can easily modify their blood composition to form a sort of antifreeze, which helps them to prevent themselves from freezing.

Quick Tips for Preventing Silverfish in Winter

  • Keep all your foods packed in an air-tight container or jar.
  • Always clean your house and make sure to dust off the particles that may contain starch and saccharides that silverfishes like to eat.
  • Remove all the items that silverfishes are attracted to like stacks of paper, carton boxes, etc.

Even if you have a close encounter with silverfish then also there’s nothing to worry. They don’t bite or sting. Also they are not known for carrying any diseases. But they damages clothes, books, curtains and other materials that contain natural fibers. It’s not really difficult to get rid of the silverfishes. Just a few preventions and you will see them reducing in numbers and soon will be disappear from your house.

No matter how hard you try to prevent pests in the winter season, they will still find a way coming to your house. Hence, it is important to do pest control in your house in advance to keep the pests at bay.

How to Get Rid of Common Winter Pests?

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