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9 Genius Ways to Keep the Ants Out of Your House

Keep the Ants Out of Your House

Ants often come to your house for some favorable conditions, foods, water, and temperature. During the winter season, their activity may decrease indoors, but if you keep seeing them moving or active in your house this indicates ants’ infestation or an ant colony exists in your house.

Ants can be really difficult to get rid of. And this is why most people prefer hiring professional pest control service providers to get rid of ants. The professional exterminator uses chemical treatments and sometimes baits to remove ants completely from your house. But ant control doesn’t need chemical treatment always. There are some natural and home remedies as well, which you can use to get your house free from ant’s colony.

Ants can easily hide under small gaps or cracks in the inner walls of the house. You will see them marching on your kitchen countertop searching for foods and not only this sometimes you will see them trailing in your backyard.

Well, escaping from the cold weather is not the only reason why ants come to your house.

Ants are omnivores and there are substances that are edible and provide a good source of energy that attracts them the most to come to your house.

What attracts ants?

  • Food crumbs on the kitchen countertop.
  • Leftover foods on the plate.
  • Foods on your pet’s food dishes.
  • Food debris on the cracks in the kitchen shelve and appliances.
  • Food debris in your kids’ rooms.

That’s why it is advised to have a neat and clean house. Clean everything so that the ants will leave your place and move to another place in the search of foods to get life-sustaining energy.

But, there are chances of having ant’s infestation at home even when you keep everything clean. That’s probably because an ant colony existed in your house. And it becomes really important for you to get rid of ants as soon as possible.

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In this article, we will let you know the best ways to get rid of ants or the natural remedies for ant control.

And the best part of these natural remedies that you can not only get rid of ants but many other bugs also.

How to Keep Ants Away From Your House?

Use Lemons

Almost everyone likes the smell of freshly squeezed lemon juices, but the ants don’t. Yes, they can’t stand the smell of lemons. So, to keep the ants away from your house you can squeeze the lemon juice and mix it with water. Sprinkle it all over the floor. Ants repel the smell of the lemon and will make no channels through your living room to the kitchen, or other places. We can bet that this trick is gonna work for 100%. You will see no ants crawling in your house, until and unless no sugar products are there. Hence, whilst using the lemon juice make sure there are no sugary foods are on the floor.

Block Their Path Using Salt

Salt is the ingredient of every kitchen and this common ingredient can work wonderfully in eliminating the ants from your place. You can block ants’ ways or paths by using a salt solution. For this, you will have to mix salt in water and fill the ant’s nook with the solution. You will see that the ants will not move from that nook again.

Baking Soda

Not only salt but the baking powder will do the same trick. This will work as a bait for ant control. Baking powder is used for the same purpose the salts commonly known as sodium chloride is used. This can also be used to remove ants from your living room. Mix it with water and spray it all over the floor, kitchen countertop, and also fill the ant’s nook with this solution.

Clean and Tidy House

Ants control demands for a clean and tidy house. You know that ants get attracted towards the food crumbs on the kitchen shelve, floor, foods on the pets’ food plates, etc. The ants will not come to your house when they will find nothing to eat and they will move to other places. So, always keep your kitchen countertops clean, wash the dishes and utensils and make sure no foods are leftover on the plates. You can also use lemon solution to wipe the floors. This is the easiest and simplest way to keep the ants away from your house.

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Soapy Detergent

Soapy detergents are the greatest distractor for the peace of the ants. They find it very irritating. So, this could be one of the best ways to keep the ants at bay. They cannot make or build the channels once they will find the irritating soapy detergents on their pathways. Use this to clean your house or simply sprinkle the soapy detergent in the rooms to keep the ants away.

Silicon Sealant and Copper to Seal Ant’s Nook

These two are readily available in the market, which can be creatively used to end the ant’s journey. Ant control in the house can be done by using the silicon or copper sealant on the holes through which the ants pass through into the hose that will completely scare the ants away.

Use Peppermint or Hot Pepper

The smell or scent of pepper works as a repellent for the ants. They can’t withstand the smell of peppermint or hot pepper. So, you can use this trick to break the channel of the ants through your living room to the kitchen or other places. Pepper should be squashed properly before mixing into the water then use the spray to sprinkle everywhere you spot ants.  This scent of the peppermint will halt the journey of the ants. This is one of the best and most effective tricks for ant control. Without harming yourself and any of your pets you can use this trick to keep the ants away.

Trace the Ants and Find the Queen

Play detective. Instead of sweeping away the ants immediately, you must search for their nest where they have built their colony. The queen of the ant’s colony gives commands to the worker ants, who then go in the search of food for the survival of the queen and conservation of their colony. They often travel several miles away from their real nest, and no matter how many times you kill the worker ants they will come back again and again until you don’t destroy their nest.

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Watch their activities. Place some baits to find the queen of the ant colony. Once you find out where they are coming from then some digging will be required to expose other ants and their queen. It is important to kill or destroy the queen. And if you can’t dig through the soil too much to reach the queen then spay the above mentioned natural remedies through a hole or tunnel, which will eventually kill the queen. And the whole colony will be destroyed.

Use Coffee

No matter how much you like the taste and aroma of coffee. Ants just dislike the aroma of coffee and this can be a reason for them to leave your house.

What to Do If Nothing Works?

If the problem is severe and you are unable to get rid of ants using natural remedies then you can use pesticides and insecticides that are readily available in the market. But, be careful and cautious while using the product as they contain some harsh chemicals that may cause injuries or harm you and your pet.

Call the Professionals

If you think you can’t handle it on your own, or you are not ready to do it by yourself then you should call the professional pest control company to get rid of ants.

They are expert, knowledgeable, and experienced. Exterminators are professionally trained for pest control treatments. Using harsh chemicals, baits, and also the natural chemical-free treatment they help you to get rid of nasty critters like ants.

You can approach one of the best pest control company in Delhi NCR that provide service of ants control and other bugs control as well. They will inspect your house and area to check the severity of the infestation and will find the best pest management plan to help you get rid of ants.

You will get the right solution from the exterminator who will use non-toxic chemicals and products that are highly effective in killing pests and ants that are troubling you.

But make sure to hire the best and experienced pest control service provider in Delhi NCR that can provide you quality services at the best price.

9 Genius Ways to Keep the Ants Out of Your House

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