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Best Termite Treatment Measures to Follow in Building Construction


Being a homeowner, you are bound to dread sudden earthquakes, floods, or fire outbreaks. Yet there is something worse that can kill your dream abode from inside in a slow and silent manner; the termites. Termites form colonies and have the power to dilapidate an entire building despite their tiny size and harmless disposition. Most of the pests contaminate your food or spread diseases by carrying pathogens in your periphery. But termites do not contaminate your food or carry any disease. They cause serious harm to your property by hollowing them out from within. In this article, we will discuss pest control measures to steer clear of termites during the construction of a building.

How the termites damage a building

First, we need to know how these tiny creatures damage buildings. Termites do not feed on concrete as concrete has no nutritional value and their digestive system is not that advanced to break it down. They bore through the walls to reach their much-loved food; wood. The termites destroy everything that comes on their way to reach the wooden framework of baseboards, furring strips behind the wallboard, and the inner stud walls of the house. They enter through the cracks, crevices, and weak foundations of buildings. Termites have strong mouthparts and they bite into the concrete and wooden structures of your house making them void from the inside.

Pre-construction damage caused by the termites

Termites are categorized as pests as they cause harm to your life and property. They break down the structural integrity of the building by inflicting them. Termites come in colonies that are capable of wreaking the foundation, pillars, beams, and the total structural support of the building making it unfit to live. So, if you want to protect your apartment from severe termite infestation, you need to take measures beforehand. The best way to steer clear of termites is to implement pre-construction termite control treatment.

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Pre-construction termite control remedies

The most effective way to solve a problem is by preventing it from happening. So, during the construction of the building, pre-construction pest control measures are implemented to make the building imperviable. The pre-construction anti-termite treatment is a multi-faceted process. Chloro-pyriphos and imidacloprid are the two main chemicals used in the process.

As the pre-construction anti-termite treatment is done before the complete construction process, it does not leave any harmful side effects later on. The kids and pets are safe to reside in a building that has been treated with pre-construction pest control measures. Since termites affect the exteriors of the building in a severe way; you cannot treat them with herbal or organic solutions. The chemicals are strong enough to repel or exterminate the termites once their colonies approach to attack your building.

The soil that is to be laid in the foundation is heated to dry out completely. Chloro-pyriphos and imidacloprid are injected into the dried-out soil in form of emulsions. The emulsion is added at the rate of 5 litres per square metre. The soil is again left to dry out for several days. This treated soil is then spread out in the trenches and pits of the foundation. A masonry mixture of concrete, chloro-pyriphos, and imidacloprid is made at a proportion of 7.5 litres per square metre and dried out. This special masonry mixture is used for the construction of the walls, beams, and vertical columns of the building.

Hire Professionals for Pre-construction Anti-termite Treatment

As the building is constructed with anti-termite-treated emulsified soil, it is protected from the pestering activities of the termites. Since the chemical emulsion is injected at a different ratio to construct the different parts of the building, it creates a strong chemical barrier that repels or destroys the termite colonies. This entire process is complicated and you cannot administer the process on your own. You need to employ a professional pest control company for guaranteed protection against termites.

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The pest control companies have technicians who are licensed and trained to handle such pre-construction pest control projects. They know about the proportion of chemicals that should be mixed and how they should be injected into the soil. The pest control technicians work together with the masons right from the onset of the construction of the building. Make sure that you appoint a reputed pest control company for such a significant project. If you employ an inept pest control technician, you may have to suffer a great loss. The entire pre-construction anti-termite treatment is an expensive project but if it is not done right, you have to disburse more when the building gets afflicted with termites.

Post-construction damage caused by the termites

As we already discussed, termites are not harmful to humans. They do not spread diseases. However, they sting and bite when they get in contact with human skin. Their bites are not toxic but they can cause a menace if they enter the ear cavity of a sleeping person causing permanent deafness. Termites pierce into the wooden surfaces of the wall structures and the pieces of furniture in the house. This activity leads to the spreading of dust and wood particles in the air. Some people are allergic to these components and may get asthma attacks as a result.

Apart from these trivial festering activities, termites demolish the structural integrity of a building by burrowing them from within. If you want to keep the annoyance caused by termites at bay, you should take proper measures. As termites have strong mouthparts and are capable of ingesting wood and concrete, they cannot be driven out using herbal remedial measures. A temporary solution to help you drive out the termites for a few days is by spraying white vinegar in the affected areas. However, this will dampen the affected surfaces making it easier for them to chew down later. So, you have to take strict measures to combat termite infestation in your home.

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You should carry out post-construction pest control services for termites. The post-construction termite control services are done after the completion of the construction of the building. It can be done before it is occupied or even when the residents are present in the house.

Post-construction termite control remedies

Post-construction termite control remedies take place in implying various processes. You have to contact a professional pest control service provider in your area for helping you out in this regard. The pest control technicians will inspect your house and check the level of damage caused by the termites. According to the damage, they will come up with a treatment plan that will work out in your case.

Hire Pest Control Service for Post-construction Termite Control

Pest control companies use anti-termite pesticides for this purpose. If it does not work well, they will treat your house using baits. If the damage is beyond a moderate level, they will consider soil treatment or temperature-sensitive treatment. The most common chemicals used in post-construction termite control services are fipronil and hexaflumuron. It takes 24 to 36 hours for the post-construction termite control service to come into action. The effect of the treatment lasts up to 90 days.


Termites act as silent assassins to the properties as you will not be able to make out the infestation unless it is too late. However, by implementing the pre-construction termite control measures, you will be successful in repelling and even killing the termites as they try to barge into the walls of the building. Again, by implying the post-construction termite control services, you can get rid of the termites inside the house.

Remember that the chemicals used in pre-construction anti-termite services should not be used to treat your house post-construction. Always hire a professional pest control service when you get evidence of termite infestation. I am sure that you got a clear insight into the pest control measures to steer clear of termites during the construction of a building. Good luck!

Best Termite Treatment Measures to Follow in Building Construction

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